Arizona based Psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author Sunny Dawn Johnston will be featured on her very own show on the Lifetime channel…..starting on June 14th.

In the spirit (no pun intended..;-) of other celebrity oriented reality shows, Sunny will help other well known celebrities connect with their friends, family and loved one’s on “the other side” using her unique gifts and passionate personality.

Will the show turn out to be a BIG hit a’la Theresa Caputo’s run away success with “The Long Island Medium”? Or, will it be of a moderate hit like “The Haunting Of…..” with Kim Russo, a show that sounds like it shares some of the same general theme?

The one thing that CAN’T be argued?

The public fascination with psychics, mediums and spiritual communication continues to grow and flow……

..and while there are still plenty of folks who dismiss the whole field as silly spirituality and new age nonsense, there are plenty more who are coming to the topic with an OPEN mind and a curious spirit….simply through the healing benefits so many of the other psychic and spiritual programming have brought so many.

What say YOU? Think “A Seance With….” will be a big hit? Have some experience with Sunny Dawn Johnston you’d like to share? Let us know on Twitter….or in the community comments section below!

To read more about Sunny and the show, check out the full article at the link, following the short excerpt below.

Sunny Dawn Johnston could be Arizona’s answer to the “Long Island Medium.”

Johnston will star in Lifetime channel’s new show, “A Seance With …,” in which she’ll help celebrities make contact with deceased family and friends.

“If they (viewers) want to learn to connect with their loved ones, or the possibility of connecting with their loved ones, this show gives people the possibility of opening up their minds and witnessing healing occur,” said Johnston, who has worked as a spiritual medium for 15 years.

The hourlong pilot, featuring “Days of Our Lives” star Lisa Rinna, will air at 7 p.m. Arizona time Saturday, June 14. If the pilot succeeds, Lifetime could pick up the show as a regular series.

“Long Island Medium,” which stars Theresa Caputo, debuted on TLC channel in 2011.

Johnston holds workshops around Arizona and teaches people about spirituality at the Sunlight Alliance Healing Center in Glendale. Her books include “The Love Never Ends — Messages From the Other Side,” “Invoking the Archangels — A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul” and “Living Your Purpose.”

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