WARNING: 2 Facts About Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that Make SKEPTICS Head Explode

Who else doesn’t believe in spirit guides? Do you think that guardian angels and personal protectors from “beyond” are spiritual silliness and new age nonsense? Do you believe in the idea of KARMA and connection and that your life has a powerful purpose that all of us are here to discover? The truth is, there is ALOT of controversy and conversation these days about the idea of spirit guides, guardian angels, near death experiences, the afterlife…and of course, the overarching notion that all of us are a lot BIGGER than our bodies as well.

As a matter of fact….just a few days ago, best selling author and neuroscientist Dr. Eban Alexander (his book PROOF of HEAVEN was recently featured on the cover of TIME magazine for his extraordinary near death experience) along with Dr Raymond Moody (well known for his groundbreaking book 40 years ago – LIFE AFTER DEATH, debated 2 “skeptics” in a live event in front of tens of thousands of people from one side of the world to the next. The idea that we each have spirit guides, or personal protectors from above makes the skeptics HEADS collectively explode.

They believe that DEATH is the end, and that it’s impossible for anything to exist outside of the body…..so, therefore, the notion that any of us could have a guide in the spirit world is super silly. Here are a few simple facts that they DON’T want you to know…..or, if you DO know them, they want you to ignore the possibility that they could be true!

1 – According to several published grief studies, over 70% of parents who lose a child will report a visual experience of that child, AFTER death.

Many of these reports, broadly called “After Death Communications” or ADC’s, are SHARED experiences. In other words, multiple people report the same sighting, often siblings, grandparents, neighbors who may be in the house at the time, or quite often, both parents simultaneously.

While many of these cases COULD (and probably ARE) simple wishful thinking, the fact that there are many MILLIONS of these each and every year is quite amazing. (and all you need is ONE to be “legitimate” to prove that angels, or at teh very least….spirits, are real)

2 – Over 70% of nurses who work in HOSPICE have reported either a direct VISUAL experience with the spirit of a patient who has passed on or have direct knowledge of a co-worker who has, just about all (over 90%) report that they have felt guided, inspired or directed by some unseen force while working with the terminally ill. The truth is, the irony is that the vast majority of skeptics, cynics and debunkers are NOT the ones who have the most real world (or otherworldly!) experience with the dead and dying.

The people who do? We are the ones who have the most personal proof that not only is the afterlife REAL, but that our loved ones in spirit often DO come back and let us know that they are okay, that the future is going to be fine, and that when it’s OUR time to cross, we’ll understand a lot more than we do right now.

What do YOU believe?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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