What is Psychometry? (Psychic FAQ)

Q: Do objects have energy? What is it called when a psychic or medium “reads” an item or object to pick up information about events?

Psychometry is the art and spiritual science of picking up information from objects, typically belonging to a particular person…..or retrieved from a particular place, for the purpose of understanding what may have taken place. (often associated with strongly emotional events or helping to solve crimes)

For example….a psychic may use an object to help find a missing person, or to try to add some insight into what may have precipitated someone going missing in the first place. Many psychic detectives use psychometry to try to aid in criminal investigations.

For a more detailed look at what psychometry is….and how you may be able to activate your own psychic energy, check out the article below!

5. You can sense or know something about an object (or person) just by touching it

Have you ever picked up an object that didn’t belong to you and you were overcome with a knowledge about that object – it’s history and who it belonged to? Likewise, have you shook the hand of a new acquaintance and instantly known all about them – where they’re from, what they do and what they are like?

It could be that you are just a highly perceptive person who can deduce information about an object or person just by looking at them and touching them. But if you are able to provide many accurate details about these things that you would otherwise have no possible way of knowing, you might have the rare kind of extrasensory perception known as psychometry – and you might be psychic.

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