Vicki Monroe: Cell Block Psychic Premiere

Looking for some new, interesting and inspiring paranormal and spiritual programming on TV? Good news! Celebrated Maine based medium, Vicki Monroe will be featured on Discovery Investigations new show……Cell Block Psychic starting this month 🙂

In what looks like a promising limited run…..Investigation Discovery will feature New England medium Vicki Monroe as she looks to offer hope, healing to the families victimized by crime, as well as a bit of insight and illumination on how, why, when and where these events took place, with the hope of solving and resolving some cold case files.

Regardless of whether you are curious but not convinced…..or a true blue believer like many of our readers, this looks like a show you’ll definitely want to check out – get the details and schedule at the link below!

CELL BLOCK PSYCHIC introduces Vicki Monroe, a psychic medium who believes that a closed case doesn’t mean closure. In this limited three-part series, Investigation Discovery delves into the paranormal phenomena of communicating with spirits, and bringing real answers to grieving families.Each episode follows Monroe’s investigation into a homicide, anchored by heart-wrenching sessions where Monroe communicates with the murder victim in the presence of their loved ones to decipher their final messages from beyond the grave. To provide a complete understanding of the crime, Monroe also travels behind prison walls to talk to the spirits around the stone-cold killers who have been convicted for the crimes. Receiving answers to questions that only the victim and the killer would know, Monroe is able to piece together what happened before, during, and after a murder.

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