Tracy Williams – The Secret Life of a Psychic

Fort Myers psychic, medium, author and animal intuitive Tracy Williams has a new book out called – “Blinded by Vision: The Secret life of a Psychic” and we highly recommend checking it out.  (note – if Tracy or her publisher are reading this….we’d HIGHLY recommend offering a Kindle or digital version of the book along with the physical version 🙂

As a Florida resident myself…..I can honestly say that the sunshine state has an inspiring array of world renowned psychics and mediums from one side of the state to the next….and hopefully, Tracy’s new book will help her get her inspiring message out to more of the masses that need a more hopeful vision of the meaning of life.

For more details on Tracy Williams and private readings, as well as info on her new book, check out the press release following the short excerpt below.

Angels. Demons. A near-death experience. Amnesia. Seances and ghosts. A spirit guide named Jimmy Angel.

Tracy Williams knows how her new book must sound to people. But she swears: Every word is true.

“It reads like science fiction!” she says. “It’s my life, but it reads like science fiction!”

From her Fort Myers home, the psychic takes phone readings from clients all over the world. She’s also given her insight and predictions of the future to magazines like “Cosmopolitan,” “Globe” and “Girl’s Life.”

Now Williams, 48, has released her first book, an autobiography called “Blinded by Vision: The Secret Life of a Psychic.”

The title is a play on her poor eyesight. In fact, she’s always been plagued by health problems, including seizures, asthma and a compromised immune system.

“I have the worst eyesight in the world!” she says. “But psychically, I see so well.”

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