Psychic Dreams

Are my dreams psychic? How can I tell if I’m seeing the future through my dreams?

A: The truth is, 80% of ALL psychic experiences take place in that strange spiritual space between waking and dreaming, often called the hypnagogic state. Many people, for example, who have ADC’s (after death communications), dream visitations or similar types of paranormal experiences find that they happen most frequently, during very light sleep.

Precognitive dreams are amongst the most common types of spiritual or paranormal experiences, and there are many interesting ways to detail and document these events to get personal proof that they are valid, verifiable and real.

For some good and simple steps for learning to understand your psychic dreams, check out the short article at the link following the excerpt below.

Keep Records

It’s important to start recording your dreams if you want to start determining if any are psychic. If you wake in the middle of the night with a psychic dream, your recall will suffer greatly if you go back to sleep, or get up to start your day. Keep a small electronic recording device by your bedside so that you can immediately recall all the details. Alternatively, you can keep a notebook and pen if you think you can write legibly enough when you’re still half asleep.

If at all possible, put the thoughts that come to you in dreams to the test. If you dream you’re sick, go to the doctor for a check-up.

Test the Information

If at all possible, put the thoughts that come to you in dreams to the test. If you dream you’re sick, go to the doctor for a check-up. If you dream about a friend being sad, call the friend and see if everything is okay. If you dream about a place you’ve never been, go there and see if anything was in your dream that you couldn’t have known about.

Testing isn’t always perfect — your friend might not want to talk about her sadness, or perhaps she’s forgotten about the feeling. The event may still be in the future. Don’t get too discouraged if all the information doesn’t always match up.

Recognize Psychic Dream Patterns

When you do have what you suspect to be psychic dreams, look for patterns

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