Kim Russo (The Haunting Of)

Q:  What are your thoughts about Kim Russo…..the featured medium on the hit TV show “The Haunting Of….”?

A:  We get a fair amount of daily visitors who are looking for more information on Kim Russo, and while we haven’t had all that much personal experience with her, lots of people have said a lot of very flattering things about her private readings, and her “Acting” talent on the show.  (although I’m sure Kim would prefer not to be thought of as acting, and instead….simply being her own fantabulous psychic self..:-)

The show, if you haven’t seen it, features celebrities who are sharing or revisiting spiritual stories from their past that they want to own or understand, and Kim plays a major role in helping them heal, and reach out to those on the other side who have messages to share.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Haunting Of..?

To make appointments to see Kim Russo, or to read our community reviews about her private readings, check out her directory page right here.

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  1. I renee bulmer would really like to reach Kim Russo the Psychic. You see I have had so many bad things happening to me I really need to taklk personally with Kim Russo please.

    Thank You
    Renee Bulmer
    424-29**-89** (phone number edited by admin)
    Whittier, CA

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