The Happy Medium (Kim Russo)

Kim Russo is one of the mediums we get asked about most often.  From her various appearances on the BIO channel (most notably, the HAUNTING OF…..series) amongst other high profile spots, she has become of the most interesting “celebrity” psychics of the last handful of years.

Have you had a private reading with Kim Russo? 

If so……please leave us a review of your experience on her listing page right here.  We’ve received a lot of questions about Kim Russo’s success rates when the cameras are off, and because we’ve never spoken with her one on one, can’t comment on her private readings with any degree of accuracy or authenticity.


So if YOU have (especially all of my psychic junkie friends in the greater Northeast part of the country..;-) leave us a review of Kim Russo right HERE.  (good, bad or in – between…….it matters NOT – we strive for fairness, honestly and objectivity when it comes to all the psychics and mediums we write about – THAT is what matters most)

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