Dr Richard Ireland Psychic Demonstration

Think all psychics on TV are staged? Here is a very cool demonstration by the little known but quite extraordinary psychic medium and spiritual teacher, the late Dr. Richard Ireland.

I’ve read a few of the books written by Dr Ireland’s son (Mark Ireland…who unfortunately had his interest in spiritual matters brought on by the tragic death of a teenage son) and while they are all inspiring and enlightening….his books that describe his fathers gifts are something special.

But….NOT as special as actually watching some of these demonstrations live and on video – to me…..no matter HOW skeptical one may be, you either have to believe that “everyone is IN on it”, or that something extraordinary and quite amazing is taking place while watching Ireland do this thing in front of a live…and skeptical audience.

(Steve Allen was well known to be a skeptic of all things psychic or paranormal…much the way Johnny Carson later “foiled” other ethereal entertainers in his day)

You can watch part 1 of this video HERE.

You can also check out Mark Ireland’s book about his father...Your Psychic Potential…….and some of what it was like growing up 30 or 40 years ago with a famous psychic father...on Amazon, here!

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