Angel Messages – 3 Things Your Guardian Angels Want You to Know

Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

What does my guardian angel want me to know? Do they speak to me? If not…..WHY not? And if they do….why can’t I hear them, or see the signs that they are present? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of people I speak to, you fall into one of 3 distinct camps:

1 – You are a true blue believer in guardian angels, spirit guides and personal protectors from above

2 – You are CURIOUS but not 100% convinced

3 – You think that whole idea of angels, guides or otherwise is new age nonsense and spiritual silliness and can’t stand the notion that so many others DO believe!

do i have a guardian angelThis article, as I’m sure you have probably intuited after looking at the list above, is written with people in the first 2 groups!

The truth is, and this goes to the spirit of the rest of this article, the people who are MOST likely to believe in angels, don’t really “believe” in them at all. We’ve had personal PROOF through personal encounters, extraordinary adventures and spiritually transformative experiences that have shown us that there is much more to the world around us than meets the naked eye.

Even more interesting?

Angelic experiences cut across EVERY culture, country, continent and even century of human history…and are documented in great art, literature, music and even scientific discovery. For example….the GREATEST scientist in recorded history is probably Sir Isaac Newton, and he believed (and described in his journals) how the vast majority of what he discovered about the nature of the universe came to him from angels, spirit guides and his muses.

In my 10 plus years of speaking to spirit and teaching other people how to connect to their angels, guides and ethereal energy, here are the 3 most important “messages” I’ve heard over and over again.

1 – Life doesn’t end at death. Your consciousness, and your creativity, and your sense of karma and connection to the people you love continues.

2 – Everything you do matters. But what you THINK, and how you apply your attention and intention in this life matters as well. Simple acts of kindness and compassion are as important, when you look “back” on your life from a soul level review, as the bigger things we mistakenly think are important or worth having now…..but matter a lot less on a spiritual plane.

3 – You are here to learn, advance, evolve, go, grow and flow into what you are destined to become. This is the ONE recurring spiritual truth that I’ve heard over and over again…that we CHOOSE to come into this life to experience many of the challenges and obstacles that we obsess about in our day to day lives.

How we overcome them – with grit, grace and gratitude, says much more about where we’re going, and how quickly we’re getting there, and how we’ll “feel” about our lives as a lesson….. when we DO arrive!

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