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Now Reading: Hillary Duff Getting Divorced (Because Her Psychic Told Her To?)


Hillary Duff Getting Divorced (Because Her Psychic Told Her To?)

svgFebruary 17, 2014celebrity psychicsangela

Here is a pretty “funny” story being reported about Hillary Duff and her recent breakup from husband and former Hockey Star Mike Comrie.

Of course no divorce story is funny.……but in this case, not only do both parties seem to be exceptionally civil, it appears like Hillary Duff’s divorce wasn’t necessarily driven by bad feelings for her husband, instead……because of marital advice from her psychic!

Now, in truth – we know NONE of the real details behind the breakup, and any information is 3rd or 4th hand….but, I’ve seen no less than 3 separate stories in the last few days about Hillary Duff’s reliance on psychic advice to make important life decisions (including obviously her marriage) and we’re wondering how much truth there may be to the story.

What about YOU?  Would you ever make an important life decision based entirely on what a psychic, astrologer, medium or clairvoyant told you?  Or, would you use the information that you DID get as confirmation to follow through on an existing hunch or intuition of your own?

For more on the Hillary Duff psychic story, check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below:

Disney diva Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie announced they were separating in preparation for a divorce last month. Not only is the couple acting extraordinarily civil, news has it that Duff’s reason for leaving was pretty surprising as well. Word has it that her psychic ultimately influenced her decision to break up. But no worries, multi-millionaire Mike isn’t letting it get him down. He was spotted partying with a table full of blondes during an exclusive Super Bowl bash.

Friends of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie has reported that the couple split because the active singer and the lethargic retiree had grown too far apart, but there are new rumors that Hilary’s psychic was the real force behind the split.

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An insider told In Touch that Duff puts a lot of stock in her soothsayer’s opinion, so when she said the relationship was over, Duff made it happen:

“They were already having issues, so when the psychic told Hilary that she and Mike weren’t meant to be together it was the breaking point.”

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    Hillary Duff Getting Divorced (Because Her Psychic Told Her To?)

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