How to Do EVP (And the Incredible Afterlife Evidence You’ve Got to See to Believe)

Have you ever wanted to hear some really good examples of EVP…..but weren’t sure where to find them?

Someone shared a very cool documentary with me last night on history of EVP, how to actually DO it yourself, and some of the amazing and extraordinary evidence that many otherwise ordinary people are getting on a daily basis which gives them first hand PROOF that their loved ones are communcating from the other side.

Some of the main people featured in the documentary are folks I know or am loosely aware of, but some of the others I’m seeing (and hearing about) for the very first time.

Do all  of these recordings sound to me exactly as they sound to the people who are getting them?

Not all, no.  Some are a bit of a stretch for me to hear what I’m being told is being said…..but they are still interesting to investigate.  But others are SO crystal clear, and so cool….that it’s either one of 2 things happening.

Either –

1 – This is some of the best recorded evidence for spirit communication you are going to find.

Or –

2 – The people who are presenting this evidence are making it up – and playing games with the electronics (and the audience).  (something I don’t believe is true)

What do YOU think about EVP?  Have you had any experiences of your own?  Check out this very cool video….it just may give you the very same HOPE, healing and happiness that’s it offered countless others.

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