Guided Meditations for Spirit Communication

One of the very best ways to communicate with spirit, or at least to open and expand your attention beyond the confines of ordinary awareness is through meditation.

There are a wide variety of meditative techniques that have been practiced for literally hundreds of years….across a myriad of cultures, countries, continents and centuries of human history, that have proven, once and again, to be amazingly effective for communing and conversing with those that have crossed over into the wild and wonderful world that awaits 😉

The truth is, there is no better way to get personal PROOF that life continues after death, than to explore it on your own. No article, no medium, no book, no TV show and no theory can substitute for your own first hand experience.

For a simple introduction to how to being the process of opening your awareness, I’ve shared a bunch of meditative techniques in my newest book – How to Talk to Spirits.  Below is the foundational practice – a basic but timeless technique for counting the breath that I hope you find helpful as you seek out your own experience with the ethereal realms 🙂  Enjoy!

How_to_Talk_to_SpiritsHere is a short simple guided meditation for beginning the process of connecting with spirit, or at least opening yourself up to the magic, and the mystery of a meaningful spiritually transformative experience.

There are many more of these sorts of timeless tips and techniques for opening ourselves up to the divine – and expanding our awareness in Michael Martin’s recent book – How to Talk to Spirits – The Beginners Guide for Re Uniting With Your Loved Ones on the Other Side….you can download the first chapter FREE here :-)  


The meditations below, especially those that deal with visualization, are a great way to transmute “feeling” sensations to SEEING sensations, which is something that can be developed with practice.

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