3 Ways to Talk to Your Guardian Angels When You Are Feeling Angry or Alone

Can our guardian angels hear us?  Do they help us?  How do they know when we feel alone, or angry or ignored?  Do they watch us and keep us safe and protected?  Or, do angels and guides do something very different that we never notice?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, if you are anything like the thousands of people I’ve spoken to about helping them connect with their guides, angels and spiritual protectors from above, the most common question I get is – “If I have all of these invisible helpers….why do I always feel so alone?”

Here is my experience.

1 – Spirit guides aren’t there to protect you from ever getting into trouble, or having a problem, or experiencing a crisis.  Instead, they are there to help you LEARN, and go, grow and flow in the direction of your destiny.  This is the critical distinction that most people miss.  If angels were only around to make sure you never got sick, or never had trouble at work, or never had any problems, either the angels out there are doing a really BAD job, or we’d live in a perfect world!  (2 things I think we can all agree are probably not the case)

Instead, these ethereal energies are around us to help nudge us in the direction of our lessons and our spiritual karma.  You may have CHOSEN many of the challenges you face right now, and learning to overcome those obstacles is part of your spiritual work.

The 3 simple techniques for communicating with your personal protectors when you feel you could use a helping hand?

1 – Meditation

Being able to quiet the mind is key.  There is so much happening around you right now….in this very moment, that you can’t “see” or feel or notice, simply because your attention is focused elsewhere.  Mediation allows you to tune out the distractions, and get quiet, and allow the ocean of beauty and bliss that lives WITHIN you, and around you, to begin to stir.

2 – Visualization

Being able to visualize your angels is key as well.  Don’t know what they look like?  Not to worry….simply allow your imagination to take over.  Don’t force it, or rush it, or try to overthink it….just let a mental image of who you see with your spiritual senses take over, and they will do the rest, I promise!

3 – Lastly, expand your awareness.

As you begin to open your inner eye using the techniques above, you’ll start to feel your awareness EXPAND.  It will become to grow bigger than your body, and you’ll feel a sense of expansive energy arise within you.  (this is often the spiritual field or sacred space where your guide, loves ones and angels will appear)  I know it SOUNDS challenging or even hard to believe if you’ve never tried it before, but trust me….when you HAVE your first ethereal or angelic experience  with this exercise, your world view (or your problems!) will never look the same again!

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