Here is a quick email that went out to our newsletter list earlier today for those who are looking to enhance and extend their spiritual lives with GENUINE strategies that really work.  (if you aren’t on our email list……you can sign up HERE – it’s always a good idea to subscribe as we have LOTS of fun, creative and cool ways you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of energy and amazing experience that MOST people spend their lives oblivious to)

And if you are looking to discover your  spiritual life purpose, and radically improve your karma, and your connection to both yourself, the UNIVERSE and everyone around you, I recommend our great LIVE one on one coaching with author, intuitive empath and spiritual life coach Michael Martin as well.

 Check out the email below…..and the exercise at the end as well!  (it was included as a PDF for our subscribers, but we’ll post it here for you)


And remember – if you’d like to radically enhance and extend your psychic powers yourself...either for fun, or even to accentuate what you do for a living right now (increased intuition, precognition, reclaiming your spiritual life purpose and karma control is an AMAZING way to augment your professional resume as well..:-)  you can get signed up right HERE as well!

(Email to our psychic newsletter subscribers on Jan 21)

 A few quick announcements – a BIG Thank You – and a super easy way to start testing your psychic “muscles”, starting today!

1 – First the Thank You!

Over 150 people responded to our last email about our psychic development courses and coaching program, many of you…with really great requests, suggestions and ideas for how we can BEST deliver a fun, enlightening, illuminating and inspiring training in a way that’s accessible, and affordable for all.

I personally tried to respond to each and every person who wrote in….and I want to thank everyone again for sharing your suggestions, as it’s been really helpful, and we’ve taken the most frequent requests and suggestions to heart.

2 –  The GOOD news is……

We are going to do offer TWO different psychic development coaching programs, starting TODAY…..for everyone who wants to take part.

The first will be 100% Free.  It will include weekly emails with exercises, tools and techniques you can  use to improve your intuition, precognition, and your radically enhance your ability to begin to have extraordinary personal experiences with the wild and wonderful wonderful world that is often just a window away.

The second program will include 2 hours of one on one, personal coaching with ME via LIVE online CHAT in our private community – and will include some really cool, creative and dare I say….cutting edge techniques for improving your karma, sense of spiritual connection to both yourself and others, and will also include a great 20 minute exercise for uncovering your spiritual life purpose…..that can often have amazing and transformational benefits that last a lifetime.

Here are the details for those of you who want to work with me 🙂

(NOTE:  we can discuss ANYTHING spiritually related you want during our 2 hours together – it doesn’t have to be limited to just the topics on the order page)

Another quick bonus?

If you’ve got questions about any of the psychic development or spiritual material we’re going to be covering over the next 6 weeks, or simply challenges you are struggling with in your own life, you can simply reply to any of these emails and ASK!

I’ll be recording one audio per week that addresses common questions from the community, and I’ll answer those of who you have asked something super specific as well.

(This will be FREE for people who are doing the one on one coaching...and a nominal fee for those who are taking the free course.)

3 – Finally, a very simple exercise is attached! 

I’ve included a very simple PDF that outlines a very simple, very effective process for expanding your active awareness.

This is the exact exercise that I still do to this very day, and has dramatically improved my ability to pick up information in the “atmosphere” which some people call “SUPERHUMAN”.  🙂

It’s certainly not…..and it’s certainly not something unique to me – it’s a function of practice, and training your attention to expand and extend beyond the scope of your body.

(the instructions are included -they are short, but have worked wonderfully well for thousands of people over the last few years and will work equally as well for You 🙂

The key to this exercise is to simply NOTICE what you notice.

Don’t stress or struggle or even try hard.

Just allow yourself to slowly but surely begin to become aware of things that are all around you in the present moment, but that you ordinarily DON’T notice.  (because your active awareness is fixed or focused on a very limited amount of what is actually available to “see”)

This works both as a metaphor for what is REALLY available to see when you get good at this exercise, as well as a practical way of allowing your attention to ABSORB more energy, information and intuition in the atmosphere.

Make sense?  If not….ask!

I look forward to working with many of you in the days and weeks to follow!

Don’t forget…..your first exercise is attached to this email as well 🙂

And if you have any questions, as always……I’m available to answer!

Here is a copy of the psychic development exercise that went out to our list today as well – remember, you can join our FREE  newsletter HERE and get amazing insights and life changing strategies for spiritual seekers LITERALLY around the globe!

How to Increase Intuition, Expand Awareness and Open A Wide Window into the Invisible World That Awaits

(Suddenly Psychic Self Paced Home Study Modules)

Ever wanted to learn how to refine and develop your own psychic abilities?

Each of us has innate, inherent and AMAZING talent in the areas of awareness and intuition, and quite often… simply requires a little bit of “activation” (or even an unusual or unexpected experience like an NDE) to notice that they’re there, or to find that they’ve become a prominent piece in the puzzle that is “Me”. (or in this case – “YOU”)

For those of you who are looking to radically IMPROVE your intuition and expand your view of the world in some really magical and meaningful ways, there are some really cool, creative and FUN self exercises that can dunk you into an altered state of awareness……and offer you all sorts of beautiful, blissful and enlightening experiences which can forever change how you look at yourself….and the Universe around you.

Here is a very simple exercise for expanding awareness that works wonderfully well for those of you who just want to get a taste of what is possible when you allow your “energy” and creative consciousness and your ATTENTION to grow and flow in ways you may have not thought possible.

Enjoy…..and lots more of these coming, along with audio guidance modules, an ASK ME ANYTHING module for those of you who want personalized recorded psychic development tools – and live one on one psychic development coaching for those of you who want the COMPLETE immersion experience, that I dare say… the best in the world as well!

Let’s start with a really simple overview of 6 key concepts that are at the CORE of all of our trainings. While these ideas aren’t covered in this particular PDF, being familiar with them will be helpful going forward.

  • 1. Intention (setting a goal)
  • 2. Attention (channel your concentration)
  • 3. Meditation (moving from external awareness to internal awareness)
  • 4. Sensation (notice how – and where you “feel” the information, or experience)
  • 5. Visualization (use mental pictures to facilitate experience)
  • 6. Connection (embracing the emotional energy of others – i.e. -cultivating compassion & empathy for intuitive understanding and “karmic” connection)

A Simple Exercise for expanding awareness.

Becoming aware of more.

The beauty of this approach is that it can be used anywhere. Make a sacred spiritual space for trying this exercise tonight.

(note – after you do this INTENTIONALLY a few times, it starts to become part of your ordinary awareness, and you’ll start to have some really exciting epiphanies in awareness, insight and intuition)

  • 1 – Sit as you normally do.  Comfort is more important than position or posture.
  • 2 – Become aware of your awareness – not your thoughts – but actually awareness itself. (the seat of the spiritual soul is pure awareness….your higher self – that piece of you that IS you – but at the same time is part of something bigger, more beautiful and blissful than your body)
  • 3 – With your awareness engaged – simply notice what you notice.
  • 4 – Without turning your head or using your eyes – activate your “ethereal eyes” and start to become aware of more.
  • 5 – Let your awareness grow….go and flow where it wants. Let it start to explore areas outside of your immediate field of view.
  • 6 – Don’t force it – just let it expand.
  • 7 – If you feel like your awareness is still “locked” or trapped in your field of vision, just relax…..and without turning your head, again try to notice MORE of the world around you right now.
  • 8 – See things that maybe happening to each side of you that you we’re noticing before…..but were there none the less.
  • 9 – try to pay close attention to things in the room that are now IN Your field of awareness but you aren’t looking at directly. See them clearly, feel them, get as psychically close to them as possible. Allow their energy to interact with yours
  • 10 – This takes work – and can be frustrating, especially as you begin – but this is one of the very BEST ways to first realize that there is a lot more happening in your environment then you are ordinary aware of. There is INFORMATION and energy and activity in our ordinary immediate environment that most of us are oblivious to, simply because we apply our ATTENTION to only the things we choose to see.

As you begin the practice of allowing MORE information, and energy and activity into your awareness, you open yourself up to a wonderful world that begins to extend BEYOND the ordinary….and starts to morph into what many of us are fortunate enough to experience everyday – the extraordinary!

PS –  Have questions? Having trouble with any of the ideas…..or techniques above?

Send your questions to – and we’ll not only answer them for you, I’ll RECORD some of the very best questions and include them in the weekly email that goes out to the group 🙂

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