I get a lot of questions about the best ways for beginners to communicate with spirit.  Sometimes people are convinced they’ve had an experience with an apparition…..often spontaneously, but can’t figure out how to have another.  Or, other times people who have lost someone that they’ve loved, really crave the connection that one more conversation can bring.

The truth is, there are lots and lots of ways to communicate with spirit.  Even if you don’t believe, or are 100% skeptical, there are many well worn and highly evidential tools and techniques that can take even the more careful cynic or skeptic…and convert them into a true blue believer over time, through personal experience alone.

I want to share one of these techniques with you here.  Its’ easy to learn, super simple to try and apply and contrary to most of the spiritual experiences  you should seek out, this one IS very best done by yourself.

Very simply, grab a piece of paper and a pen and sit by yourself.  

Set up an atmosphere that feels conducive to communicating with a loved one you’ve lost.  Maybe that has to do with the room you sit in, or the lighting, or even the way you enter a melancholy or meditative mood prior to beginning.

Next, you want to focus on one of these key areas for bringing forth and channeling ethereal energy.

  1. Dedication  (asking for a specific spirit to appear)
  2. Visualization (picturing the spirit or loved one with ferocious focus)
  3. Sensation (feeling the bodily connection to your loved one….maybe in the shape of a kiss, a hug or bodily feeling that you associated with that person in “life”)
  4. Location (try to picture where you believe they are, in an energetic or emotional sense, around you right now)

Focus on just ONE of those key areas above….and don’t try to do them all.  I personally prefer to do the sensation technique as I’m “channeling” them through writing, which for me, brings forth the most powerful messages.

Next, as should be obvious……let yourself begin to write.  Dont’ force it – just leave the tip of your pen or pencil on the top of the paper, and let it go, flow and grow into a wide and wonderful world of words 🙂

The truth is, this technique, often called automatic writing, has been used for thousands of years to communicate with the dead, and some of the very BEST and most famous writings in the world, even things you would never believe were “channeled”, have purportedly come from this process.

(everything from “A Course in Miracles” to works by Hemingway and even many pieces of great art and music were purportedly “channeled” works and the authors themselves claimed they were only the medium, and NOT the message)

Of course there are many other ways to talk to ghosts as well….but this is a great one, and a fun one and very cool way to creativity develop your own clairvoyant abilities to boot!

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