Psychic FAQ: Do I Have a Spirit Guide?


Where is your spirit guide?  Do you have a guardian angel?  And if you do…..why do you always feel so alone?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, if you are anything like the millions of people feeling angst and a sense of spiritual unrest in your life, you probably have turned to the sky at one point or another and ASKED for guidance from your guides, right?  And when that guidance or answer doesn’t arrive…..for many of us, feeling abandoned or alone or a sense of loneliness follows, often with a lessening of faith and belief as well.

Want the REAL reason that your guides don’t appear as often as you’d like?

The truth is, all of our lives are unfolding in ways that make a lot more spiritual sense than we recognize.  Some of the biggest challenges and obstacles and even the things that make us MOST afraid, our simple spiritual “choices” or karmic contracts we’ve made for this lifetime, well before we were born, or embodied to live the details of this life.

As a matter of fact……

In my own belief system, the harder the challenge and the more painful the process, in many respects…the more growth, evolution and unfolding we experience in the spiritual dimension, once these lives are complete.

Your spirit guides are NOT there to help you overcome every challenge or high step every obstacle that stands in your way.

That would actually be a self defeating process and principle, and would NOT lead to the sort of life that would have the very meaning that you need to “spiritually succeed” with your chosen path and purpose.

Instead, in MY experience, your spirit guides are actually there for the very OPPOSITE affect:

They are only around to make sure you don’t deviate too much off the path, or away from the lessons you are here to learn, or to make any choices that cause you to stray too dramatically from the direction of your destiny.

For example, if you’ve ever heard someone recount a near death experience, where they are given a life review and often, they’ll describe “angels and guides” who will tell them it’s NOT yet their time, and that they have MUCH work left to accomplish.  Quite often, these guides and spiritual teachers are the very hands that guide these people BACK to their “bodies” to continue living the lives they are destined…..or karmically contracted to live.

Can that be a lot to believe?

Of course it can be!  But I’ve seen it in my own life, and in my own work, over and over again…a spiritual message that resonates and rings true, both for those of us still living in “form” and those who are no longer HERE, but yet…still around us, and helping us get where we need to be, all of the while.

What about YOU?  Do you have a spirit guide…..or do you think the whole idea is just new age, and nuts?  Let us know in the community comments section or on Facebook – all opinions welcome!

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