Do I have a spirit guide?  How does my spirit guide help me?  Do they make sure I avoid trouble or trauma?  Will my spirit guide keep me away from danger or dissapointment……or do they simply guide me in the direction of my destiny, and my dreams?

There is so much myth, misinformation and misconception about spirit guides, guardian angels and personal protectors from above….that it’s actually a bit difficult to discern what is fact, what is fiction and what is outright fantasy.  After all…with so many DIFFERING opinions on the practicality of guides and angels, and so many different ideas about how a spirit guide may manifest in our lives, it’s pretty tough to know which direction to go.

Here is a pretty interesting talk on spirit guides from Esther Hicks (Abraham wisdom series) on what a spirit guide DOES....and what you should expect in terms of guidance while you seek out your own spiritual path and progress as well.

Enjoy – and we’d love to hear your feedback whether you agree, disagree or otherwise…and why!

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