Here is a short article we shared on guardian angels and life purpose……and what you can learn about from the incredible expereinces of those who have experienced the spirit realms, or who have had personal experiences that convinced us that there is far more magic, and meaning and mystery to life than our ordinary senses can ever convey 🙂  A fun video on meeting your angels and spirit guides is also included above……experience it – immerse yourself in the exercise – and enjoy!


 1 – Your guide’s job is NOT to necessarily keep your from making mistakes, getting into trouble or ever having any difficult or dangerous or even disappointing experiences.  All of this is the very fiber that makes up the fabric of your life.  You choose your difficulties in life to experience growth, flow and spiritual progress as you evolve from this world….to the next.  Without challenges or obstacles, you would have NO opportunity to go, flow and GROW into a wiser and more aware spiritual being.

 If your guides kept you from harms way all of the time?  They would actually be doing you a dis-service, rather than helping you achieve what you are REALLY here to accomplish.  (which is to have a whole swath of spiritual experiences and create a karma that empowers you on your path)

 2 – Your spirit guides and guardian angels only appear when absolutely necessary.  For example?  Read about the thousands of people who have near death experiences, and “come back” to describe meeting angels, or beings of light, or spirit guides and deceased loved ones who were there to greet them as they began to transition to the next world….only to tell them it was NOT their time, and they must return.

 Those “angels” are always aware of what you are doing, where you are in your life and what is left to be accomplished before you go.  You ARE here for a reason.  You DO have a purpose.  There IS a path and a passion you are meant to pursue.

Being aware of that fact on a daily basis is the best sort of spiritual motivation that there is, and one of the easiest ways to be aware that your guides are watching, even if you can’t see them with your ordinary eyes!

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