Who was I in a previous lifetime?  Was I famous?  Rich?  A slave or servant?  Or maybe I was a famous celebrity that everyone knows?  What is the easiest way to tell if I have lived before anyway?  Is it past life regression?  Hypnosis?  Tarot cards…..or psychic readings?  Or, do most people who DO remember past lives have them pop up spontaneously instead?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, the whole idea of past lives and reincarnation is a very controversial one, EVEN amongst those who DO believe in spiritual and psychic experiences.  It’s ironic how some of the most OPEN minded people by definition….can be incredibly closed minded about the idea of reincarnation, karma and the notion that we live many times in many bodies….simply because it doesn’t conform to their notion of what “life” really is.

Here are some quick facts about past life memories, and the absolute EASIEST ways to access your own:

  1. DO start with an open mind.  Remember that the vast majority of everything we believe MAY be wrong….and without personal PROOF or intimate experience, articles, books and opinions of others are effectively pointless to your own journey of waking up.
  2. DON’T explore the idea of past lives because you think you were more famous or well known or more important in a previous lifetime, than you may be in this one.  The funny thing is, this is actually the reverse of what genuine spiritual experience teaches us is important…and yet, so many people dive in and delve into the wonderful world of past life memories simply to boost or bolster their self esteem in THIS life.
  3. DO understand that your life is a continuous, evolving and magnificent journey of magic and meaning.  No circumstance is every permanent and no stage of life, whether rich nor poor, happy nor sad, lucky or “losing” ever stays for that long.  Your TRUE self is beyond both the individual circumstances and the appearances of any particular lifetime or incarnation and everything you HAVE right now, I truly believe you have chosen to have, as a vehicle to grow, flow, and evolve as a spiritual being.
  4. Lastly, DO seek out spiritual answers and inspiration on your own, through direct experience.  There truly is no substitute….and no amount of articles or books or teaching can do what ONE simple direct experience can provide.

My first past life reading was done close to 15 years ago by phone….and no book, article or interview could have prepared me for the power of having such an intimate and inspiring glimpse at my OWN true nature…and the very SAME will most likely be true for you!

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