Did I just see a ghost?  What should I do?  Could it have been my imagination?  Am  going nuts?  Did I hallucinate……or did THAT just REALLY happen?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, when I had my own first experience with a genuine “spirit”, I truly thought I had gone temporarily insane.

The idea of spirit communication was so incredibly foreign to me….that the notion that a “real life ghost” had just manifested in front of my eyes, was way too far fetched for me to consider.

So what eventually convinced me the experience was real?

What happened AFTER the apparition appeared was all the evidence I needed to know.  In my specific case, it was the report of a beloved co-worker, the one who appeared to me in the middle of the night, having suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the same moment i had the actual experience, that was the mitigating factor that made me understand what transpired was NOT brain blip or some weird temporary insanity that struck at 2am.

I can now tell you that the one thing I recommend everyone do is this:

Write down your experience as honestly, genuinely and accurately as you can.  Describe what happened with pen and paper…and try to get as many of the small details captured as you possibly can.  Any information that you can use to verify and validate the experience later will be incredibly invaluable to you…..especially as you find your mind searching for explanations that seem more rational than the “I just saw a ghost” explanation.

 As a matter of fact, in my own experience, even though I wrote nothing down and tried to pretend the whole thing was just a weird dream……because I learned of the death of my co-worker so early the next morning when I went to work, and the time frame was so “fresh”, it was easy to go back and validate all of the important pieces for my own sanity, the very same day.

 The one thing NOT to do?

 Don’t go around telling everyone about what happened to you….until you are able to wrap your brain around the experience, and are 100% sure it DID transpire, the way you believe.  There is something very disempowering about sharing an authentic experience with others, who will embellish it for their own motivations, or discredit it for the very same purposes, simply based on what THEY believe.

 Experiences with spirit are truly special….and I can honestly say,after a decade now of personal and professional exploration – they are also very rare, so cherish and relish the little bit of the window into the next world that MAY have been revealed to you…and go out and continue to explore on your own!

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