Utica Psychic Fair

Here is a short article on the Utica Psychic fair this week…..a popular and fun event where the curious, the convinced, the skeptics and the spiritual all get together to connect with clairvoyants throughout Utica and surrounding parts of NY state.

Check out the full line up of events at the link below!

the Holiday Inn in Utica hosted the 15th Annual Psychic Fair, Sunday.The second day of the fair offered people the chance to receive professional readings from psychics and mediums.It also had several vendors on hand selling their locally-made products.While the fair is based in Utica, organizers say that people from all over the state come to the event with hopes of getting an update from the “other side.”

15th Annual Psychic Fair brings New York residents to Utica | NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 – Utica News, Weather, Sports – | Local News

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