Finding Your Soulmate – The Do’s and Dont’s of Getting a Psychic Reading for Love


Have you ever gone to a psychic or spiritual intuitive for love advice? Have you ever secretly wondered what tarot, or a love horoscope or astrology can tell you about your romantic future? If you said YES… the good news is, you aren’t alone!

The truth is…

If you are anything like most women who are desperately trying to find that one PERFECT match, but can’t seem to figure out the best way of going about it, seeking out spiritual advice from someone who specializes in love connections can really make a big difference.


Because whether you see it or not in your day to day life… there is a magic, and a meaning in the universe that is very much oriented around YOUR specific purpose, passion and path, and unfortunately… for most people, they never take the time to investigate what it is.

Seeking out a spiritual intuitive for love advice, or to help you find a karmic connection, is without a doubt a tried and true shortcut to leap frogging the learning curve, and high stepping some of the obstacles that keep many of us

STUCK in relationships that are less than we want… and truly less than we deserve as well.

BUT… even with all of that being said, you DO need to be careful when it comes to seeking out psychic predictions for love, as quite often, while the intentionality may be good, many readers are often wrong!

Let’s look at a few critical do’s and don’ts when trying to find out when it is that you’ll finally find true love… and when seeking out the help of a future psychic or love intuitive to help you get there as well.

  • DO trust your own intuition first and foremost. A good love psychic is really only reading your own emotional energy and interpreting your own intuition when they look into your future.
  • DON’T sit back and wait for true love to find you… even if you are given a clear impression of who it is, and when he (or she) will appear.
  • DO take action on what you feel, find, see and sense. The universe will show you the way… but it won’t bring the love of your life to your doorstep. (you’ve got to get out there and make it happen for the magic to manifest!)
  • DO believe in the magic, mystery and MEANING of the universe around us all.

It’s not silly to be spiritual, or selfish to believe that you deserve hope and happiness, and that you can create that with connecting to your karma and believing in something BIGGER, bolder and more beautiful than you can see, taste or touch.

There are 3 steps to finding your soulmate… and finding them fast! (like this year… if you want)

  1. Intention
  2. Attention
  3. And ACTION.

The universe, and your karma… and your true sense of spiritual growth requires all three to make your life work the way you conceived it long ago. (and trust me… when you DO, big changes happen in a hurry!)

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