out of body experienceHere is a short article we wrote earlier this week for a popular spiritual article directory on the out of body experience, and how ordinary people can have extraordianry experiences without needing to be in danger, or close to death……or using any sort of “drugs” or chemical assistance at all.  (a strategy that is unfortunately VERY popular with folks who want access to these spiritual states, but can’t quite get there on their own)

An OBE can be one of the most magical, meaningful and mysterious experiences a human being can have, and there ARE some super simple strategies that really can loosen the body’s natural defenses and open up a wide window into the world of spirit as a result.  (all take a little bit of practice……but I’ve outlined one of my favorite approaches below)

So…..if you want to learn how to have your first out of body experience without the fluff, check out the complete article we wrote for EZA, in it’s entirety below!

Who else thinks you’ve got to  be near death to have an OBE?  Think you’ve got to be injured, or in some sort of physical danger or be hallucinating to feel your sense of self (and spirit!) leave your physicalphysical shell?  Or, maybe you associate the out of body state with taking brain chemistry altering drugs like LSD, or mushrooms or even tribal “herbs” that are found in cultures and continents outside of our own?

Think again!

The truth is, there are millions of people who regularly have amazing, incredible and illuminating OBE’s without drugs, death or danger being anywhere remotely involved.  Of course, while those factors CAN play a role, or even enhance the experience of feeling disconnected from your body, in my own view….as well as many others on the spiritual path, cultivating a consciousness that is amenable to seeing the world through ethereal eyes is a much more powerful, and profound way to explore this incredible experience.

The key to having YOUR first OBE without doing anything dangerous?

Two words.  Meditation, and visualization.  Of course, those words may SOUND more difficult to apply in real life than they may appear on appear, but in reality, I truly believe that anyone can have an out of body experience, simply by practicing a little bit of both on a daily basis.  (no more than 20 minutes at a time is required)

Here is the absolute EASIEST visualization technique to facilitate the experience.

Close your eyes.
Sit comfortably.
Don’t’ push, or move towards…..or away from anything.
Just notice what you notice.


Very simply, with your eyes closed, try to visualize your hands.  What do they LOOK like?  Of course we all have an idea about what our hands look like, but in reality….that’s just an “image” in your field of consciousness, or active awareness.  (as your eyes are closed, so that image isn’t being contracted in your current visual field, rather….it’s being generated by the mind, and through memory, as an object of awareness)

Now…..try to imagine your hands are a diffuse cloud of energy, emotions and sensations.  Let your hands melt away in your minds eye.  Just feel the raw itching, tingling, throbbing, or whatever it is that you feel in your hands, with your eyes closed…..as a ball of sensations.

Do the same with your feet.  And your shoulders.  And finally  your head and face.

If you can feel your entire sense of self as a cloud of sensation……the OBE state starts to happen naturally on it’s own.  You can amplify this by beginning to visualize a place in your home, or your office, or a place you love like the beach or a city, and placing your energy cloud in that space.

I know this may SOUND really out there and “woo woo”, but after a decade of having some of the most incredibly profound spiritual experiences, many which defy words or logical explanation, i can honestly tell you that THIS OBE technique, practiced faithfully….remains one of my favorite ways to get “beginners” to see the same wonderful world as well!

I challenge you to try it – apply it – and let your own amazing ability to experience the “impossible” begin to unfold, and then pass it forward to others who will appreciate it equally as much.

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