Did you know that over 2 million people will call a psychic or medium or spiritual life coach in 2103?    Or, that millions more will visit the same types of spiritual light workers in person as well?

The truth is, regardless of what you may believe, and whether you are curious but NOT yet convinced, a real, accurate and genuine psychic reading can be one of the most fun, entertaining and inspiring things you can do to add some “spice to your life”, and on a boot strap budget to boot 🙂

But there is a dark side to seeking out spiritual advice as well……and in the wild and wonderful and often wacky world of online spiritual services, there are some simple “do’s and don’ts” that every one of us should know before we do.

Rule #1:  Remember that online reviews are NOT always what they appear to be.

Did you know that Yelp, the well known local review hub, has been repeatedly warned about false reviews, and that many of the local professionals, especially in the “services” spaces, routinely pay for positive reviews and write ups that are NOT real?

Always read online reviews with a grain of salt, and never spend a lot of money on a first time experience based solely on a review or write up that you can’t authenticate for yourself.

Rule #2:  Avoid any type of spiritual professional who is exceptionally “secretive”  (and wants you to be as well)

There have been several high profile cases in the last few months of spiritists who have defrauded many people out of millions of dollars, using very simple mental manipulation that always starts with “secrets”.  (e.g. – they advice their clients not to share their strategies with friends and family, or the spiritual secrets they are using to “help”, won’t work)

If it sounds like a scam……it probably is.  (and when someone wants you to keep something a secret from others around you, much like we’re all warned as kids….it’s rarely a good idea to follow them)

Rule #3:

Hexes, curses and spells never end well.

For you, or for the person you are trying to get back, punish or play with.  The truth is, these stories almost always end badly, rarely work  as intended……and there are more frauds, fakes and impostors in THIS specific area of the spiritual advice arena, than all others combined.  (and by a long shot as well)

The bottom line is…..

A GOOD, authentic spiritual intuitive, psychic, medium or coach will empower you, inspire you and offer illuminating information that helps shine a bright light on YOUR passion, purpose and path.  Go with your gut, have fun, allow yourself to be inspired and trust your intuition while on this path….but always keep one foot firmly planted on the ground as well!

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