How can I contact the Long Island Medium?

What is the easiest way to make an appointment to see Theresa Caputo?

Does the Long Island Medium still do private readings for the public?  And if so…..HOW can I find out where and when?

As a psychic and spiritual directory of some of the top mediums in the world, you would think that our reader inquiries are pretty diverse.  And yet…the truth is, we probably get 500% more questions about contacting Theresa Caputo above and beyond just about anyone else.

Nary does a day go by that people don’t leave a comment, or ask a question about making an appointment to see Theresa Caputo.

The bad news?

We can’t really help all that much.  Other than listing some of her upcoming events, and providing a place for folks to leave reviews about readings they’ve had with her, we don’t have a magic pipeline into her program that will get you an “emergency reading”, as many people request.

The good news?

There ARE tons of very simple ways to get in touch with Theresa Caputo (and just about every other famous psychic) simply by accessing the wide and wonderful world of social media.

For example –

  1. Theresa Caputo’s Facebook page:
  3. The official long island medium facebook page is here:
  5. Here is the Youtube channel for the show:
  7. Here you can contact Theresa Caputo directly on Twitter, too!
  9. And of course……you can always visit her personal website, TLC and even her Tumblr blog to leave her a message should you need or wish to get in touch.

The truth is, it’s far easier today to reach out and touch the “stars” than ever before…and if you really, truly have a message for someone that needs to be heard, if you are persistent, patient (and POLITE!)… will be heard.

Remember though……as difficult as it may be to hear, other people have urgent issues too….and as important as what you have to say may be, it’s a good bet there are others who feel equally as urgent about theirs as well.

For some more ways to contact Theresa Caputo, check out some additional resources, from around the web below!

# The television show’s Facebook page is located at: Theresa Caputo’s fan page is located at: Leaving a message on either page does not guarantee a response, but Theresa Caputo’s personal fan page is maintained by her while the show’s fan page is maintained by the show’s producers.# The Twitter account for Long Island Medium and Theresa Caputo can be found at: The YouTube page for Long Island Medium is located at:

How to Contact Long Island Medium (with Sample Letters)

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