Here is an interesting article from the NYTimes about how common past life regression and therapy is becoming mainstream “medicine” – e.g. – psychiatrists and therapists and more studious mental health professionals are slowly but surely openining up to the idea of using regression therapy and similar spiritual motifs in their practice.

Of course the article talks about Dr. Brian Weiss, the author and highly regarded Psychiatrist – his seminal book – “Many Lives, Many Masters” is considered a classic introduction to many people who are just getting started exploring the whole concept of past lives, reincarnation and similar subjects.  Of course what many people don’t know is that there have been many other great books and historical works on past life memories……including many that don’t talk about hypnosis at all!  (a controversial approach to past life memory recall EVEN in the world of spiritual folks who believe that reincarnation is real)

Check out the full article below….or browse some of our past life regression listings while you are here! 

He says he and his wife share the kind “of attraction and recognition that a soul makes when it encounters the familiar.” In that spirit, the couple traveled last month to Rhinebeck, N.Y., where they and more than 200 others paid $355 each to attend a weekend seminar run by one of America’s pre-eminent proselytizers on the subject of reincarnation, Dr. Brian Weiss.On this second, sweltering day of the seminar, Dr. Weiss, a 65-year-old Florida resident with a hawk-like visage and placid blue eyes, was wearing a polo shirt the color of robins’ eggs. He took a break from teaching and, over a healthy lunch, reflected on the rise of interest in the West in reincarnation. Like Dr. DeBell, he is a psychiatrist with an Ivy League pedigree (Columbia University and Yale Medical School).Dr. Weiss was censured by the medical establishment in 1988 after he published “Many Lives, Many Masters.” In it he details his work with a patient he calls Catherine, who, under hypnosis, the book says, remembered multiple past lives, relieving her of paralyzing phobias. It has sold more than a million copies.

Interest in Reincarnation Is Growing –

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