QAHere is an article I contributed to earlier today for a popular “love and romance” directory on psychic predictions for finding true love.  (probably the biggest reason the general public still seeks out intuitive advisors in the first place..:-)

The truth is, the process of writing to your future self can be a great way of waking up your own intuition, and developing your precognition muscles in a way that really has practical value in your life……both spiritually, as well as for more mundane daily tasks as well!

Check out the full article below – it’s a bit different than what we usually write about , but thought it was worth sharing for those who are looking for some fun intuitive exercises to practice on your own.:-)

Q: When will I get married? Will this be the year? Do I know him already…..or will I meet him soon? And will this be the ONE love I’ve been waiting for forever, or will I get my heart broken yet again?

The truth is, as emotional empaths and love intuitive’s, we get more questions about love, romance and heartbreak than just about anything else. The fact is, more and more relationships end up badly than ever before…and in my mind, it’s because more and more people (especially women) make head based decisions, rather than following their heart.

How so?

There is more pressure in the world today than ever before to be in a relationship. Social media has obliterated our ability to have privacy, and believe it or not….in my own practice, i see more and more people succumbing to the pressure to be in a relationship, simply because everyone else seems to be as well! To make appearances matter. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Happy pictures everywhere, right?

And because of this simple truth, women especially made HEAD based relationship decisions, rather than following their heart, waiting and letting the universe unfold the way it wants too….and manifest in your life the way it should.

Want a really GREAT way to activate your own intuition when it comes to your love life?

Write to your future self. Sit down, and write a letter to the “you” that exists in 1 year, or 3 years, or 5 years.

Can you conceptualize who that person is? Does it still feel like YOU? It’s amazing how many people look at themselves in the future and find that person is totally unrecognizable, right? You feel like a stranger to YOU!

But, when you tap into your own intuitive understanding of your future self, you start to see how your life is going to unfold…..and the karmic connections that are coming your way, the EXACT way the “Universe” has it planned for you.

It may sound crazy if you’re skeptical…..but I promise, it works.

In my mind…….

Each of us already has a karma, and a destiny….and the truth is, you can actively awaken that by tapping into your own inner “psychic’ and begin the process of dancing in the direction of your dreams, starting right NOW.

So when people ask me – “Will this the year I get married?”……this is the exact process any true spiritual coach, or intuitive, or emotional, energetic empath will use to see what YOUR future has in store.

The good news is you can do it yourself. Your life is like a book – and you ARE the author, and the architect of everything that has yet to arrive. Opening up your own awareness with simple heart based spiritual exercises is the very BEST way to attract the love of your life into your life right NOW, to chart your own “clairvoyant” course….and ultimately, with power and practice,  and to truly wake up your own intuitive wisdom within and LIVE the life you LOVE!


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