Psychic Tia on new A&E reality series

Has anyone had an appointment with Tia Belle – e.g. – Psychic Tia of the new A & E TV show of the same name? 

We’ve had a few people writing to inquire about her over the last few days…..and while ironically I happen to BE from NJ (and have seen plenty of amazing psychics and mediums in my days writing about local paranormal events 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Tia, nor do I know anyone whose had a reading with her, so we’re curious to know what our community says for sure.

We’ll be adding her to the directory over the next few days, and if you’d had a reading or private appointment with Psychic Tia, please share your experience using our contact form, or in the psychic review section of her listing once it’s posted.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting article about Tia Belle’s personal assistant, and her journey from small town beauty queen, to Country Music recording artist, and from open minded skeptic to true blue believer in her employers other worldly abilities 🙂

You can read the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below!

Belle owns a store called The Craft in Totowa, N.J., where she sells sage, candles, healing jewelry, spells and bath salts. In the back, Belle offers her clairvoyant services as a tarot card reader and psychic who can “cross over” and speak to the deceased.“She’s very different,” Best said. “Unlike anyone I was used to in North Carolina, that’s for sure.”A&E caught wind of the mystic and created a show around her business. It airs Saturday at 10 p.m.Best’s responsibilities include scheduling Belle’s appointments, collecting client information and “saging” the store, which requires burning a roll of sage and waving it around to get rid of bad spirits and negative thoughts.“True skeptics are not going to change their minds, and you’re not going to be able to change their minds, so I don’t even waste time on that,” Best said of nonbelievers.

Former Miss NC assists ‘Psychic Tia’ on new A&E reality series | Television |


6 thoughts on “Psychic Tia on new A&E reality series

  • I live Richmond Virginia and I don’t know how to reach you, but I be honest with you I am having a lot of different problems and hopefully I can talk to you or see you. I just burned white candle and the glass was not clear and it was dark stain on it like black thick marker looked like a big thumb finger.

    • Hey there Zouvik – why not try Tia’s website directly – or reach out on social media – you’ll definitely have a much better chance of having your issues answered than the comments here! (even though they are welcome – it’s not likely you’ll get a response from any specific reader, unless you are on their website directly – or social media pages, etc – and we want you to get what you need without waiting 🙂

  • Tia, I am asking vaguely, why did my great grand daughter have to pass? she was so young and loved. My daughter is suffering so much by her passing. Please help? I do not expect any thing from you but if you can channel her please help.

  • I would love a reading how much is it my stepfather passed years ago and I would love bring my lil sister for a reading he died wjen she was born never had a chance to see him or him her


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