Private Readings with Char Margolis – How Much Are They?

Q:  How much does Char Margolis charge for readings?  Is she worth it?  How does she compare to other well known psychics, mediums and intuitive’s we regularly cover on our own “in house” psychic directory?

A:  According to her web page, Char Margolis charges anywhere from $600 to $800 for a reading…..depending on whether you order a 30 minute (the less expensive option, obviously 🙂 or a longer 60 minute session.

Char Margolis also does a few events throughout the year….typically smaller group sessions, and also will infrequently do private readings in one of several locations on both US coasts, and the Netherlands.

Is she worth it?

I have no idea…..Char is actually not a medium we have much experience with, nor have any of our readers indicated that they’ve had a reading with her to offer insight or detail about what their impressions were.

Have you had a psychic reading with Char Margolis?  If so…..we’d love to hear a review!  Tell us about it…..up or down or anywhere in between – you can share in the community comments section below, or drop us a note using the contact form above.

On another note……….

What other psychics do YOU want to see us write about or review? 

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten more than 50 unique requests for information on all types of readings and specific readers for very specific circumstances as well (everything from past life readings to psychometry for a cold case crime to someone who inquired about an alien abduction psychic specialist….something I can honestly say we’ve never been asked about before..;-)

The reason I tell you this?

Because if you ARE a professional intuitive or know a good one you can recommend to our readers, we’re ALWAYS on the lookout for good local readers through the Country (and the world) who need a little bit more exposure than they’ve earned thus far.  If you are one – or know someone who fits the bills – tell us about yourself – or who you use and  recommend, and we’ll add you to our psychic and spiritual directory, 100% for free!  (it’s not about creating community and karma and connections for us… let us hear about those little known psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches and “light workers” who need to build a little buzz for their business, and we’re happy to write about them here, and match them up with our own readers who need a hand!)

For more on Char Margolis readings….check out her booking and appointment page at the link below.

In Person ReadingsA very limited number of Private In-Person readings are available for those who wish to have a face-to-face interaction with Char. These private readings are very limited and must be booked well in advance. All In-Person private readings take place in one of the following locations: Long Island, NY – Los Angeles, CA – West Bloomfield, MI and Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you would like to know if Char will be in your area doing private readings, please sign up for Char’s free e-mail newsletter and check off the private reading box. In person readings are $800 for an hour.Intimate Group ReadingsChar does small intimate group reading sessions all over the world. These small groups are limited to 15 people or less. To see a schedule of where Char will be hosting these Intimate Group Readings, please check the Live Events Page. Each ticket is $500.

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I’m Kathleen Kilbourne and I am a clairvoyant medium who also does energy work.
    My first thought on your post is that $600.00 for a reading is an outrageous rate! I’m sorry that you had a not so stellar experience with this person. I wish I would have seen this website earlier!
    One of the things that I highly discourage in my practice is general readings, because the client almost always has specific questions and if all I can come up with is “your car is red” — Huh?!
    Most clients are paying good money to get to the bottom of something and get answers for their questions- not have someone waste their time with either vague information or information that is not pertinent to the current situation, even if it may mean something further in the future. This leaves the client with a lot of confusion and lack of clarity.
    Conversely, no psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time- I have this in my disclaimer, and believe me, things can change in situations due to free agency of the parties involved. Especially when working on an energy level.
    It is better not to “test” the psychic but be straightforward in what you want to know! I have had people come back to me months later, after severe doubt, and say, “You know, I didn’t see it at first, but you were right.”

    If you are interested in who I am and what I do, please visit my personal website at

  2. I had an hour-long phone reading with Char a few years ago. She was definitely not worth the $600 I paid for the reading – you expect something extraordinary for that kind of money. She accurately named deceased relatives, but gave no messages from them. She also was in the ballpark, but was not accurate, in trying to describe the reason I had called. After I finally told her so we could stop wasting time since she kept asking me questions that weren’t getting it right, she then only gave very general and not very helpful advice for my situation based on what I had revealed vs getting information from my Guides that was tailored toward additional specific events I had purposely not revealed so that I knew I was getting something real from her. I was DEEPLY disappointed and would suggest you not waste your money.

  3. I have had 2 seperate readings with Char Margolis over the years.
    She is called the alphabet soup psychic because she spells out names of all of the people trying to come through.
    My experience was unreal. She’s pretty amazing and very accurate.
    Tanya Reid

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