Has anyone had a reading with Marisa Ryan?

If you have….please share your experience in her new listing just added below!  We came across Marisa Ryan’s highly touted psychic abilities via a documentary on the afterlife (The Life After Death Project) and a follow up interview one of the movie’s producers did today on Hay House radio….describing some of the very cool things that Marisa was able to do in describing the unpublished details of a very gruesome crime.  (details she claimed she received, unexpectedly….after being visited by the murder victim in a dream)

Check out Marisa’s listing below – and as with ALL of the psychics, mediums, clairovyants and spiritual professionals we feature, if you’ve had an experience or a reading with her, we’d love to know what you thought!

Marisa Ryan is a psychic medium who has recently been featured in the highly rated (and quite amazing and very highly recommended) documentary “The Life After Death Project”. Her psychic and spiritual transformation was precipitated by the loss of several close family members within a very short time frame (several days) and facilitated a whole host of incredible insights and abilities that you have to read about to believe. (including, in , in September 2002 – a highly evidential experience as a psychic detective, where Marisa provided information to a local police department after being visited by the victim of a murder and given highly specific information about the crime)

Marisa Ryan Psychic Medium

By angela

Hi! I’m Angela! I am a life long spiritual seeker, ethereal explorer and overall oddball! I am spiritual life coach (my day job and my passion!)….and a part time writer/blogger/happiness manager for this (and our other) psychic and spiritual communities. I count many talented psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers as my closest friends, and love this journey. Email me Angela@karmicconsulting.net, or say hi on Facebook!

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  1. I had a reading with Marissa 5 months ago and it was the most amazing experience ever. I first contacted her because I wanted to know who is/are the spirit(s) in the house whom are turning on the tv, microwave, fans, knocking over flower stands, and ripping the poster off the wall. I use to be very skeptical about spirits and mediums until this all started to happen to me. But what I got out of the experience was so much more than I would have expected. She knew so many details that you can NOT find online about me.

    The morning before the reading I was emailing graduate professors back and fourth and it was making me feel lost and confused since I did not know which one of the 2 schools I was applying to was going to accept me. The thing I was worried about the most was my statement letter to the school I had no clue what I was going to write them about. That afternoon I had my reading with Marissa and how did she know I was applying to Texas Tech?? She also told me my letter to the school was going to be amazing and how would she know this?? She said I was going to get into Tech and WHAT DO YOU KNOW I am leaving for Texas in August!

    She did identify who the spirits were and why they were doing the activity in the house. One of the spirits that came through very strong was my grandfather, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY she would know that he called all of this spiritual stuff “hocus pocus” and that to tell my mom (who was with me at the reading) not to worry about me going to Texas. My mom has been so against me moving to Texas and this reading also gave her peace of mind that I will be alright.

    Marissa is truly a blessing in this world. For those of you that had bad readings I am sorry but maybe it is not her it may be the connection between you and your family/friends. There is no price that you can put on the feeling of complete peace. I recently have had a spike in more paranormal activity in the house so I am also making another appointment with her soon.

    Matthew 7:1-3
    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

  2. I never believed the possibility of channeling dead relatives until my cousin told me about her. So I set up a phone appointment with her and the things that she told me no way you can research it online. She not about taking your money! She tells me where to go to get accurate reading and avoid frauds, by recommending mythohysical shops. So far I know four people who have been to her and they are all amazed by the things she says. She is amazing and a gift to our society!

  3. Wow, you all need to understand that being “psychic” is not a circus act that is always the same. I, myself am pretty psychic and have some mediumship abilities. I know they happen when they happen. I had a reading with Marisa a couple of years ago and found her to be quite competent and friendly. I would recommend her and would welcome another reading.


    I had a reading several years back and was very satisfied. I am a skeptic and she nailed it. She knew private details about my life that nobody could know. She even described what I was wearing at the time of the reading over the phone. Several things she predicted already came true. I wasnt sure what to expect but I am now a true believer. Marisa is the REAL DEAL! Thank you, Marisa

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    (the only thing worse than fake “positive” reviews being left by the same person using various screen-names that waste our time and resources……is when it’s done so amateurishly and poorly, that it’s embarrassingly obvious to all:-)


    I had a reading with Marisa a month ago and thought she was amazing. I didnt tell her my real name so she could not have looked me up. She contacted my deceased brother and knew his first name, that he was married and had 3 children. None of this could have been found through a search. She was very pleasant and seemed very honest. She described my brother as if he was standing in front of her, even the large mole on his cheek. She knew about a strange game we used to play when we were kids and she knew how he died. The reading brought me great peace of mind and validation that it was my brother. She even knew I drove a old truck with a camper shell on it. How would she know that. Amazing. Sometimes you have to just own up to the fact that we dont really die and people like Marisa just want to prove that to us so we can find peace knowing we will all be together in the end. Those of you that dont want to believe, I am sorry for you. Bud.

  6. Jan 2015 Reading:

    I can only share my validating belief that Marisa Ryan is gifted with something most of us are not capable of.
    It all started with in the first few minutes of the session-Chocolate.
    Out of all the things she could have started off saying-Chocolate.
    Now let me explain, as Marisa Ryan respectfully starts her session and takes a few deep breaths, I decided I was thirsty and needed to quench my thirst. Before I even opened the fridge door, she mentions Chocolate. I was standing right in front of a huge bar of Dark Chocolate and some Ferrero Rocher. What are the odds right? To top it off, I’m not a huge chocolate fan but for some odd reason the night before I wanted some chocolate… at 1am even. Out of the ordinary for sure. Odds of this happening, not very likely.

    I would just hate to be in the bathroom and have her say something about toilet paper, I have a feeling that she would just know.

    Don’t just go by the reviews, decide for your self of course.
    I would listen to her radio show – Spirit Talk Online Radio Show with Marisa Ryan
    She’s a pleasant speaker that gets right to the point, she has a fun way of explaining things.
    Actually speaking with her makes time fly so fast.

    I hope she stays healthy and lives long because I think she’s done some good in this world and who can’t appreciate a person that try’s to dedicate them selves trying to help others.

    1. If “chocolate” impressed you then I would say you are easily impressed. It wouldn’t impress me if that is all I got out of a “psychic” reading.

      1. You could always schedule an appointment with her and form your own experience if you like.
        Sorry I if my comment was not what you were looking for, I’ll make sure I’ll do better next time.
        Let me work on realizing what I got out of my reading with Marisa Ryan.

  7. I watched her entire YOUTUBE show and I discerned rather quickly that she is a CHARLATAN. She is a bad cold reader and apparently a pretty bad hot reader as well, her schtick is sickening and it makes my blood boil to hear the audience oohing and ahhhhing and laughing at her ridiculous jokes . Watch her close, she brings not one message that is unique, verifiable or useful. She is probably one of the worst I have ever watched ( probably because it was an unedited clip) ALIENS??? Please, show me some sort of proof, anything at all for your unearned fame and ridiculous ego.

  8. After thinking about it some more, I want to amend my earlier review of my reading with Marisa Ryan. I want to say that I believe she is a complete fraud. In our one hour phone session she was making up visiting dead friends/relatives,scrambling around and trying to say something I would leap on (“Somebody in the military”). There was NO validating information whatsoever. The few things she threw out to me made no sense.. I recognized nothing at all about any of the five “spirits” who so “wanted to talk” with me.

    She started out by saying “There are SO many people who love you!” Funny, one of the questions I had lined up to ask Marisa was “why don’t people like me very much?” When I told her this she replied “people are intimidated by your independence”. Later she said,”People are put off by your forthrightness.” Wait, what? I thought they loved me! So MANY!

    I asked her why my mother hated me as a child, and she replied that she was jealous of me. When I expressed surprise, she said it is quite common for a mother to be jealous of a daughter (this I knew; it’s usually when a daughter is pretty and growing into womanhood). I said, my mother had (has) five daughters, but she hated me pretty much from the get-go. I asked, “Are you saying she was jealous of me when I was two? when I was four? or six or eight?” She was jealous of only one of five daughters? Then she said, “Your mother never bonded with you..”

    Marissa told me one of my 3 spirit guides was an old, Native American male. She said he wants me to pay attention to feathers (not sure why). I told her I have pet birds in the house, so feathers are always around. Then she told me I should pay attention to them outdoors (still don’t know why), and I told her I have a flock of geese living on my property (my pets). We moved on from that subject after she told me my spirit guide said I own “small grey birds”. (I own two cockatiels, one yellow and one mostly grey, and two very brightly colored, mostly green conures”. I call that a *miss*———and who cares about this stuff anyway?

    What a waste of $225.00.

    I asked about my childhood injury to my finger (now permanently disfigured) which I had no recollection of and wanted to know about, and she said it was slammed in a door….or caught in a piece of machinery…..or something…..she’s not sure what—but she ‘heard” two screams! Mine and “the adult” who was with me. Not my mother. Or my father. or a grandparent or a babysitter—an “adult”. She also said I was “under four years old”, which I already figured, and I had told her that was too young to remember. I wanted to know my age– six months? one? two? three? “Under four” was all she came up with.

    She’s a fraud, and I promise you, I don’t say that lightly. Or she was having a hella off day. But were it I in her shoes, had I been the real deal, I’d have said, you know, this is a real off day for me, clearly, so why don’t we reschedule this again for another day and let’s see if I can do a better job for you.

    There wasn’t a single insight or genuine validating piece of information that came through in an hour’s time, and more than one contradictory statement.

    And when the hour was up, and after all of those misses, I asked if she would answer ONE more question, to which she replied, “I have to go”, and, boom, she was gone. Two hundred and twenty five dollars richer.

    And I feel like a joke with my hopeful anticipation and my carefully thought-out list of questions.

    P.S. One thing Marisa said which made me very annoyed (and suspicious), was that one of the “spirits” who was trying to connect with me was showing her “guns” “and the word Sandy Brook or something like Sandy Hook which is where he lived, or you live………..” Well, I do live in Newtown, CT. where the Sandy Hook School children were murdered (something easily discovered by looking my unusual name up on the internet, along with my area code)—-but WHY would a so-called spirit come forth from the spirit world to tell me where I lived anyway? He’ll tell me where I live but not tell his own name? After receiving no positive feedback or recognition from me regarding the five spirit people who were so “eager” to talk to me, she pulled that out of her hat. WOW. An unknown male spirit (who, btw, loved me very much in a romantic sense) came forth from beyond to tell me I live in Sandy Hook–or he did.. It felt very much like she was grasping at straws.

    There is no such person from my past who has crossed over.

    Well, people, you be the judge. There is only one “psychic” have ever dealt with who I feel truly has psychic ability, and I’d hoped, through Marisa, to have some of the unknown things she’d told me validated. There were many known things that psychic did validate, which makes one pay much moe attention to things that can’t be validated. Only if two different, unconnected psychics give you matching information can you feel, well then, you’ve got something there!

  9. My one hour session with Marisa did not go well. “Spirits” came through whom neither she nor I could identify, with no real messages coming forth. An answer to a query about a childhood injury was so vague, and it differed from the answers I received from two other so-called psychics in the past. I was hoping for a consensus, but it looks like it’s not to be. In the hour’s time there wasn’t one significant thing she told me—not one—that impressed me as having the ring of truth. I don’t believe Marisa is especially gifted.

  10. What was the murder case and what town did it occur,what was the police dept you worked with there,…..mediums always like to claim they have solved murders but always leave the details out,

    1. I read a newspaper article about her. She said it was in Riverside County California and she claimed she never solved it she worked on the case with the police.


  11. I’ve had one session with Marisa. After hearing her interviewed on the radio, I contacted her and made an appointment for a half hour spirit communication session. Her insights were outstanding, and the whole experience was very validating and uplifting. I will more than likely book a reading with her again. She is top quality.

  12. I’ve had several readings with Marisa, after a friend told me about her, he interviewed her for an article. I was impressed with what she said in the interview, paid for a reading and was BLOWN AWAY. She knew nothing about me, asked how I got her name. Then with no questions from me, told me very personal info. and advice for 20 minutes (it would not have fit anyone else I know), then asked if I had questions. She is superb. Utterly superb.

  13. I foolishly paid for a reading. EVERYTHING she told me was information available from Google, Pipl, Ancestry, etc. She had a two week lead time to research me, and I did the same. She found ALL the same things I found about myself. When questioned about anything beyond this info, she claimed “my spirit guides wanted me to consult them myself”. I sent an email after requesting a refund and she did not reply. I have documented everything she “read” and where she obtained the info online. Shameful fraud. My bad!! Don’t make the same mistake. Just pray to God and save your money.

    1. I totally agree. I felt so violated after the reading. She was struggling and then all of a sudden starting reeling off names right in a row. It was SO obvious she was looking at face book after finding out a little more information on me during the reading.

      I was so disappointed and want people to know what a bad reading it was.

      I love having readings and have never felt like this before.

      I don’t recommend her.

      1. Hi I just recently booked an appointment with her.. this is the medium in California ? Same one ?

        1. Yes – I believe Marisa Ryan still is based in California 🙂 We’ve heard some really good things about Marisa, in addition to the less flattering reviews above – so please let us know how your appointment goes 🙂


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