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The newest addition to our psychic directory is medium “extraordinaire” George Anderson.  (and I use that word carefully……but Anderson does truly live up to the extraordinary tag, even in the realm where folks are claiming to be doing extraordinary things for a living)

If you’ve had a private reading with George Anderson and would like to share your experience, please leave a review under his listing on appropriate page.  And remember, as always, we’re looking for genuine opinions and reviews – good, bad or otherwise – as long as you are honest about your experience with ANY of the psychics, mediums, and spiritual teachers we write about, we want to hear your thoughts!

Check out how to make an appointment to speak to George Anderson below, and to leave your reviews and thoughts as well!

George does very few interviews anymore – and the chances of seeing him on a reality TV show are pretty darn small as well..;-)The good news?You can get a private appointment with George Anderson via both telephone and (as of this writing) in person, through his NY office.The bad news?George Anderson also happens to be one of the most expensive mediums on our directory as well – with rates starting at $1200 for single person readings.(although if you can afford it, and are truly seeking an extraordinary evidentiary experience with a world class medium who has the pedigree to back up his price , he’s definitely on the short list of who I’d want to see – with over 35000 readings to his credit, he’s also put in many decades of work to justify being selective about his services now.)

George Anderson Psychic Medium

  1. Well… I’ve had reading done by George and let me tell you. I believed in afterlife until that reading with him.
    Nothing he told me matched my life or people that have passed on. He was guessing and fishing for info that I would say yes to.
    And then just catching onto that information to broaden the conversation.
    He kept talking about names and relatives I have no clue about, and even the fact that they were ‘telling’ him things….until I mentioned that all of them were not speaking English in their earth life. Then suddenly he changed his stories to, “well is I hear different language I’ve never heard of…assuming I come from place I called from, but I grew up half the world away from where he thought I was from.

    I’m really not happy as I was preparing and saving up for this for a long time.

    1. Sorry you had a bad reading with George Anderson, Brenda! Strangely…..I was just talking to someone a few minutes ago about a George Anderson reading (two of my relatives went to see him the same day for separate readings – one walked out thinking he was a fraud – the other walked out thinking he was 100% amazing) – and a moment after our conversation, your review/comment appeared – which is sort of strange! 🙂 appreciate you sharing, and sorry your experience with him wasn’t better.

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