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Have you had a private reading with Chip Coffey? 

What were your thoughts?  Did you find him as engaging and entertaining in person as he is on TV?  One of the really interesting things that many people report when speaking to a celebrity or famous psychic or medium in person is that they often are FAR “nicer”, down to earth and much more “humble” in a more intimate setting, than they appear to be on TV. 

(I know in my own experience with various well known celebrity psychics that has certainly (and surprisingly) been my experience…..of course, there ARE notable exceptions that go the other way 😉

And being that Chip is known to be one of the more colorful and controversial psychic mediums in the TV world today, we are looking for any of our regular community of readers who’d like to share their review of their reading Chip Coffey, as that’s the sort of input that can be incredibly helpful to all. 

(of course this applies to ALL of those listed on our psychic directory section…the more ratings, reviews, and GENUINE feedback we get from our community, the more comfortable everyone is when investing our hard earned income on a reading)

Check out Chip’s directory listing below – and as always, your experiences are welcome!

Chip Coffey is also a published author, with his first book “Growing up Psychic” garnering a lot of media attention. (and mostly 5 star reviews on Amazon to boot..:-)Is Chip the blandest, most boring psychic listed on our blog? Absolutely not.Known as much for his direct, confrontational style as his cult TV following, he’s one of the most controversial and compelling public personalities in the psychic and spiritual niche.Love him or otherwise, as a spiritual medium, Chip Coffey is as memorable as they come, and his legions of loyal and committed fans and followers will be the first to remind you of that fact should you wish to opine otherwise..:-)

Chip Coffey

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