The “SECRET” Sucks! 3 NEW Rules for Manifesting Magic, Miracles and Meaning That REALLY Work

past life psychicsDoes the SECRET work…..or is it just a spiritual scam to rid gullible people of their hard earned income?

Can you REALLY manifest anything and everything your heart desires, or is that all just a bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness?

We get a lot of questions about the SECRET…..and because we have a lot of different psychics, mediums, empaths, spiritual teachers and clairvoyant coaches and consultants who are featured on our site, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are probably MANY different opinions about how (or if) spiritual strategies like “The Secret” work.

So certainly the article below isn’t going to reflect the opinions of everyone, but Michael Martin, the author and one of our featured advertisers shares his personal feelings on how the law of attraction, and other universal laws that are taught (often for a fee) are dubious, doomed to disappoint and often dangerous to boot.

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Enjoy!  (the full article Michael submitted is re-printed below)


I’m going to start this off with a quick confession……..

As a spiritual writer, publisher and explorer, nothing frustrates me more than reading sales pitches about “The Secret”, or the various modes and methods of manifesting that the GURUS like to “teach”.

Simply stated – the not so secret, secret…….ABOUT the “Secret” is that is doesn’t work.

(and if you look at the inside lives of most of the teachers and trainers who will tell you that it does, you would recognize that it’s all smoke, mirrors and hypocrisy, as most of these folks are worse off in private than their ideal audience is)

But before you accuse me of being a depressing kill joy……I want to give you 3 NEW rules for attracting abundance that DO work.

But rather than me telling you about them and asking for your trust……I want to challenge you to try them, and apply them, and watch your life transform in the process.

Here are the rules I want you to follow if you truly want to live a life that you love.

Rule #1:  Make Gratitude Your Guru

If you look at your life through the proper prism, and through the RIGHT perspective, you can be grateful for anything.  (and everything)  Even the biggest challenges can be seen as an opportunity to grow, evolve and transform your life for the better.  That difficult boss is giving you an opportunity to evolve into the person you are destined to be.  That problematic partner, or challenging child, is offering you an opportunity to flex your spiritual muscles in a way that you couldn’t get with a stress free life.  Even illness, when viewed through a creative and karmic lens, can be a beautiful gift…..and a spiritual stepping stone to what awaits us all when this life is done.

Looking at every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, and be grateful, IS the biggest spiritual lesson I’ve learned in my own life, and when I express gratitude to the universe for challenging me, it seems that something bigger, better and more beautiful is always offered in return.

Rule #2:  MEANINGFUL Manifestation versus “ME” Man

Simply stated, this is the biggest problem I have with the “Secret”.  Meaningful manifestation is that which offers abundance and opportunity for the maximum amount of people, through your actions and intention.  ME manifestation is usually about “my” (or your) wants, needs, desires and self serving outcomes.  If you focus on service, and manifesting as selflessly as possible, it’s amazing how much abundance comes BACK your way.  (even when you ask for very little of it for yourself)

Rule #3:  The REAL Secret to abundance is Jamai Vu

Jamai Vu is the idea of seeing every day, and every opportunity and every moment……through new eyes.  Most people are familiar with it’s opposite – “Deja Vu”, or feeling like you’ve seen or been or experienced something before.  Jamais Vu is seeing life freshly and always as if you were a child, seeing miracles manifest in front of your eyes.  Jamai Vu can transform your relationships with everything in the world around you…..from your love life, to your job, to even seeing the beauty in your own reflection in the mirror, and understanding your true self, as if you are looking at yourself for the very first time.

Of course this is a bit of a difficult concept to get across in a few short paragraphs, but I hope you try them all….especially #3, and watch your appreciation for life, and the quality of what you attract into it, exponentially improve life MAGIC, without even really trying at all!

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  1. When you’re thankful for what you’ve got, then you’ll get more. This works for many reasons. One reason is simply due to the principle of the law of attraction which states that the vibrations you’re sending out are the vibrations that you will receive.

    After all you did in fact manifest what’s currently in front of you. So be grateful! Your manifestation powers are working!

    Just be careful not to get in your own way and let your old lenses run the show. By not employing Jamai Vu, you can actually create profound resistance against your intentions.

    Manifestation Resistance is a very real and down-to-earth phenomenon and I talk practically and directly about it in my book Manifestation Resistance .

    It’s a short and quick read and it’s available as an ebook for only $4 if you’re interested.

    Blessings to all!

    Reviews appreciated!

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