Our newest addition to our famous psychic medium directory is Boston based spiritual teacher, Joanne Gerber. 

Joanne is an original, entertaining and occassionally an “offbeat” psychic who we’ve really enjoyed watching, and also has one of the more impressive lists of credentials and certifications from both the scientific and the spiritual communities alike.

If you’ve had a private or personal reading with Joanne Gerber, we’d love to hear about it!  As always, share your experience in the reviews/community comments.

Check out the whole listing for Joanne below.  Or, you can watch an entertaining video of Joann working with Rita Berkowitz, another one of our favorite New England Mediums as well!

Enjoy 🙂

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Joanne do live readings for a small audience, and am always impressed by her soft touch and entertaining approach to the whole idea of spirituality, karma and connection…and brings something very special to the table – an intangible but immediately likable quality that is hard to define – and unfortunately, difficult to discern in many other teachers, mediums, mentors and “spiritual gurus” that permeate this space.

Joanne Gerber

I had a thirty minute session with Joanne and overall, I feel that there may have been something to it.

Although predicting what lies ahead for someone as a medium is difficult, I’m sure. She made one VERY ACCURATE foreshadowing that she has my thanks for. At the time of my reading with her in 2018, my father’s leg was swelling a little and had been for a few weeks at that time. I had said nothing about it, and this is nothing that anyone outside of my mother and I knew of. This was a family secret. Within the first ten minutes of reading me, Joanne abruptly paused mid-sentence and said that there is something very wrong with my father’s leg and that it may be related to his heart. She insisted it was urgent. Well in fact a few days later Mom drove him to the ER and it was a fluid build-up and his heart was enlarged.

Thank you Joanne. Whether it was just you making something up or the real deal (not implying one over the other), I never forgot about it.

Aaron (review submitted on 9/28/2023)

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