Clairvoyant Readings – What You Need to Know

What are clairvoyant readings REALLY like?  How should I prepare?  Should I prepare……or should the reading be spontaneous and completely unplanned?  Is writing down questions in advance rude….or expected?  And do all clairvoyants believe the same things, or do each have their own habits, perspectives, vision and process for getting information? 

The truth is, (and maybe not suprisingly 🙂 there is more myth and misinformation about mediums, psychics and clairvoyant readings than just about ANY other type of spiritual service.

Believe it or not…many excellent clairvoyants don’t even know with 100% certainty how they get their information, or where it emanates from, or how intuition arises at all – they just KNOW that they have access to something special. 

Here is a good article below on some of the various best practices for preparing to see a clairvoyant, or any type of spiritual coach or counselor, along with some simple steps you can take to make sure your reading is as informative, inspirational and engaging as possible. 

The best advice that I believe is UNIVERSAL is always to prepare and prioritize, as Erin elaborates on a bit at the link following the short excerpt below! 

1. List out the various different areas of your life:CareerRelationshipsFamilyMoney/FinancesHealthSpiritualityHabits2. Decide on 1-2 high priority areasYou’re trying to prioritize and make the best use of your available time. Pick one or two areas that are most important for you to get clarity on. Most people will list career and relationships as their most important areas. This doesn’t mean you won’t get to ask questions in any other areas, but you want to make sure you get the most thorough information on the areas most important to you. If you’re booking a 45 or 60 minute reading, you’ll have time to asked detailed questions about multiple areas.3. Prepare 3-5 (or more) questions in each of the highest priority areas of your life.Build in some follow up questions too. For example, if one of your high priority areas is relationships, your list of questions may include the following:

Get the most out of your psychic reading. Ask the right questions.

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