Ever wonder if there was any real benefit to believing you are psychic? 

Or – whether people who DID believe in psychic abilities and paranormal style phenomena were actually helped or healed or “improved” by the idea that there is a plan or purpose or karma to our lives?

The truth is, many of the skeptics and cynics and debunkers I will talk to (some of whom, by the way…i LIKE very much!) will tell me that not only do they NOT believe in psychic or spiritual realities of any kind, but that there is no benefit, or no upside for anyone who does. 

The good news for those of us who look at life a wee bit differently?

The evidence clearly supports that people who believe in god (however that is defined) and some sort of karmic connection to the universe and the people around us, are far more likely to be happy, optimistic, and most importanlty….feel a sense of calm and control over the events in our lives.  (even those things for which we don’t have much control)

Even more interesting? 

People who actually believe they themselves may be psychic, also tend to feel like they can shape, mold and influence our futures in ways that people who are skeptical or a bit more cynical simply don’t. 

Check out the interesting article below for a few more tidbits about some recent research into psychic abilities and the people who believe….versus those who don’t.  (or share your OWN experiences in the community comments section below!)

Researchers had one group of participants read a paragraph stating that scientists had found evidence supporting the existence of precognition and another group of participants read a related paper that goes against those findings.Afterwards, participants were asked to fill out surveys. The study revealed that people who read the paper confirming the ability to predict the future agreed more strongly with statements like “I am in control of my own life”, “My life is determined by my own actions” and “I am able to live my life how I wish” than the group who read a paper denying the ability to predict the future.

A second experiment, participants who were made to feel a loss of control and then asked to read the same paragraphs reported feeling an increased sense of control after reading about the existence of precognition, but not when they read that it did not exist.However, those who were made to feel more in control of their lives before reading and filling out surveys reported no differences in their subsequent sense of control.Researchers said the latest findings suggest that psychic predictability can provide people with a compensatory boost in perceived control.

Belief in Psychic Abilities Increases Sense of Control : Mental Health : Counsel & Heal

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