Question:  Who are your favorite LOCAL  psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, spiritual life coaches or PURPOSE professionals that aren’t listed on our directory?  Tell us about them!

Our goal is to empower our audience with the best information and education when it comes to picking a psychic or medium.

We want to create the biggest, best and most comprehensive FREE directory of genuine people of passion and purpose who truly feel a need to wake up the world with their work.  Use our contact form above to let us know about any good psychics in YOUR community……or simply refer readers your know and love to contact us – and fill out their information.

Today’s newest addition is Lisa Bousson – a well known medium in Michigan who we were referred to check out via Youtube by one of her clients….earlier today.    Check out her full listing below, as well as one of several demonstration readings we found that were quite interesting as well.

And as always, if you’ve had a psychic reading with Lisa Bousson or any other of the mediums we feature on our directory, please share your experience with the rest of the community, so that folks can be confident about what to expect when they see the same reader as you!

Enjoy….and again, feel free to share your favorite psychics with us – 24 hours a day via the contact form, email or community comments below.

Lisa Bousson provides a number of unique and innovative psychic, energetic and spiritual counseling services and has shared her gift with thousands of people around the globe through her radio shows, her books and her private readings. “As a medium, I am honored to witness the bond of love, heartfelt, compassion, and healing energy, from spirit to their loved ones here on Earth. Our loved ones in spirit want to talk to us as much as we want to talk with them,” Bousson states.

Lisa Bousson Psychic Medium

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