Has anyone had a reading with Marisa Ryan?

marisa ryan psychic mediumsIf you have….please share your experience in her new listing just added below!  We came across Marisa Ryan’s highly touted psychic abilities via a documentary on the afterlife (The Life After Death Project) and a follow up interview one of the movie’s producers did today on Hay House radio….describing some of the very cool things that Marisa was able to do in describing the unpublished details of a very gruesome crime.  (details she claimed she received, unexpectedly….after being visited by the murder victim in a dream)

Check out Marisa’s listing below – and as with ALL of the psychics, mediums, clairovyants and spiritual professionals we feature, if you’ve had an experience or a reading with her, we’d love to know what you thought!

Marisa Ryan is a psychic medium who has recently been featured in the highly rated (and quite amazing and very highly recommended) documentary “The Life After Death Project”. Her psychic and spiritual transformation was precipitated by the loss of several close family members within a very short time frame (several days) and facilitated a whole host of incredible insights and abilities that you have to read about to believe. (including, in , in September 2002 – a highly evidential experience as a psychic detective, where Marisa provided information to a local police department after being visited by the victim of a murder and given highly specific information about the crime)

Marisa Ryan Psychic Medium