What is the very best way to pick a psychic?

What are the most important factors that go into choosing a reader you are comfortable with? Is it how well known they are? How famous……or how much fun they seem to be? Or what about track record? Does a psychic, or clairvoyants record for accurately predicting future events portend to how good they are going to be for YOU?

What about cost?

Are the BEST psychics the most expensive…..or is the correlation between cost and the quality of a reading NOT something that you should even consider?

The funny thing is, many people have a lot of issues when trying to select a psychic. Some will spend days, weeks and even MONTHS trying to locate the ONE reader that is uniquely suited to their needs. Others will go from reading to reading, HOPING to hear something that they really want to hear – e.g. – your husband isn’t cheating, your daughter is going to Harvard and your future looks filled with so much fantastic fortune that it’s hard to believe…;-)

The key is, as someone who has spent a lifetime being not only fascintated by all things psychic and spiritual and has had an incredible amount of experiences – both incredibly INSPIRING as well as downright dubious and disappointing and everything in between – the KEY is YOU.

  1. The cost that is MOST comfortable for YOU – and not the celebrity on TV.
  2. The questions that YOU want answered….and not the medium who just does “data dumps” of what THEY see, without consideration for what you really came to learn.
  3. The preparation is on YOU, too…..as the best readings I’ve gotten have been the ones where I’ve not only prepared, but have written down things in advance, asked for alittle bit of “invisible” guidance from whatever lies beyond….and then set an intention to get the information, and inspiration that I truly needed at the time.
  4. So DO do your due dillegence. But DON’T spend months looking for the perfect psychic, or reading a zillion reviews or jumping from forum to forum, friend to friend, looking for that one amazing referal or experience that’s going to tranform your life.

Instead, it should ALL be a joyful journey of awakening and discovery – and THAT is what makes picking this path so much fun!

For some other ideas on picking a psychic, check out some additional articles at the link below, or simply browse some of our own listings and find someone who is PERFECT for YOU!

A good psychic reading is not so much about someone predicting what will happen in your future. Your future changes with each choice you make. Rather, a reading is more often about identifying things you may be missing in your current situation and discovering what changes or choices you can make to bring toward you the future you choose.

Should I ask Vague Questions to Test the Reader?Please don’t.

I understand that people think “Stump the Psychic” is the acid test for deciding if you’re dealing with a gifted a reader, but it is not the best way to get a good reading. My guides prefer to be asked questions. They say it is because the question itself grants permission to give the answer. Also if you are vague about what you want from a reading, you may find that what you receive is equally vague. Usually, the clearer your intention when coming to a reader; the better your result.

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