Believe it or not, some of the most common and compelling cases of reincarnation type memories are found in small children. 

In addition, many of those children remember lives that were cut short suddenly….usually by some sort of traumatic accident or violent incident.  The University of Virginia (work started by the late Dr. Ian Stevenson) is doing some AMAZING and incredible work on past life memories that will make even some of the most hardened skeptics think twice. 

(Carl Sagan, the brilliant astronomer and skeptic of ALL things paranormal, once said that past life memories in small children, especially citing the work of Dr. Stevenson, provided some of the best evidence for the “paranormal” that he had come across, and was open minded to their meaning..:-)

Check out the good article below on what to do if your child has past life memories – or share your OWN experiences with us in the community comments section below!  Enjoy 🙂

According to Dr. Jim Tucker, the medical director of the University of Virginia’s Child and Family Psychiatry Clinic, approximately 70% of child past life cases are those of people who died of unnatural causes, i.e. trauma. Therefore, a child going through past life memories is quite likely to recall traumatic details of their previous existences, which should be treated delicately by the authority figures in their present lives. Forcing punishment for speaking about it has the potential to cause psychiatric damage. Many adults who were not supported as children in their experiences grow up to spend significant time taking medications for anxiety and depression.

Does Your Child Have Past Life Memories? @ Paranormal Research Society

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