Psychic Siblings. And (Law) Suits! James Van Praagh sues his sis for use of the family’s good name 

File this in our psychic news category…:-)

According to this article in the NY Daily post, not only is James Van Praagh sister ALSO psychic, she decided to go back in time and use her maiden name for selling her psychic and spiritual services as well. 

Is that a big no-no…..or just an entrepreneuerial sis trying to cash in a bit on her brothers famous name and totally fair game?

You can check out the full scoop at the article following the short excerpt below!  Enjoy 🙂 

It is unclear whether that gift extends to her spouse, who is dead. Lynn did not return calls.It’s also unclear what value the Van Praagh name still has. James’ reputation took a hit in 2008 when Barbara Walters debunked his claim she suffered from a blood disorder. Walters submitted to a blood test and announced on “The View” the result was normal.But Van Praagh is best known for “Ghost Whisperer,” a TV drama starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a character who talked to ghosts. The show ran for five seasons on CBS.It bolstered Van Praagh’s claim to be a mentalist who can talk to dead people. He’s written books, speaks at seminars and has appeared on talk shows such as “Oprah,” “Larry King Live,” and “Dr. Phil.”He is seeking monetary damages.

Psychic James Van Praagh battles his sis for use of the family’s good name  – NY Daily News

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