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Want a list of some of the most famous and well known psychics and mediums in New York?

We’ve GOT those…:-)

Want some even more unqiue types of psychics, healers and emotional intuitive’s working in the 5 boroughs?

What about Christine Argo, pet psychic extraordinaire, who has an elite level clientele list of some of the most well heeled (no pun intended..;-) debutantes and celebrities in Manhattan.

Looking for a psychic or spiritual bonding with your favorite feline or a clairvoyant connection with your canine?

Check out the short article below for more on Argo’s psychic readings for pets ….and some of what other New Yorkers have to say about her unique ability to tap into the emotional energy of those who can’t “speak” in a conventional sense!

When Ms. Agro moved to New York to join a boyfriend in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, a few weeks later, she had barely unloaded her Jeep when she noticed a familiar face coming down the street: It was that same yoga student, who, it turned out, worked most of the time as a dog walker for the famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber.Some New Yorkers would call it a coincidence; others would call it standard-issue happenstance for Cobble Hill, where yoga instructors and photographers’ assistants probably cross paths 14 times daily. Because Ms. Agro is also a trained clairvoyant natural healer — and yes, that’s what she puts down as her profession on her son’s preschool applications — she calls it kismet.Before moving to New York City, Ms. Agro had just started, at her clients’ requests, doing readings for their most mysterious loved ones, their pets. Upon arriving, she started focusing specifically on that niche for Mr. Weber, working regularly with him and his wife to help them understand their passel of dogs.

In Brooklyn, a Psychic for the Famous, or Rather, for Their Pets – New York Times

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