Cheap Psychic Readings

cheap psychic readings

What should you expect from a cheap psychic reading?

Does cheap mean cheesy……or can you REALLY get quality clairvoyant or spiritual advice for a great price if you know where to look?

Many of the psychics and mediums we write about, review and rate on our directory are NOT conventionally considered cheap.  As a matter of fact, some of the more famous celebrity psychics and mediums we publish on these pages are amongst the most expensive, and some may say outrageously expensive readings in the world.  (a byproduct of fame and acclaim in spiritual circles certainly is higher rates which increasingly (and ironically) only make many mediums available to the priveleged few)

But – on the other side of the street, many of the cheaper psychics out there are so incredibly CHEESY and embarrassingly inauthentic that it’s tough to discern which way to go.  (or which way to pay 🙂

My best advice comes from the Buddhist piece of my background..:-)

Find the middle way.

There are many phone psychic services, for example….that we’ve had great luck recommending that are honest, accurate and affordable for all.

At the same time, there are many ads and offers out there for “100% free readings” that are only thinly veiled bait and switch style offers that are doomed to disappoint.  (and guaranteed to NOT be free, once you’ve finished the call)

Balance GOOD sense……and a healthy sense of skepticism for any  offer that sounds too good to be true, with an optimistic helping of HOPE, that there are many legitimate readers out there who are affordable for any budget, and who are happy to help you, and accomodate your needs, regardless of how much, or how little you have to pay.  (and they RARELY have big, garish flashing banners that promise “totally FREE”, just to get you to call in)

What has your experience been like with inexpensive psychic readings?

Feel free to tell us about it on Twitter…..or browse through our listings of world class psychics, mediums and spiritual advisors for EVERY budget, even yours 🙂

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