Long Island Medium Appointments – How to Get a Private Reading With Theresa Caputo

Q:  How much does it cost to make an appointment with the Long Island Medium?

theresa caputo readingsDoes she do private readings for the public?  And if so… much are they?

What about buying tickets to see Theresa Caputo in a group setting?  Is this LESS expensive…and if so, how much should I expect to pay?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  We obviously get a ton of questions about Theresa Caputo, both from the standpoint of how accurate or legitimate we believe her to be, as well as of course, what you should expect to pay if you want to see her in person, either privately……or in a small group setting.


Like all celebrity psychics and mediums at the very pinnacle of their pouplarity, Theresa Caputo seems to have a long waiting list for private readings but DOES seem to be on the road quite a bit for small group demonstrations, and the prices for these sessions is quite affordable relatively speaking.  (between $39-$100 for tickets….as per her blog post below)

It also seems like, (again…..per the blog post below) that many third party vendors are “scalping” tickets to her local events, causing a bit of confusion amongst her fans, friends and followers, especially in the social media communities where she remains very popular.

Your best bet if you want to see Theresa Caputo in person?

The truth is, the absolute BEST way to find out her prices, and availability, is to simply visit her web site directly right here. 

Is it easy to make a private appointment with Theresa Caputo?

No, it’s not.  And that shouldn’t be surprising, considering she is not only the most eagerly sought out medium in the world today, she’s also amongst the most busy as well.  (many of our readers have told us privately they’ve left numerous messages, comments and email requests for a “call back” from TC’s management team, and have never heard back……which is unfortunate, but not all that unexpected when reaching out to someone so much in demand)

Do note of course…..that just because Theresa Caputo is the worlds most FAMOUS medium, doesn’t mean that she’s the best!  There are many world class psychics, mediums and spirit intermediaries who are as good, or in my view…..even better than the Long Island Medium, and who are far easier to see or speak to as well.  (For MY money, Gordon Smith, the UK medium known as the “Psychic Barber” is probably the most impressive evidential medium I’ve ever seen in person – and we’ve seen just about all of them 🙂

  1. Theresa Caputo Events & Appointments

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For more on Theresa Caputo and her private readings and appearances…….check out her EVENTS page below – and/or use the contact information provided on her own web page to inquire about private readings, should that be what you’re looking for.  (you can check out both at the link, following the short announcement/excerpt below 🙂

For more on the Long Island Medium, continue reading at the link below!

Hi everyone! It has come to my attention that tickets are being bought and sold through third party sites that are charging ridiculous prices and making false promises. We do everything in our power to try to prevent this, but this is something that I have no control over. It’s extremely upsetting to me that these sites are taking advantage of my fans. The only way to avoid this is to go the EVENT PAGE. The page has all the most current and up to date information with all links to all venues. You will see that tickets to the Live Experience start at $39.00 with the most expensive ticket being in the $100.00 range depending on the venue. I try to keep prices affordable so that tickets can be accessible to all. SO PLEASE ONLY PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH MY WEBSITE OR THROUGH THE VENUES BOX OFFICE.


    1. Susan Schmidt

      I would like to do a private reading (or my roommate) and I can’t find it Either. We live in Arizona and coming here during their winter would be perfect. I’m sure we would have plane tickets and hotel to pay for if she would even com out here, I will post if I find out and visa versa……..She is so awesome…..

    1. Hi Richard – so sorry to hear about your brother..:-( Please note that we are not affiliated directly with many of the mediums we write about on our blog – (for example – the Long Island Medium) to get a reading you’d have to contact her directly – or visit the links provided in the article to learn how! (the link above takes you right to her site where you can leave a request, or check appearances, etc) Other mediums that actually list their services on our directory we are able to help you speak to – use our contact page if you’d like a few recommendations and I’m happy to help point you in the right direction!

      1. Louisa Morgan

        I am interested in getting a reading done by Theresa or someone as good as her, even if over the phone. I had a reading done recently over the phone, but was very disappointed in it. It was very pricey and disappointing to say the least. I wanted to hear from my mom and this person kept bringing in other spirits into the reading. People or relatives I hardly knew. He (the medium) did not give me much info on my mom or messages from her. I hope u no someone better or as good as Theresa Caputo.

    1. Hi Randi – you have to check on the LI medium webpage for that sort of stuff….remember, we are just a directory and blog for listing and reviewing spiritual professionals by and for the public – and in most cases (as with your question) we have no involvement with the bookings that are handled on separate sites. Why not visit the link provided above – and simply post the same question – or email the adminstrator of her site to inquire – I’m sure someone can help you! (I wish I could….but unfortunately, can’t!) Good luck:-)

  1. Tammy

    I would like to have a private reading with Theresa. I need to get answers or hear from my family members that has passed.

    1. janet gray

      would love to have a private with my niece–you will be in my town i think in march–toledo-ohio–no where does it give you prices , options. possibilities!!! please let me know If there is some possibility!!! love you!!! you are the best!!

  2. Michelle morris

    My fiance died almost five years ago and I need closure and hv questions. We hv a young son together and he would like to meet you

  3. My grandson is 9yrs old. In june he went to New Jersey to spend 2wks with his Dad. We his grandparents took him up. After 5 days nhis Dad died in his sleep while my grandson was sleeping next to him. This little boy is lost and confused and wonders why his Dad never asked him for help since we found him sitting up. Shane has watched Long Island medium and loves the show. After the funeral he asked me could I see Tereasa and maybe he can find out about his Dad. He was Shanes world. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dottie – so sorry to hear about your loss – please use the link above that goes to TC’s website to learn how to make a private appointment – or to go to one of their events – as we don’t do that here on this blog – and are unaffiliated with her website for those purposes! (I’m sure if you leave the message above in their contact page – someone will get back to you with the specific information you need) Thanks once again for visiting – and we wish you and Shane lots of hope and healing in the future!

  4. Alicia

    Hi girl.. okay so my husband is an amazing man and father!!! His mother died from alcoholic abuse from such a young age. He misses her like crazy and I want him to know she is at peace because of course he misses her and longs for closure. Please come see us Minnesota and do a group reading.. I love u and are amazing …

    1. Hi Tasha – so sorry to hear about your Mom 🙁 Remember to leave messages for individual psychics or mediums on THEIR sites – i.e. – for most of the psychics and mediums we write about and or recommend, we provide links directly to their sites to contact them directly – in this case – simply use the link in the article above to get in touch with the Long Island medium via her own contact page (if that’s who you are interested in) or simply look through the directory for others by city and state and contact them via the links we provide as well – e.g. – to their websites and or social media pages, etc! 🙂 Often times people leave US messages for specific psychics – and unfortunately, unless they are folks we know well personally or professionally – they probably won’t get them – and I don’t want you to be disappointed – so try the above – and I hope you get the help, hope and healing that you seek.

  5. Amy

    Has anyone checked out Sandiee. She seems reasonable in price. She was really spit on with my grandmother who died and other things.

  6. Thomas Heinlein

    Hi my wife’s dad passed away almost 10 years ago. To make a long story short, she was told that her dad was okay for a few weeks. She went with her friend on a weekend trip and her dad passed away. She has had to live with this since she never got to say her last goodbye’s. Can you help.
    Thank you,
    A loving husband

  7. christine secondo

    Been on waiting list since my brain surgery jan 2012…no repllies when requesting in need esp. due to poor health….please check for me..tu

  8. My mother and brother saw you in Wilkes Barre on August 18,2013. When they said your name and you came out it brought tears to my eyes. So amazing just to see you. I think I clapped the hardest. You looked so good! That red dress was awesome and I could see right away that you lost weight. Oh and them shoes I was half way back and I wanted them even though I could never walk in them. You were amazing! My mother thought half way through that something you said sounded like it belonged to us. She tells everyone she believes and so very much wants to come see you and hear from you about it. It’s going to bother her till we get to see you. I just wanted to tell you how so amazed I was to come see you and I hope we can come see you again in person one day soon. Just something we need to do very badly as Im sure everyone else does too. So this is my reply to you asking for a private reading. Please consider me for an appointment, the sooner the better. Thank You and I cant wait to come see you again. JULIE HANDWERK

  9. Roberta L. Reppert

    Would love a private reading at your convenience I know you are in demand but I have patience to wait till you are available so please consider me sometime I lost my husband in January would love hear if we could connect Thank you and God Bless

  10. Patricia Bagley

    I would love to meet you. I don’t know if I could have the money to go to you. Or have the money to pay for a reading from you. I’m in Columbus, GA. I don’t know what to do.

  11. There has been a lot happen in my life especially the last few years. I desperately need some closure and peace from these things. I would be greatly blessed if I could receive a reading from you whether it be by phone or traveling to you or whatever it takes. please let me know if this is possible. I watch your program all the time and absolutely believe you do connect with the spiritual side.! I even saw you on dr. oz. my phone number is (moderator removed). my address is (moderator removed). It would be a great relief if I could meet with you or even talk with you by phone. I.m desperate to receive some insight …. thank you for your consideration. god bless you and your family. blessings susan ensminger.

    1. Hey all – thanks for the messages and comments – keep them coming! BUT – please don’t leave your personal contact information (phone and address for example) in the comments section….as you don’t want that sort of stuff posted online. (as there are all sorts of odd ways “spammers” will abuse that information – plus it’s not safe practice in general) AND – per the other references above – if you want to leave a direct message for Theresa Caputo – please do that on her site – as she isn’t going to read them on ours! 🙂

  12. Marietta LaFrancois

    I am Mariettas daughter. I am a specitic but my mother believes that my grandmother is in this house. We live in NC but if you coulds suprise her ….Omg she would be so happy . My email is smith.marlow@yahoo so if you could sqeeze us into your very busy schedule it would be greatly appriciated. Let your spirits guide you to us. Be and stay blessed. address is (moderator removed)

    1. Hey all – thanks for the messages and comments – keep them coming! BUT – please don’t leave your personal contact information (phone and address for example) in the comments section….as you don’t want that sort of stuff posted online. (as there are all sorts of odd ways “spammers” will abuse that information – plus it’s not safe practice in general) AND – per the other references above – if you want to leave a direct message for Theresa Caputo – please do that on her site – as she isn’t going to read them on ours! 🙂

  13. Cynthia Fisher

    I see Teresa, just how busy you are and I admire you to keep your energy going to help people I Watch your show and being a native New Yorker, I really think your so funny and the real thing. I have a best friend that lives in Northport, LI, NY. and I was wondering if I could get a reading for the two of us together. She lost her husband 5 years ago and he is my husbands 1st cousin, since that has happened, we have grown apart because of so many thing its difficult to put to words. I miss her. and yet I have a voice to let go of her. I myself have seen much loss over the last two years. I know I’m probably dreaming, but to see you with her would be a dream come true. Please contact me if it is possible. If not, may God Bless you. Cynthia Fisher

  14. Michelle

    I would love to.hear bk from theresa from the t.v show long island truely a,fan of urs….i would for her to do a private reading or just a reading..were not sure how my dad passed away while he playing in his tourment..he was in alot of pool tourments and he loved it ..i need answers dad passing..can.u.please help me.. Thanks Michelle in.Ohio..

  15. donna

    Thersa, you scare and astonish me at the same time. I understand how over run you are with requests for help or a reading, and I will understand if you can not do anything to assist me. I have so many problems that I don’t know where to start. Was born illegitamate in 1954- grew up with my grandparents, my aunt and her 2 sons and my mother and her son, from her first marriage. I grew up thinking I had 3 brothers, until my aunt remarried, moved out with her sons. Then my mom remarried and we moved into a house, directly behind my aunt with her 2 sons. As years passed we all grew away from one another, with new friends.Cutting to the chase, I am the youngest, but I am always the first one to “discover” a problem, in one of their lives, that they are not aware of- example- my ex sister in law, doing the mailman. Say what. I told my mother that I had “caught” the sister in law, with the mailman, in the parking lot at a mexican restaurant that I used to go to. Unpleasant situation- really unpleasant. I told my mother who told me not to say anything. She said that she would take care of it. Well, 3 months down the line, we were at granny’s house and almost everyone was there and my brother and I got into an arguement about his soon to be ex wife, and I said at least I’m not married to the mailman’s usual resting spot- your bed. fireworks erupted and things got really ugly and nothing has been right since. My brother hates me so much we have a legal and binding agreement never to contact one another under any circumstances, and since he’s done that, another problem arose. I helped my cousin get out of having to do 9 years probation, in Missouri and helped to get him transferred back home, to Rochester, NY to do his probation, so he would be near his children. I told him he could have my mom’s truck if, when he was back on his feet, he would give me $1500 for the Silverado. Well, he promised, via the phone, has never paid me to this day, but he doesn’t accept me either. The only one left, of this “family” that I know and grew up with and around is my grandmother’s neice, Mabel, who is 87 years old and lives in Brockport, NY. MY mom died after an abdominal anyurism rupture after she helped push a brand newly delivered riding lawnmower, was just delivered- delivery guy was still there and refused to help us push the lawnmower up the driveway. Yes, I contacted Lowe’s. Well, no one except Mabel speaks to me. I am very much alone in Inverness(In-a-mess) florida, except for a friend who is a hugh help with guy things that I am not able to do. I am physically disabled and I will be going back to the ortho doctor 9-12-13 to find out about my left foot. I had surgery and metal for my broken collar bone, last November, for my birthaday, this year, I had a complete knee replacement-surgery was DONE on my birthday. Anyway- I bet you could spend days with me so the otherside people that have something to say to me or tell me, would be able to. If you ever get a chance or you become curious about me, my life and all the people on the other side, that I know- please, contact me. I really need to know why all this is occurring to me- it’s almost as though this life was prearranged for me to be alone again, naturally, and I’m struggling- which I will deal with. It’s a terrible feeling when you fill out paper work and when you are asked WHO TO NOTIFY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY- I have no one to put down, because no one in my family happen to care. Keep doing what you are doing and i commend you on all your efforts. Take care and if possible, email me back. Thanks alot for your time and consideration in this matter and thank you ever so much for listening. donna rowe

  16. Merrissa Givens

    Teresa I really need a lot of closure in my life!! I lost my mom at a very young age and was told that she was murdered by her husband at the time she deceased!!!! I am 37 and never have met my biological father:( I was just curious as if u could possibly help me if so plz let me know how I can possibly get to have the honor to meet u?

    1. Hi Merrissa!

      Really sorry to hear about your mom…:-( I know that recovering from that sort of loss can be a very lengthy process. To get in touch with TC directly, please visit her site directly – as the chances of her seeing your comment (and responding!) to it on our site is remote – we are simply a community site where ALL the best psychics/mediums/spiritual teachers can be rated, reviewed and experiences can be shared – but while many of the mediums listed DO stop by and personally read the comments – many others do not – and I don’t want you to be disappointed if you don’t hear back via your comment here.

      Feel free to contact us if we can help you in any way – and Theresa’s website link is in the post above – just click it – and use her contact form when you arrive at her site – and hopefully she or her staff will be in touch!



  17. Sharon Robbins

    Hi Theresa hope you and your family are well. I have followed you on your tv show since you started I think your am amazing woman.

    I have been going through a very tough time lately. I think you could help me on so many levels, and would really like a private meeting, however if a family group meeting works better for you that’s good too. As I live north east of Toronto I don’t know if you would come here but we are willing to come to you.
    Thank you darling. Sharon.

  18. Marie K

    Dear Theresa I have lost alot recently & really need help. I would love to get on your waiting list. It would help my family & me get thru this sorrowful time. Thank you.

  19. Diane Flores

    Teresa, I would like to have a reading with you. My present husband departed in Jan 2013, 8 months ago, He and I found each other in 1984 when we were both in our 40’s and I have never felt so loved, protected and cared for in my whole life until I met him. Now I have never felt so alone in my life as I do now. For an instant I thought I saw him twice, once out on my balcony the night of my birthday and once coming into the dining room on his birthday, I am not angry that he passed because he was quite ill. I just feel so alone and lost without him, and would like you to reach out and channel him for me if possible.

    I now am living in Colorado Springs Co, Perhaps we can meet while you are on a tour or I can fly out to meet you. I thank you so much for your time.

    God Bless,

  20. ellen

    Would love to schedule a reading with you and my 3 sisters. If we got tickets for your show in AC what are the chances we would get a reading then?

  21. Doris vachon

    Hi I would like to know how much it’s cost to have a reading with Theresa my mom and dad pass and there in my heart all the time and I have no sibling just my husband Thanks doris

  22. sandra slaven

    I love watching your show, I want to know if you do phone or email readings and how much do they cost, do you take credit cards? which ones? I hope to hear from you and someday I hope to meet you maybe at a convention or public event somewhere in ky.

  23. This is unusual for me to ask for an appointment but I feel comfortable with you from what I’ve seen. I am an anxious person like you I think that’s why feel comfortable !

  24. wney gillespie

    does Teresa every come to Canada to do private readings. I live in the Western part of the country and would like to know or would I have to go to her. How long is the waiting list. I lost my mother and have so many issues I would like to address.
    If not do you know any good mediums in Canada
    Reply please

    1. Hi there – thanks very much for the comment – sorry to hear about your mom..:-( As far as Theresa Caputo’s schedule for appearances or private readings, your best bet would be to check her site, or social media pages directly, as that would be a much better indicator of where she travels and when, and how long you will have to wait to get an appointment as well. (things we simply cant ‘answer accurately) As far as good mediums in Canada, we do know of a few that are very good – Chris Stillar is a medium we have listed here on our directory who several people here have seen and really were impressed with – there are others as well who I’ve heard are very good evidential mediums/spiritual psychics who are in Toronto and Montreal who I have no personal experience with – but have been told by others are well worth checking out. Chris Stillar has a bunch of videos on youtube you can watch – (and his contact info can be found under “Canadian Mediums” on our site) and there are 2 or 3 other psychics in Canada who have really active social media presences where you can get a feel for their personality and presentation – I would start there! (let us know if you find someone good and think they should be included here as well – we have a backlog of psychics to add – only so many hours in the day! 🙂

  25. Babette DelaRaga

    Wow I really hope you read these, um watch all your episodes of where the spirit comes to you, how amazing,a lot of people have passed not only family, friends, neighbors live Atlantic beach Florida, been here 22 years and wow in that time my neighbor across my street committed suicide in the shed, years ago then Ralph moved in he ran his motorcycle off the heart bridge in jacksonville,,then my neighbor next to me on the right June passed was my old boss, knew her well 6 months later husband of 65 died this only son Harold just stays shut up in the house, he is 24, and back in 94 man affixiated him self in the garage with the car running. And the neighbor next to me on the left died right before they were to husband from the phillipines never knew his parents father killed in war, mother grieved herself to death. Grandmother raised him. My coworker Joanne just lost her son, he was 19 and was killed walking on the side walk going to work, a kid lost control of their jeep,hit and dragged his body til he hit a tree killed him, the boy driving is still walking around, my mom passed and father 6 months of each other the list goes on, surprised my mom hasn’t bugged you to come to Florida, she had spiritual stuff happen little paranormal but wow if I could ever get to meet you would be a blessing. Thank you for letting email you , how do I get on the list. Babette DelaRaga

  26. Vicky Penney.

    Where to begin… 1968 our mother died of breast cancer. There were 3girls ages 13; 11; 9 and a little brother at 7 yrs old. Left behind. My father was 36yrs old and lost and crushed. She passed away on May 7 1968. That summer we were all split up among relatives until September and school started. Prior to my mother passing away she asked me to take take of my little sister joann. That summer joann was sent to live alone with my aunt mary and uncle frank. Loving people but never had children plus there was a large age difference joann was 13 my aunts were around70’s. Ny aunts home was next to the house that dad was building for us but moms early passing resulted us moving in before it was finished. The girls slept on a mattress and my father an young brother slept on the floor. We survived but I just became aware of how lonely my youngest sister joann is still to this day for my mother and hates my father. She would see his car and walk across the fries go into the house and sit down on the bed next to my father . When he would wake up he was startled and yield at her and brought her to tears. All she said she wanted a hug and told that everything will be alright. She is a loving mother o two girls but sher has overcompensated for her not having a mother. The children are approv 23 and 24. The oldest got preternatural to a young man she only knew for approx 2/3months he is now in the marines and the have a little boy with a heart defect. If my sister could get any thing from my mother or even father she would renewed.. She has repented lost her job of 28years therefor resulting in her family having 0 health
    Benefits. If we could somehow see you in dc I would be forever thankful. Thanks ab god bless

    1. Hi Vicky –

      Thanks so much for your comments – please use the link above to leave a specific message for Theresa Caputo (or any of the psychics or mediums on our site) as the above article, and the community comments section is not a place where the folks who are listed on the directory, or mentioned in the blog (as in this post about the long island medium) check for feedback! We mentioned this a number of times above….and don’t want anyone to be let down or disappointed when they don’t hear back from their medium of choice. (we are an independent directory of psychics and mediums and spiritual workers with an active community and blog – but we don’t actually “book” appointments – or forward comments – there ARE 2 links above in the blog post that will take you directly to TC’s webpage where you CAN get directly in contact with her, for scheduling, tickets and so forth.)

      Thanks so very much for sharing and we wish you the best with your reading!

  27. Deeanna Marriott

    I need to make an appointment but having difficulty finding where to do that, Please, please, please do a reading for me. I desperatly need to hear from my loved ones. I live in CA. and do anything to have that reading from you.
    Thank You So Much,
    Deeanna Marriott

  28. louise morris

    I would like very much to get a reading, from you, I lost my son in 1999 souden,, Iwouldto see if he wouldcome througt.I really need to hear from him. How can I get an a appt.with you.

  29. carolyn brunette

    I would like to know if I can have a reading from Theresa. Want to know especially about my daughter and my husband and myself and what is going to happen. Thank you God Bless

  30. Lisa

    Would love a private reading for my family .y son died and my husband and children can’t move on. Their is so much guilt due to his death. As a mother I don’t think my husband and three other children will ever be ok! I even worry about them living there lives to the fullest I feel they will never really be happy again.



  32. Rebecca Hill

    How much would the cost be for Theresa to come to kansas to do a private reading for my sister & I . My sister is unable to travel due to the severe injury to her tibia that required 2 plates, 23 screws, & a very large bone graph.

  33. Carol suthers

    Am almost finished with , “there,s More To Life Than This” and love, love it.
    I am so concerned that my grandson thinks he is an athiest and hope and pray he can be shown God,
    By my husband , who is in heaven.
    The book is excellent….a must read.

  34. Terry L. Stancil

    Dear Teresa,

    My name is Terry and I would like to know how to get in touch with you. I am desperate to know if my brother’s murder was an accident of deliberate and is he at peace. I don’t have much money but would come to you so you can read for me. Sincerely Terry Stancil

  35. alice pavia

    do not care how much it costs , need to make sure my loved ones are okay
    need to know what really happen to caused the death of MY LOVED ONE

  36. Bonnie Parker

    I would like to hear from my grandfather who committed suicide when I was very young and I would like to also hear from my ex-fiance who died approx. 7 years ago to see if he forgives me and still loves me, etc. Thanks.


  37. Melissa Neuffer

    Hello Theresa,
    I’m writing because I and my daughter love you and think you can help us heal from my mom’s death. She passed 2 years ago in November. I am her only child and the last 5 years of her life she lived with us. We took care of her while she was dying. Now it is something we can’t move past, along with a few others who where like her children! She adored you and believed very much, if there is a way to help, I’m all for it!! Not just me bit for my daughter as well!! Thank you!! And you are amazing for so many, I’m in awe! I live 3 hours from your Green Bay show, if that helps, I figured it was my best chance!! Your most loving fan!
    Missi and Dominique Neuffer

  38. Michaela Hindes

    Hi Theresa,
    My family and I watch your show all the time and we are just amazed that you have a gift like you do. I am 20 years old and my family and I lost our brother Tony a few years ago. My parents haven’t exactly come to terms with our loss, none of us really have, and we just want to hear that ‘okay’ from my brother, and I personally have asked questions that I know cannot be answered but I do have questions that can be answered but I need a little help. I know my mom has tried talking to him and she will get a tug or will hear one of his favorite songs come on, but she hasn’t gotten that ‘okay’ that I think she is looking for, and I feel that if she gets that ‘okay’ and that my dad gets that ‘okay’, they both will be at ease. I have 6 siblings altogether, me being the 7th and the youngest and 11 nieces and nephews who were very close to their uncle. Costs and travel does not matter, I plan on paying whatever the costs is, also my parents said they would drive to you. We live in Berlin, New York, it’s about 4 hours from where you are so we totally understand not wanting to do the drive, we will most certainly come to you. It would be greatly appreciated to hear back from you, thank you for allowing me and everyone else to email you. I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say you are truly an amazing person to share your gift with total and complete strangers, you have made an enormous impact on the lives you have touched allowing them to contact their loved ones and to be able to get that feeling so many of the people on your show have experienced would be absolutely amazing for my family and I. Once again thank you for everything you do.

    Sincerely Michaela

    1. Hi Michaela – thanks so much for your comment above…and so sorry to hear about your brother, Tony 🙁 Please go to Theresa’s website directly to schedule appointments or to arrange for that sort of thing, as that’s not what we do here. (we are a psychic directory with listings and reviews and public information on lots of great spiritual teachers, trainers, mentors, mediums, etc…..but unless they stop by and read these comments, they don’t see the specific requests that many of our readers share) I don’t want you to think that Theresa (or any other psychic listed here) is ignoring you….so please share your comments above on her site directly, wehre you are much more likely to get a quick response. Hope that you get the messages you need – and so sorry to hear about Tony!

  39. susan

    Hi my name is Susan and twins run in my family a few years ago my counsins twin was shot and killed she leaves behind a twin sister who had twins just before she was killed she also leaves behind a 15 year old son.My cousin can not let this go, she cries everyday and is a a depressed state.She just wants to know what happened.I know this is a long shot but we need your help.We can be contacted at (phone number removed by admin)

  40. Jeanette Sarlo

    Theresa Caputo, I would like to make a private reading for me and my sister. We will come to your house if necessary. We are serious about this. We both watch you every day. Thank you for your hard work and maybe, if God wills this, we’ll see you soon. Jeanette & Jennifer

  41. My dear husband will be gone one year on April 9th. I went to drug store to get antibiotics for him had a cyst removed earlier that day returned home from drug store maybe twenty minutes later his daughter left went to bedroom and found him dead. It has been a terrible year for me trying to come to terms with this. So unexpected unable to except he is gone no goodbyes nothing. So many questions. Have also just finally started to accept my mothers passing which has been thirteen years spent first eleven years wanting to be with her and father spent everyday thinking about suside and how to do it and make look like accident. I would just love to know husband is at peace and have chance to say I Love You and Goodbye. I would like to have a private reading with you would come to you or anywhere you say. Would appreciate a response of some kind and know if any chance for a reading, Thank You so very much for your time.

  42. Theresa, If and when your in the Los Angeles area, I don’t just want to see you I know I need to see you. For every time I see you on TV, I break down and I’m in tears. There are more then one spirits I need to speak with and this I know. I have never been one to believe in the power of a medium, but your different. And that I truly believe! Can you help me..

    1. Hi Ronda – please leave messages like this on Theresa’s site, not ours – only because, the chances of her reading the comments here are very low! We are a psychic directory and community site with lots of readers – and lots of followers – and while we DO recommend many psychics and mediums specifically – and many do check the comments here regularly – the truth is, Theresa Caputo certainly is far too busy to be reading what her fans post on sites like this across the web….so we encourage everyone above who has a specific personal request for any of our higher profile psychics and mediums to post those on their respective sites. (we have posted links above to hers!) Best of luck to you – and feel free to drop us a line if we can help!

  43. Brenda

    I lost my mother suddenly last year and have some strange things as well as dreams and would love to find out what she is trying to tell me, My body has went through traumatic changes since the death, and I would like to get my body back to normal,….. I had naturally curly hair for 25 years and in 2 weeks from her passing it was straight as a board, I awake at 4am every morning with her in my dreams, I would love to meet to see what she has to say……. Thanks

  44. So I have sent her an e-mail. I hope she replys cos I really love her. I also watched all her shows.My grandma passed and I reall like to talk to her.

  45. Does anyone know how to get to her if you are from EU. Does she ever travel to Eu or does she has an online option? She is really good, we have her shows here on TV and I am so impresed 🙂

  46. Lee-Ann

    Dear Theresa. I am from South Africa and would really like you to do a reading for me. Is there any way I could contact you telephonically to make arrangements. Kind regards. Lee-Ann

  47. Wendy

    I would love for Theresa to come to South Bend, IN. The loss of a grandchild is something that I can’t seem to get over. I still wake up at a specific time and can’t shake it…its been 6 years.

    Theresa, you have an amazing gift and I applaud you for sharing it with others, giving them peace in their hearts and soul. May God continue to Bless you and all those surrounding you.

    Thank you.

  48. Jacqueline Wallin

    Hi Theresa,

    I’d like to find out how to get a private chat with you for my mother-in-law. My father-in-law passed away 4 yrs ago (this month) and although my MIL deals with everyday life I know that she misses him terribly. I would like her to be able to hear from him and know that he’s around (she knows he is but I know she needs closure). I love my MIL very much and the past 4 years has been very difficult for her. Her husbands death was sudden and she was nowhere near ready for it. She has pushed passed her tears, kept her upset to herself (despite having depression now). She needs to let go and know that he’s at peace. Please let me know how I can get a chat with you and her. I need her to ‘cry’, I need her to know its OK to cry.

    Thank you.
    Jacqueline Wallin

  49. my sister died at 42 of cancer she was my soul mate i never got to say goodbye and i carry tremendous guilt that maybe i wasnt there enough for her i was an x-ray tech at the time i found her cancer and knew she had no chance of survival it killed a part of me that i will never forgive myself for finding it. I feel responsible in some way for her death even though i know it wasnt my responsibilty. My pain grows more each day its been eight years my other sister wished it was me that died so everyday i hate myself more i want to be happy with my children and my life but need some type of closure please help iam missing out on all the wonderful things in life with my family because i feel like why should i be happy when dana is passed away, what right do i have i need to know if she is angry with me i did the best i could on trying to deal with the fact of knowing she was gonna die. I am so lost please help me

  50. Jennifer (Jennie) Lee

    Hi Theresa.
    I am seriously not looking for winning a contest or anything of the such, but I feel I need help. I just lost my Best Friend, My Mother on March 10. I am having a very hard time with this. I lost my Father in 1989, and then Mom this year, and I am not sure I am doing the right things for their memories or for myself and my twin Sister.
    I am currently in the process of moving back into my parents townhome which they purchased in 1972. I have my own home 40 minutes away, and trying to decide if selling or renting my home is the right thing to do. Quite frankly am I doing the right thing moving back into Mommy & Daddy’s home. Every single time I come back to Mom & Dad’s home I get so emotional, and I don’t know how to handle this. I am 53 years old, and I feel 11 again. I mean I feel independent, but I feel as though I should be here, and I don’t understand this feeling.
    I also am having an issue of PRAYING that they are finally back together again. They were so close, travelling all over the world, and loving every moment of it. In fact, when Dad got sick, they were living in Hong Kong, at that time for 5 years, and LOVED IT!!! They came back to the states for Medical leave to help figure out what was wrong with Dad, and unfortunately he was never able to go back. It was his & Mom’s favorite place in the world. I am single, never been married, don’t have children, and really feel as though I could at this point live my life the way I would like to, but something, or someone is holding me back from making these, what I consider, serious decisions.

    Theresa, I do pray that I will hear from you. I believe in you whole heartedly. I am not asking for you to make my decision for me, but help me understand what my family expects and what is best for my Sister & I.

    Thank you so much for your consideration Theresa. God Bless you and your Blessing of being able to help others so much.

    Jennie Lee

  51. Mary Anne Purves

    I have been waiting for a call for a private reading for two years! I have tried to contact you several times but have
    never had a response from anyone. I would love a reading from you! I live in Phoenix, AZ but would fly to New York if
    need be.
    Mary anne Purves

  52. melanie morris

    Please consider reading for my friend and myself ,,, she adores you and recently been diagnosed with cancer ,,,, I said I would do my best to try and see you…! much love. Melanie

  53. I have so many things going on I don’t know where to start & would take up too much time. Family issues, romance issues, financial & medical & they are all very complicated. Would sure love to talk to you. I’m on ton if medication & have anxiety & depression & cry very easily. I am very family oriented & love to help take care if my grand babies but I am ready for a life of my own as well. I just need to find the right man.

  54. Hey Guys. I am new here. Could you please advise how do I book a reading with Theresa Caputo? I am not from the states. Have tried to contact her several times but no answer. Does she has any online option? Thank you. Lisa

  55. colleen schaad

    hi Theresa my name is colleen I was woundering if I could get a reading, me and my sister are having a real hard time after the death of our dad. my sister blames her self each and every day if she did the right thing.and I blame myself for not talking to him before he died. I would like this for my sister and I so we both can be more at ease. thank you so much and im a big fan of your show

  56. Linda Corl

    Hi Theresa. I would love to have a private reading with you. I have lost love ones who were a big part of my life and happiness and miss them so much it has effected me for the past 10 years. I love watching you and seeing the closure you give people they so desperately need. I don’t care how long I have to wait to get a reading I would just like to make an appt. Thank you and God Bless for all you do.

  57. Jolene Anderson

    I would like to schedule a appointment for myself or husband we both have a parent that has passed on as I do have 2 fathers (adopted) who I wish I could just say how much I love n miss their presence even though we didn’t have much time together as they both passed a year apart and when I was still a young girl.

  58. Janie Davalos

    My boyfriend just past away on October 31 2014, he was my first love he found me again after 21 years. I am needing help to heal.

  59. Ebony McMarion

    I’m such a big fan of Teresa me and my mother and would love a reading with her my father passed in 2007 and I have been so lost without him and than 2 years later my children’s father passed away and I just want a burden lifted from my heart ❤ please help me reach out to my loved ones because my life depends on it. Thanks for hearing me. Ebony McMarion
    . Tucson AZ



  61. Leslie McGlynn

    After looking at Teresa’s website, I realize that it’s going to be tough to arrange an appointment for a reading. I just wanted to know if my sister and mom are happy and ok. My sister passed in 2013, mom in 2014. I don’t need to know all the fine details, just need to know whether they are together and happy. My sis was young and died of a brain injury. Mom intentionally wanted to die to be with her because she authorized the doctor to disconnect the plug. Just need to know if they are together finally and happy.

  62. Mary Ann De Silva

    I live in Hong Kong. I will be in New York on 26-28 April 2015 and would appreciate if I could have a private appointment with Theresa. Apologize for the short notice. Am also aware that there is a long waiting list. Please help.
    Mary Ann

    1. Hey Mary Ann – thanks for the comment (and to everyone else who has made recent inquires about Theresa Caputo) – please visit her website or social media pages to inquire about private appointmments, it’s a much better way to check her availability, etc – by visiting her site directly and leaving a similar message in the appropriate place, there! good luck:-)

  63. Lette

    Hei Theresa , my English is not good, sorry . Im a big fan from Denmark . And i have lost all my Family,Mom dad, Brother sister and i filling so lonly and sad . I see you every day on tv , and see how you are helping people . Please can you help me . Whit love from Denmark Lette

  64. nancy nilles

    I would love a one on one reading with you. I lost my son and miss him horribly. It’s been 6 years since he passed away. My life came to a halt. I still have not gotten over his death. He was my hero, my protector. Please let me know what I can do to hear from him. I miss him so much. I would give my life so he could live again.

  65. Barry

    Hi Teresa!

    I’m a big fan of your show! I enjoy watching your show and think you’re a fun person. Unfortunately, my family had a tragedy years back and would appreciate some closure from my departed sister. I feel like you’re the only person that can give us that! I hope you will provide us with the closure we need.

    Thank you!



    1. Hi Dolores – so sorry to hear about your husband….and we are praying for your health! Please go to Theresa’s webpage directly and leave a message there, as it will be much more likely to be read by one of her staff (or her directly)

      Don’t forget that there are many very good mediums in NY, and even if you are unable to see TC in private, there is no reason why you can’t find a highly rated and recommended medium in your area. (The Forever Family Foundation is a great resource for finding certified mediums in NY – as they are reputable, honest and passionate about helping people)

      Let us know if we can be of more help!

  67. Hi Teresa! I am from Ogdensburg, NY. I am really big fan of your show. I am going though a divorce at this time, and I am looking to see what my future hold for me. My mom just pasted away this past July 2016. She knows that I am going through a divorce and at the time she was really sick, she was in favor of this. I also have been in contact with and dear loved one from my past, and I would like to see where or if i could ever have a future with this man. I am really looking for guidance and ans at this time… How much would it cost to find out ans to my future. I let my mom speak with him over the phone just before she past and she was really happy to hear from him. she even called by name. Thank you, Jeanine Measheaw PS I am using my sisters email for this.

  68. antonia cipolla

    hi Teresa I watch your show my mom died February 22,1016 she was my best friend in the world . I would love to talk with her one more time thank you… antonia

  69. Marcy Sanhuber

    I would love to schedule a private reading when you are in Madison Wi on Oct 24th as I live in the vicinity & am praying for some closure…..
    Any time you’re in town would be great!! or Milwaukee if you’re flying in. I would be willing to pick you up…???

  70. Don’t bother Marcy Sanhuber. I have been on Teresa’s “waiting list” for over 3 years!!! I even submitted a second request. That waiting list is pure BULLSHIT! Try Jeff Wands who is also on Long Island; he responds to emails and takes care of his waiting list in a timely fashion.

  71. Kathy Bruner

    My best friend daughter was killed by a hit and run. I would love to have her speak to someone. She is really grieving and just need to know that her daughter is ok.

  72. Terry Rhodes

    Hi my name is Terry Rhodes I’m 57 and I lost my only son 8 years ago, I am in a very dark place, they have me on medication just so I can cope with with just getting out of bed, most days I just want to be with him, I so need to find some peace, I feel like I failed him and can’t move past the guilt of not doing more to get him the help he needed, failure and pain is my life morning, noon and night. I feel like I’m losing the battle, it’s only the promise I made to him that’s keeping me here, but I feel like I’m slipping even further, Please I know you are very busy, but I really need help. Thank you for listening to a part of my story, there so much more that I just can’t take much more. Terry.

    1. goodkarma

      Hi Terry! We are so sorry to hear about your losses – and the issues you are dealing with as a result. Please note that Theresa is not going to be checking the comments on our community (or at least, is not likely to) – so we encourage you to reach out to her directly on social media – as i don’t want you to feel ignored by her, or anyone else for that matter 🙂 There are many gifted, and wonderful people who work in the spiritual services spaces, and i’d encourage you to find one – or a community who can support you as you navigate these challenges – you don’t need a “TV” medium to find power, purpose and peace – and the comfort that your loved ones are close in every moment as well. Please let us know if we can help in any way!

    2. Domenick

      You must join a bereavement group. Many of us have lost those close to us, often feeling that we cannot go on…BUT, we must. They would want us to go forward. try to be a better person, by doing one good deed a day. It could be a smile, a friendly greeting, a phone call to a lonely person, a card or note to someone who needs it. You must honor the memory of who you lost. Do it by making them happy and proud of you. You must reach out to help someone else. We all fight our own devils. We all need encouragement and a friend…show someone that you care.

  73. Kali

    Hello my name is Kali, My father has had a rough life and life its hard right now and i feel that this would be the best way to help him and make his a little happier and enjoy life more.

  74. Sissy Lynn

    I would like a private reading. I lost my husband January 6, 2017. I live in Arkansas. I would come to you if you can set me up a date and time. Please I just need to connect with him to know he is ok. We were married 43 years., I have sold my house and land and moved closer to my work job. I just need to reconnect with him to know he is ok. I know I’m not the only person who has lost their spouse but this has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. Please help me

    1. Glenda Gardner

      I going through the same thing my husband pass 12/ 20/2017 this been the hardest thing in my life . I been off work due too grieving, depression, Anxiety, dizziness I am trying to get well do I can go back to work. Maybe we can talk or 🙏 for one another. Glenda Gardner


    Hello my name is stella in a like to hire and raiding with Teresa because I lost my mother 13 years ago in a few like I had to ask her for forgiveness for me because I don’t really spend a lot of time with her and i feel guilty about it So please let me have it ready for you thank you very much have really appreciated

  76. I am watching your brand new serious and I cant find where it says get a free reading from Theresa.
    Work of today is Gift
    I hope I hear from you I really need a reading
    I live in California

  77. Donna ODonnell

    Hi Theresa, I would love to have a private reading. I will drive to you. If spirit comes to you through this message you have my information. Thank You

    1. barbara fuller

      Hi Theresa, I would love to have a private reading with you. I live in Lindenhurst NY and my phone # is 6318679860. Thank you. My name is babara fuller.

  78. charlene

    Hi Theresa,

    I am from South Africa and would like to know how I can make a booking for a private reading? I am a huge fan and have been watching your show for years??? PLEASE HELP THERESA

    1. Good evening Theresa my name is Trina Goodwin I would love to have a private lesson with you please contact me at your earliest convenience so I can have set an appointment with you it’s very important to my soul thank you and have a beautiful blessed evening

  79. Lisa fortier

    We would love to get a reading from you for our group my husband lost his dad and my mom passed away we lost seven family members in the last two years my son-in-law lost both his parents would love to hear from you! We are in California

  80. I would love to have a reading, please I’m not rich but I can manage to get your fee maybe,, I feel like if I don’t find out about the question that needs answer I will died before my time so please I really need answers can you please help me

    1. Yolanda

      How do I go about scheduling a session. My grandmother was the glue to our family and since her death we have all separated.. since her passing my uncle and cousin have passed, sad thing is we are all even more separated. I feel like the last thing I can do for this family for a chance of hope to reunite, even of it’s just for a while. Please let me know what are the steps to scheduling. Thank you

  81. Belle

    Hi, my name is Bell Pike. I am requesting a private interview. I have had many near death experiences and my past and present life are in chaos.
    Love Belle
    709 740 3701

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