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An Interview with Psychic Janny Di


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and welcome to the newest installment of our “Conversations with Clairvoyants” Q and A interview series!

This is where YOUR questions come to life through the answers, insights and experiences of the psychics, mediums, healers, teachers, trainers and authors we feature on our community each and every day. And remember, if you have questions about life, death or anything in between that you’d like to pose to our community of light workers, let us know!

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janny diToday we are featuring Janny Di, a gifted medium and card reader from New Rochelle, New York. Be sure to check out Janny’s website HERE, or her profile on our directory HERE.

You can also read a free sample of Janny’s book. “Their Whispers Tell a Story” on Amazon here!

Enjoy her entire interview below!

Q:  What has your experience been like doing this work,living this life and having an unusual calling?

Janny:   I consider myself very lucky to help people find peace. My experience has always been very positive. As far back as I can remember I have always had the support of family and friends.  I also really do not consider my gift unusual. It is just another facet of who I am.

Q:  How (and when) did you discover this path?

Janny:   I knew I was different at a very early age.I have memories of communicating with my Mom almost silently as far back as age 4 or 5. I know that may sound unusual but it was like we just knew what each other was thinking.I have that same connection with my kids.  As I wrote in my book I really came into my gifts upon the death of my Mom when I was 6.

I know I inherited my gifts from her as she did from her mother before her. My Mom remains my main guide.

Q: What has been the biggest gift or blessing that choosing (or following ) this path has brought?

Janny: I love people. The greatest blessing I receive is seeing anyone move forward in their life in a positive manner. Everyone deserves happiness and if I can help someone who is struggling in any area of their life than I am happy. We are all here to help each other.

Q: How do people react when you say you are psychic?

Janny: Surprisingly they don’t.As a matter of fact many people approach me and ask! In general I am blessed to be surrounded by progressive people.If someone is cynical it is their right to be.I just get annoyed with people who try to play the “test the psychic” game. I never lower myself to that level.

I truly believe in what I do whether you do or not. You may not believe in me but I believe in me and have helped a countless amount of people .  That’s all that matters to me.

Q: What about religious people who believe that psychic or spirit communication is “evil” or

Janny: Well,I have a few opinions on that.  First of all I believe in God. I also believe that God gave me these gifts and created me this way for a reason.

My gifts come from God. I find it very sad when people don’t open their minds to anything out of the ordinary. I am a healer.I walk in the white light. I am not evil. Narrow­ minded people are hurtful.  Being hurtful is evil.  God is not judgmental so it just doesn’t make sense does it.

How can you believe in God and then be critical of  anyone who is trying to help others basically doing God’s work?  It’s very sad.

Q: Are you superstitious?

Janny:  Not particularly.I am respectful of people who are. I am actually practical.I mean it just doesn’t make sense to walk under a ladder does it?

Q: Do you do anything before a reading that helps you connect,tune in or get in the zone?

Janny: Well first and foremost protect,protect,protect. That is so important. You always want to go into a reading surrounded by the white light. Other than that I always call in my guides to help me relay any information that the client needs for closure.

Q: Do you have to turn on(shut off) to live a normal life outside of this work?

Janny:   No. As I explained earlier what I do is very much a part of me. It is very natural.  At times I can get overwhelmed. That’s when I may try to “shut down”. For example I once had an incident at a hospital that made me very uncomfortable.It almost made me woozy.

The only other thing I can say is that I really shy away from long lines and crowded places. I usually don’t venture out much around the holidays.

Q: Tell us one thing about your daily life that might surprise us?

Janny: I crochet a lot. When people find out they get a kick out of it. I am very traditional in many ways and enjoy many of the old ways.

Q: What is the most important message or take away that you like to offer your clients during a

Janny: That everyone is born Divine! We are all divine beings with unlimited potential. Everyone should follow their “bliss”.I realize we all have to make a living but you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue something that you love doing.

Once you get to that place and you are on the right path doors will fly open for you.There’s that old saying.”If you do something you love,you will never work a day in your life!” Namaste!

Q: Do you have an exceptional, memorable or particularly powerful reading or experience you
can share?

Janny: About 4 years ago I was reading at the Festival of the Dead in Salem ,Massachusetts. A young woman sat down at my table and I could immediately sense that she was distressed. It ended up her life was upside down. She lost her job,her marriage was crumbling and she was not taking care of herself at all. I spoke to her for fifteen minutes gave her my personal number and assured her things would get better.I started by reading the cards but spirit guides took over and I relayed all the messages.

The following year I returned to the fair to read and this young woman sat down in front of me. She was absolutely glowing. Her energy was off the chart ! I looked at her and she said”Do you remember me?” After taking a second look I realized it was the same girl I sat down with the year before. She told me that it was a long road but along the way she kept hearing my voice.

She then told me that she was divorced and had moved forward and was happier than she had ever been in her life.

That was my moment. I realized just how important what I do is.This girl was my reward. It was a verification to what I do.There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you helped another human being get on track. We are still friends to this day and life has been good to both of us!

Q: What is your process like? Describe a typical reading.

Janny: If it is a card reading I usually use 2 decks. One is an oracle deck that gives me an idea of where my client is in their life at this moment. The other deck is a tarot deck. I go through the oracles cards (3 to be exact) then I begin with the tarot. If spirit is there with the client and it is strong spirit I will address that. I try to keep medium work and straight readings separate but if you are in this line of work you know when spirit talks you better listen.

Q: Where else can our readers find you around the web? Have you published any books, or do you do any regular media?

Janny: I published my first book in March 2013 titled “Their Whispers Tell A Story” It is a compilation of short chapters covering subjects such as How I knew I was different,how I feel gifts run in families,experiences I have had and others in my family have had.

Their Whispers Tell a Story: Memoirs of a Psychic Medium

Their Whispers Tell a Story: Memoirs of a Psychic Medium

The book is available at, and

I am also a freelance artist and have some paintings and other items for sale. These can be
viewed on my website.

I host 2 blogtalkradio shows. “Unveiling the Infinite” with Jessica Costello on Wednesday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. and “Mystical Caboodle” with Willie Rosario and Nicole “Snow” Green on Thursday nights from 6:30­7 p.m.

I am a Reverend under the Trinacrian Rose Church in Salem,Massachusetts.

My website is I am on facebook and twitter under Janny Di. Please visit my
website and friend me on facebook !

Q:  Final Thoughts?

Janny:  If we all show some compassion this world would be such a better place!


December 23, 2015 |

Activating the Energy Body

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life.  What do YOU believe?  (and why?)

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life. What do YOU believe? (and why?)

What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and
our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it. The dissolution of our time-bound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning.
– Carl Jung

Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got a really “sexy” energy body?  🙂  

In this short exercise…’re going to get a crash course on how to activate the amazing intuitive energy that lives within each of us, using proven meditative techniques that feel absolutely awesome….and work wonderfully well as well.

This is a no nonsense spiritual strategy for increasing your intuition, expanding your awareness, and most
importantly, waking UP, slowing down and transforming your life in powerful and purposeful ways.

What you should expect from this simple exercise?

Well, it’s 1 simple technique amongst many others that we teach and preach (and use everyday ourselves)…..but we hope that you’ll start:

  • To be inspired to look more deeply, and see the world around you a bit more differently.
  • To feel more empowered, enlivened and inspired to explore the magic and mystery of
    your own place in the wild, wacky and wonderful world around us all.
  • To have practical, easy to try and apply spiritual development tools and techniques that
    WORK. (and that you can explore from home)
  • This is not just about increasing your intuition or merely becoming “psychic”.
    Instead, it’s about re-discovering the part of you that is most alive, awake and engaged
    with the world around you.

The REAL Secret?

Once you realize, through personal experience, that there is more to life than just your
body – everything changes and the real MAGIC begins to happen!


Ready to get started?

Let’s start with a simple, symbolic story that I love…and will make a lot of sense to you as
your awareness expands

There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish
swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?”

And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at
the other and goes “What the heck is water?”

– THIS IS WATER: David Foster Wallace 2005

There are 2 core ideas from this very simple, silly but sweet story I’d love you to consider:

1: I want you to consider the notion that like the fish in the little story above – you too are swimming in the very warm waters of something magical and mysterious and almost invisible to your everyday awareness.

But once you realize you are in living in an endless ocean of energy, information and awareness, you begin to wake up to the true magic and meaning of life.

2: The more energy you can activate in your body, the more you can dissolve the space between your own personal boundary and the spiritual sea we’re ALL swimming in – all the time.

When this A-ha moment arises, the more awake, alive and connected to that creation consciousness you’ll become. (as a matter of fact, I can promise from my own experiences, that this is 100% true)

Let’s talk some core concepts for psychic and spiritual development that work wonderfully well for activating energy in the body.

7 basic “laws” for my own meditation practice:

  • Intention (what you seek)
  • Attention (where you focus)
  • Sensation (what it feels like)
  • Location (Where you feel it)
  • Visualization (what you see)
  • Concentration (cultivating the super power of fierce focus)

And, not necessarily a rule, but every important, the 7th and final instruction.
Repetition (practice makes perfect, and the more you train your brain…..the more open and expansive your awareness becomes)

We are going to use these 7 “rules” to wake up your energy body, expands your awareness and increase your intuition in a whole suite of spectacular ways…..starting today.

A Crash Course in Awakening the Energy Body (the cup of consciousness)

You are an energy body.


At our core, we are all spiritual beings having an embodied experience.
Your dense physical body masks this true nature, but we are going to lighten you, with

I promise 🙂


Let’s Begin below:

Sit in a position that feels dignified.

 (you can stand for this as well, but i find it’s easier to start off in a sitting, relaxed position)

Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth turn your hands up – fingers wide close your eyes

Get settled in your seat, and just focus on your breath for a moment, not forcing it or doing anything special – just allow yourself to notice the breath.

Notice where you feel the sensation of the breath in the body, at the tip of the nose or
in your belly

Allow yourself to relax and allow energy to move through you the way it naturally does
and wants to.

Don’t force it or analyze it.

There is no need to push or move towards or away from anything.

Just notice what you notice, without stress or straining or searching for anything specific
or special.

Your job is only to pay attention to what is already happening naturally in your body, on

it’s own….in every moment, whether you notice it or not.

Feel the space where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth.

Maybe you can feel it resting against your teeth

For a moment:

Just feel that – don’t push or apply pressure – just let your attention move to that location
and feel that sensation

Now, try to:

Feel energy in your hands

Start to move your attention to your hands

What do you feel?

If you are like many of us, you will already feel a tingling, warm sensation in the palms of
your hands.

With your eyes closed, using your attention….and staying with the breath……
try to get as close to that warm, tingling, prickly feeling as you can.

Just allow your attention to lose itself in the sensation of energy….and warmth in the

With your palms facing up, relax your fingers…..turn the palms so that they
are facing each other……and your fingers are facing the sky.

IF you are sitting on a chair that has arm rests, let your elbows rest on them.

Imagine you are holding a gentle cloud of energy between your hands.

Feel it’s warmth.

Feel it move in a circular direction between your hands

With your eyes still closed……

Visualize it.

Feel it’s soft, amorphous edges growing and flowing between your hands.

See it as a cloud of shape and color, within your control.

See if you move your hands wider what happens?

Now, try to direct energy from one palm….into the other.

Focus on sending warm energy from one palm into the other.

What does that feel like?

Notice the sensations

Can you feel sensation increasing, or intensifying when you direct energy, to the opposite hand?

With your palms still facing up, bring your middle finger and thumb together and gently press

Now train your attention on the feeling of pressure where the 2 fingers meet.

Try to get as “close” to the sensation of warmth, pressure, tingling, or whatever it is that
you feel in this moment

Many people feel a distinct circular energy moving through the hands at this point – if
you don’t – don’t worry, you eventually will.

(no pressure. (no pun intended! 🙂

Repeat the same general process as above, only now move the attention to your feet.

Feel heaviness in your feet….as if they are immovable, or anchored the floor.

Alternatively, feel your feet as light and airy, as if they are nothing more than diffuse
clouds of tingling sensation and formless energy.

Now, using the power of attention, combine the two:

See if you can totally lose or relinquish the feeling of your hands and feet – just picture a
could of energy, raw sensation (visualization and sensation)

Forget about your hands, and feet and body. Lose their shape and form if you can.

Just allow yourself to dissolve in the space of open energy, simple sensations and pure

Like the fish in water……

Can you recognize the similarity between that ocean of awareness and aliveness around
you….and the energy body within you?

And, ultimately, can you remove the borders and boundaries between “YOU”, the temporary physical body and it’s border and boundaries, and the ocean of endless energy and awareness in which you swim?

Can you dissolve into that?

You can. And you will! (we all will one day, whether we believe it or not)

The more practice you get now, the more familiar you become with your own energy
body, the more amazing, inspiring and cool things you’ll be able to access every day.

An extra credit exercise in the power of presence and the magic of mindfulness try to imagine you are holding a piece of string between your two hands, and that your entire world – your entire awareness, and focus, is located in the space of the string between your hands.

Let all other thoughts, ideas, distractions and mind wandering disappear, and simply stay in the space of your body – from one end of the invisible string to the other.

This is the power of presence.

Be in your body – now – as you already are – but now – with intention – and attention – allow yourself to focus on only the sensation of aliveness that arise in this space.

“Endings are not always bad. Most times they’re just beginnings in disguise.” Kim Harrison


How did this beginner exercise feel?  Being with the body is the key to transcending the body, and in my own experience, allowing myself to dissolve into the space of sensations is the very first step in a spiritual journey that has taken me, reliably, to places I once couldn’t have (and wouldn’t have) imagined existed.


Hope this inspired you a bit as well – and look for more advanced techniques from a number of our favorite spiritual authors, artists and ethereal explorers on our Facebook page in September!

PS: We want to hear from YOU!

Share your thoughts (and experiences!) with us in the community comments below, or on our Facebook page here!

August 31, 2015 |

10 Questions with Psychic Medium Heidi Jaffe


Welcome to another edition of Conversations with Clairvoyants, where we feature Q and A style interviews with some of our favorite psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual teachers and trainers working in the world today!

These informal interviews are designed to add depth, dimension and detail to many of the faces you see on our pages… and offer an insightful, intuitive and inspiring insight into the “why” behind what so many of our members do for a living.

We hope these conversations offer you a bit more insight into the unique biographies and life stories behind some of our favorite spiritual teachers, and offer up some provocative conversation starters should you want to reach out and connect any of our community favorites for your own reading.

Today’s interview is with psychic medium Heidi Jaffe, who was one of the very first mediums I was told about when we launched the Famous Psychic Medium directory, not only, I was told……because she in my home state (Florida), but is amazingly gifted, and incredibly gracious as well! (something I can now certainly attest to as well!)

I want to thank Heidi for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions about her practice, the psychic profession and some of the unique insights she’s gleaned on her own journey.

You can read the full interview below!

Heidi Jaffe Medium

Q1: Hi Heidi – I’d like to start by asking, when did you first know you had a special gift?

A: I had quite a few experiences as a child seeing and hearing spirits, but I honestly thought it was my imagination. I used to see and hear my great grandmother, in particular all of the time after she passed. As a teenager I would get scared that if I thought about something too much that I would make it happen. Not in the sense that I had any power to make anything happen whatsoever, I just didn’t understand that I was getting glimpses of future events happening at the time. Then later in my life I had activity pick up all around me.

I would hear people walking up and down my hall and pennies would fly off counters or drop out of mid air onto the floor. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I truly realized that I could do what I could do. Then it came on fast and strong. The floodgates opened and I never turned back. I have since dedicated my life to this work. After I realized my gift, I educated myself in the field and got myself trained at the best schools with the best psychic mediums I could find. I think it is incredibly important to be educated and trained in this line of work.

There are too many people with undeveloped gifts, or no gifts at all who have little to no experience out there that end up damaging people who are very fragile. I get a lot of them who come to me and I have to try to undo the crap that has been put in their heads. Some of the stories I have heard are ridiculous! I think the saying is something like “they know just enough to be dangerous”.

Q2: Is there a certain type of psychic “skill” you specialize in?

We all have our strengths and specialties. Mine is communication to the other side and Spiritual Guidance, or what most people would call a Psychic reading. I do not use any divination tools at all. In a Mediumistic reading, I connect to my client’s loved ones and deliver detailed messages from them. In a Spiritual reading, I connect to my clients through my psychic abilities and through spirit guides to pick up on what is going on in their life. Then I can tap into the people and the situations in their life they are concerned with. I can see past and present issues going on and help them see where that path is going in the future. Through help from my spirit guides, I can help guide them in their continued direction or help them make a left or a right turn instead.

Q3: How did your friends and family respond when you first shared that this was going to be your life’s work?

The first time I told people, the responses were all over the place from total support to extreme curiosity, and total disbelief. But, overall I’m very fortunate that I have a lot of support from my friends and family. I’ve ended up giving half of them specific messages from their loved ones on the other side that are undeniable, so that helps a little, lol.

Q4: What is the reading process like? Can you describe it for our audience?

When a client comes in, I always want to make sure they are comfortable. I explain how I work and see if they have any questions before we start. I let them know that there are no stupid questions in my office. I like my clients to feel completely safe to go through whatever emotions they need to. There is always a lot of laughter in my readings that being said. But, not because the subject is funny. It’s quite the contrary. I keep it light because I know how heavy it can be. My clients will always get what they need when they have a session with me. It isn’t always what they expected to get or thought they needed, but it always makes sense to them.

You may be told some things that may not make sense at the time of the reading because they haven’t happened yet. I end up getting lots of emails from clients letting me know that the one thing that didn’t make sense either happened, or they found the item I was speaking about, etc. I love keeping in touch with my clients and hearing about how it all pans out with them. If you are getting a mediumistic reading I always give plenty of evidence so that you have no doubt about whom you are in contact with. I want to make sure from my side as well, so I know I am delivering the correct messages from the right spirit! I want that confirmation just as much as you do.

Every reading is so different. Every one has different reasons for wanting to contact a loved one, and different needs in various places in their life. No reading is alike. The only common thing is to know that a loved one is ok.

Q5: How do you deal with the skeptics and cynics that invariably crop up in the peanut gallery?

I have skeptical clients come in occasionally. They don’t bother me much. I do my best to put them at ease and information eventually comes though that changes their mind. If someone comes in completely closed down, I cannot help them if they won’t open up. If you come in with your mind made up, then you are wasting your time and my time. Luckily, I have amazing clients so I don’t deal with that much, if at all. Most people who come in are ready to have the experience.

Q6: How do you recommend people who are curious but not convinced go about the process of picking a reader?

I would get a feel for their personality, read their testimonials, see if they have any education in their field and honestly go with your gut.

Q7: How should clients prepare for a reading? Is there anything that people should do before they come in?

Putting out to the universe who you hope to hear from helps, writing down questions that you want answered and getting a good night of sleep all help make a reading flow much easier. Also, just coming in with no expectations is key. If you get caught up just in what you want to hear, or think you should hear you could miss some very important information and messages. You have to allow yourself to open up.

Q8: With so many different psychics, mediums, and spiritual teachers in the world, one of the most common questions I get via email from our public audience is – are all mediums the same? Of course I always reply that no two doctors, or designers or candle stick makers are the same – we all have our own unique way of putting our work into the world.

So I’d like to ask you, what makes YOU and your work unique? Is there something “special” about your process, or perspective that helps you stand out in the sea of spiritual help that is available?

I am known for my upfront and down to earth personality. I never try to be anything more than what I am. I take my job very seriously, but I don’t take myself very seriously. So, if I mess something up or say something silly I will always laugh at myself. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers.

No one has them, though many claim to. I am very honest and speak to my clients from my heart. I think my clients appreciate that. There is no ego or flash in my readings. It’s real and authentic.

My readings are filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of support. I don’t judge and do my best to give my clients the guidance and peace that they need. My clients feel safe when they are in a session with me and that means the world to me. I keep in touch with most of my clients, so that makes me smile and know I am doing something right.

Q9: What is the most rewarding part of this profession for You?

Honestly, I love helping people. I get to be a part of a unique experience that changes someone’s life forever. I am unbelievably honored and humbled to have a part in that. It never gets old and I love every client I have ever worked with…well, mostly, lol. Giving someone peace and clarity so that they can move on and be happy is the greatest feeling. That is why I work so hard at my job. I am always pushing my limits, strengthening my connection to spirit, and expanding my knowledge in this field so that I can be the best psychic medium I can be for my clients on both sides : )

Q10: Lastly, my own spiritual journey….. which has taken me around the world, and from being a pretty devoutly disinterested agnostic, to someone who has now witnessed first hand some of the magic and the mystery of the “spirit” universe in amazing and inspiring ways I still struggle to integrate and understand, how much skepticism should one bring to this process?

A: Well, the information you are receiving should makes sense to you, so it’s not about the level of skepticism you bring. It’s about being open. If you are completely shut down, that can make a psychic reading challenging. The information you receive should have nothing to do with whether you are skeptical or not. It is a fact, or it isn’t.

For instance if you are in a mediumistic reading and your father comes through and you are told that the man says he is your father and that he was a tall, loving man who smoked, or whatever it is, or he wasn’t. There is no convincing of anything there. Or in a psychic reading, you are told that you are working as an accountant, about to move, in a troubled relationship, etc…you either are, or you aren’t. See what I mean? The only thing that gets tricky is future information. You just have to roll with that one and take it with a grain of salt and see if it happens. You’ll find out if it was true eventually, right?

Agreed!  Okay, so finally……how did you first get started when it came to finding clients, and how do people who want to learn more get in touch with you now?

My business began completely on referrals. Within a few weeks of opening an office, I was already getting booked 6 weeks out. I still get loads of referrals, but I also advertise online to expand my reach. I now have clients across the globe.

You can contact me through, of course : )

Visit my website and contact me through the Contact page, or give me a call at (407) 615-1986.

Please also check out my Facebook page

Thanks so much to Heidi for being so gracious with her time, experience, expertise and insight….we truly enjoyed reading her answers and insight, and hope you did too!

Want to learn more about Heidi Jaffe and some of what she has planned for 2014 and beyond? Visit Heidi on Facebook, or visit her website HERE.

ian hollander

Have a psychic, medium or spiritual teacher that YOU would love to see interviewed?

Tell us who YOU’D like to hear from on Twitter (@suddenlypsychic) (or HERE @ianhollander) or, share in the community comments below, and we’ll add them to the (rapidly growing 🙂 list!

November 10, 2014 |

How Did You Die in a Past Life? (QUIZ)


Do you remember dying in a past life? If so…..HOW so? How did you die, and what do you remember?

Some of the most amazing and inspiring past life memories come from small children who have detailed recollections of not only their lives, but how they passed as well. Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the first Western Psychiatrists and scientists to study reincarnation, and past life memories in small children, found many cases of children who had verifiable memories of previous personalities and people that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to explain away, but also…..much more interesting, many of these children had the PHYSICAL SCARS that cooresponded with how they remembered dying as well. (typically these were violent deaths, gunshots, stabbings, etc……and the children had birthmarks that matched the wounds they received in the previous lifetime… death)

All very cool stuff…and Dr. Stevenson’s work was SO well regarded, it was actually published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (his book…..21 cases suggestive of Reincarnation” remains one of the most scientifically literate text books on what may happen to us after death)

So…with that little bit of serious science out the way, here is a great little quiz for those who want to know how you died in a past life. 😉 Of course this is more entertainment, than serious spirituality, but it’s a fun way to explore the ethereal realms, and where you may be on your own karmic journey.

April 27, 2017 |

Why People See Psychics: Melissa Mills on Life as a Psychic Medium

Melissa Mills medium

Why do people call psychics? Why do millions of people visit mediums each and every year? Is it to connect with the souls of those we’ve lost, that have crossed? Is it to get validation that there is more to life than meets the eye? Is it to discover if we’re going the right things, with the right people, living in alignment with our greatest good…..or something quite different altogether?

Melissa Mills mediumThe truth is, people visit different types of psychics for different reasons. Mediums get less people who are OVERTLY looking for career advice, although it often comes up in the reading anyway! Psychics who specialize in love and relationships get less OVERT interest from folks who want to connect with a deceased relative, but that happens too.

Check out a good interview with psychic medium Melissa Mills, where she shares what life is like an upcoming psychic medium, what her most popular client interests are, and how the industry has changed from the stereotype of what a medium looks like, or does, in the general culture as well.

– What are the top five subjects people want to know about regarding their future? In general, what do people hope to discover?

On most occasions it goes: love, life purpose (career), health, family and adventures (travel, hobbies etc).

Hope and reassurance. I honestly believe most people just exist rather than fully living their lives. Many get caught up in the limiting beliefs they put on themselves or others have placed on them. In a reading, I’m able to open up that person to the possibilities available to them.

– How representative is the stereotypical image is of a gypsy fortune teller with a crystal ball in today’s world?

I laugh because that’s what people expect and I am so far away from that! I’m nearly 30, which often shocks people – they expect someone much older. It’s now quite acceptable to visit a psychic medium and there are many more young people using their psychic gifts. In public, psychics are largely indistinguishable from anyone else walking down the street, but I believe you can still find people like that [gypsy style] in markets and fairs, which is cool too.

April 26, 2017 |

Theresa Caputo Gets Her Brain Scanned….(and this is what happens!)


Do psychic mediums have different brains than the rest of us? If so…..HOW so, and how would we even find out?

In this Fox news update, Theresa Caputo talks about her brain scans, and what various types of FMRI tests reveal about the unique workings of her mind, while channeling, or connecting with the other side.

The truth is, while some people will scoff this off, or want to chalk it up to a publicity stunt, anyone who does meditation, (as TC certainly does) knows that when in deep meditative states, part of the brain that are typically very active, go quiet…..and all sorts of amazing experiences can occur.

(the part of the brain that “blanks” in her words, is the part of the brain that is responsible for self chatter, or what scientists call “self referential processing”, the sense of “ME” that we all have going, pretty much, 24/7)

theresa caputo wikiOnce this quiets down, or goes away completely…as is the case with many really good meditators, what remains, is a bright, beautiful and endless awareness of power, potential and possibility, and often, all sorts of other images and information appear in this space. THIS is what many mediums are doing (not all, but many we’ve worked with) and THIS is also something that many monks, yogi’s and other contemplatives have shown, often in similar tests (FMRI and otherwise) and why meditation is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of self help, healing and spiritual growth on the planet. (yet again!)

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April 26, 2017 |

John Edward Changed My Life: A Real Medium or Epic Fake?


“Is John Edward a real medium?”

Dr. Oz claims, “John Edward changed my life”

If so….how come he gets so much bad press? We received an interesting series of messages this morning on our Facebook page, of which, the above….was just a small portion. A woman who had recently lost her husband, was asking us about John Edward (amongst other well known psychic mediums) and after reading some of his reviews and the experiences of others sprinkled through our site over the years…..wanted to know how come he had so much bad press.

The truth is, ALL well known mediums get tons of bad press. (not just John 🙂 As a general rule, the more famous you are, the more more negative, nasty and derogatory content there is going to be about you, especially online. This applies to ALL famous people of course, but psychic mediums attract a very specific type of acrimony you won’t find in most other fields, professions or areas of expertise.

Why? Because so many cynics, skeptics and debunkers are so positively persuaded and perpetually pushy that there is:

  • No soul.
    No spirit.
    No afterlife.
    No transcendent reality.
    No God.
    Nothing other than blood and bones and biology behind the us, that is us.

So when someone who has extraordinary experiences that suggest we are BIGGER than our bodies, and that we have souls and a personality that persists beyond death, these people tend to become vociferously and enthusiastic with the insults, the name calling and the accusations.

John Edward, probably more than any other psychic or medium in modern history, has been the target of much of it. (he was famously called the “worst person in the world” by the South Park creators via their enormously popular TV show characters….and has never quite lived that name down)

Famous skeptic (and magician) James Randi has also been very personally punitive to John Edward, again….largely due to his fame and status as a spiritual icon in the Oprah age.

The IRONY is, of course…..

What many people won’t notice about John Edward is, he’s consistently one of the most accurate, often alarmingly so, even for a believer.

I’d also say, as a complete COUNTER factual to the arguments most skeptics make, his readings often provide amazing and interesting examples of what REAL mediumship looks like, when you strip away the stereotypes and cartoonish versions of many believe it to be.

(we’ve seen John on several ocassions in very small groups – and he isn’t guessing, cold reading or making up names on the fly (like the critics claim)

When he’s ON, he’s super specific, hyper direct, NOT ambigious and astonishingly accurate.

As a matter of fact…..I’ve watched super smart people, who have been life long SUPER skeptics, wide eyed in wonder at more than one JE small event.

A few years ago, I walked out of one small group reading with John Edward, stride for stride with a well known local skeptic (and Doctor, and personal friend of 20 years) who said…..”either those people were “in on it” or something just happened that I can’t begin to explain.”

Of course, a few days later, he started to rationalize it all away, and began to try to poke holes in what he had seen……but the fact remains, in the moment, walking out of that room on a warm S. Florida night, he was, for a few hours…..a believer.

(and as one of my best friends, I still love him like a brother…..just the same 😉

Here is the truth:

A good, evidential medium is 100% the opposite of what a cartoon or amateur medium does…and if you know this field like we do, the difference is immediately obvious.

Check out John Edward on the Anderson Cooper show. (a well known skeptic, who has stated that he was astonished by what happened behind the scenes with JE)

Here is Dr. Oz on his experiences with JE, and how, in his words.…John Edward changed my life. (again….to some, Dr. Oz isn’t the best character witness, but he’s no dummy)

Check out some of the various John Edwards stories and experiences other readers have shared over the years.  (starting with our own first experience, a number of  years ago)

Have you had an experience with JE or any other famous medium?  Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below.

April 25, 2017 |

Do You Believe in An Afterlife?

life after death

Who believes in life after death? Do you need to be religious to have a firm belief in a soul? If not….why not? And what types of evidence for a soul or spirit world does science most take seriously? (if any at all)

life after deathWhich of these 8 types of experiences do YOU believe provides the strongest proof that life after death is a possibility? Or, maybe you’ve had your own experience that blows any of these out of the water? If you think that life after death, or the idea that we have a soul that “survives” the death of the physical body are true, we’d love to hear your experiences, and WHY you believe as well! Share with us on Facebook….or in the community comments below.

April 24, 2017 |

Are Psychic Abilities a Curse or a Gift? Lisa Williams on being a Medium


Are psychics cursed? Is it a gift to be able to communicate with spirit, or more of a mixed bag? What is it like living with psychic or spiritual gifts?

We get a lot of questions from people who want to know whether being psychic is a good thing, or bad. Many of us have one off psychic experiences, or premonitions or precognitive dreams, or occassional experiences that seem to suggest there is more to life than meets the eye, and we’re more connected to each other (and the Universe) than would otherwise appear.

But what is life like for people who are ALWAYS on? What if spiritual messages are constantly coming in, and cutting through your ordinary awareness?

In this article from VICE magazine, celebrity psychic medium Lisa Williams talks about being a medium, psychic premonitions, working with law enforcement and the importance of slowing down to live life more fully. Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below:

It’s a curse?
Sometimes. In many ways. It isn’t the first time I’ve had heightened security and whisked away into a little room and someone’s said, “Do you know what you’ve just said?” With high profile cases you have to be very careful. It’s something I teach as well: How to deal with law enforcement, how to deal with the FBI.

You moved from the UK to Los Angeles and are now living upstate New York? Why did you ditch LA?
I’ve got great friends and I got used it to there but as far as I was concerned I’d done my time. I’d done eight and a half years and it was time to go somewhere quieter so I moved to the home of spiritualism. It was just the right time, right place, right move.

April 24, 2017 |

What is a Shared Death Experience?

shared death experiences

What is a shared death experience? How does it differ from a NDE? Are they the same thing….and if not, WHY not?

A shared death experience is when someone “shares” or has the same experience as the person having an NDE, or an actual death shared death experiencesexperience. Many people report accompanying a loved one during an NDE, going to the light….seeing deceased loved ones, and sharing the joy and the journey with a person coming close to death. (but NOT going all the way, or not going across the barrier where the loved one continues on)

The shared death experience is actually a term coined by NDE pioneer, Dr Raymond Moody. (he’s written a book about it as well)

Shared death experiences are powerful, profound and life changing spiritual adventures. They are often shared by multiple people who are caring for a loved one in the moments leading up to death. (siblings, for example, caring for a parent who is in the process of crossing, are notable in the shared death experience literature, and give a modicum of “proof” that the experience is real, as they can cross validate the common features of the phenomena in a way that is very hard to disregard, or wave away as imaginary)

Here is a very cool example of ONE type of shared death experience. This woman didn’t “go anywhere” per se, but she felt, very strongly, the energy of a loved one (her grandmother) as she crossed from this world, into the mysterious one that awaits 🙂 REad the whole story at the link following the short excerpt below:

The next morning I got the call while I was at the hairdresser that grandma had died. I got over there as soon as I could, but her body was already taken to the mortuary. So I was sitting with my mother and aunt as described above. My grandmother and I would sit together on the couch while we watched our soap operas and she had the habit of patting my knee. As I mentioned before my mother had just said she felt something and at that exact moment I felt my knee being patted and I looked down and saw nothing. But right then I felt this incredible rush, feeling, spirit, whatever you want to call it go through my body and up towards the ceiling. The feeling was one of incredible joy, happiness, peace, love, etc. don’t have the words! I actually thought I had put my arms up to go with her, but didn’t according to my aunt. She was free is what she was telling me, she hated her body at the end.

April 21, 2017 |

The Top Psychics in NYC?

signs you are a medium

Q:  Who are the best psychics in New York City?  Should I see someone local if I live in Manhattan, or should I just simply call someone who lives out of state, or anywhere in the world?

We get a fair amount of questions about picking the best or top psychics or mediums in any given locality.  NYC, for reasons of size alone, is not surprisingly, one of the most places most often requested for a list of the best mediums or spiritual services.

Here are some of your options, and a few warnings and words of wisdom when searching for NYC psychics and mediums:

1 – Check out the listings on our directory for New York spiritual services.  We have a bunch  of NY based mediums, and many more who do readings out of state, for NYC based clientele.

2 – Find psychics in Manhattan on Yelp.  While Yelp is NOT our first choice when it comes to recommending any type of spiritual (or other type) of professional, you do get a fairly curated collection of reviews, which DOES help to winnow away many of the less reputable professionals in any niche, which unfortunately, in 2017, there are a fair amount of the spiritual helping/healing and divination style spaces.

3 – Check out a directory like – BUT, with the following caveat.  Members listed as “featured” or legitimate, often pay a fee to be featured, or have some sort of financial relationship with the site owner.  (as we often do as well for featured listings, or those who will pay for more promiment  positioning on our communities, but we would NEVER rate someone as “legitimate” predicated on payment or compensation…..full stop)  Be mindful of this, as no one single person should be the arbiter of which psychics are “real” in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter.

4 – Be very wary of any psychic or medium who publishes a “percentage” of how accurate they are.  Many psychics will say something like – “proven 95%” accuracy.  This is complete and utter nonsense and in our view, should immediately discount the credibility of the clairvoyant in question.  Psychic abilities are fluid, fluxuate and aren’t not as reliable as many of us would like.  One day, someone may be 100% “on point” and then have a session where nothing comes through at all.  This is just how the magical and mysterious invisible world works….and anyone who makes grandiose claims about their “statistics” that sound too good to be true, probably is.

Who do YOU think are the best psychics in manhattan?  Have you had a great experience with a medium in New York that you’d love to share?  Tell us about him or her on our FB page, or in the community comments below.

April 6, 2017 |

Creepy Psychic Messages? 9-11 Spirit Stories and More


Q: Are some psychic messages creepy? Do psychic readings scare people? If yes….what are those experiences like?

A: In my view, if people aren’t expecting real information to come through during a reading, the experience can be creepy when it does. Most notably? Medium readings, when a loved one comes through, and you don’t expect it (or don’t believe it’s possible) those sorts of psychic experiences tend to leave the most lasting impression.

We’ve had a few people tell us that “9/11 spirits” or the loved ones who died in the tragic 9-11 terrorists attacks, have appeared to them in a myriad of ways, offering proof of an afterlife that religion, family or faith couldn’t provide.

Check out the story from the Huffington Post below about a 9-11 “ghost” story and tell us if you think it would be proof for YOU. (i tend to think stories like this one, while they get attention in some media channels, aren’t really examples of EVIDENTIAL mediumship, unless there was a lot more information provided, that the author didn’t include in the story)

There is also an excellent book written about the spirits of 9-11, written by the spouse of someone lost that day, and capturing many of the private experiences that other families were brave enough to share with the public.

You can read more at the link following the short excerpt below.

It was what she said next that has stayed with me all these years.

“Hold on, hold on — there is a young man here trying to get through. He has just crossed over,” she paused then asked me, “Who is Elizabeth?”

Up until then everyone she mentioned was part of my family. I couldn’t think of anyone in my family named Elizabeth. I looked over at Eileen and asked her, “Elizabeth?”

“What about your friend Liz?”

That’s when it hit me, the shiver down my spine.

My friend Liz’s husband was killed in the Twin Towers just the month before.

The psychic continued, “Its okay Tommy, its okay.”

His name was Tommy. At that point I don’t remember if I had said his name, or she just knew it.

“He wants you to tell Elizabeth that he is okay.”

Eventually I did tell Liz about what the psychic told me, but it took me a while to get the courage to do so.

April 3, 2017 |

She Got a Bad Psychic Reading….. (She Didn’t Expect THIS To Happen Next)


I got a bad psychic reading.  Or rather, I got a psychic reading where she told me bad things would happen.  Should I panic?  Can I change my future?  HELP!  What should I do next?

One of the more common questions we get relates to bad psychic readings, or future predictions that aren’t so happy, cheerful or inspiring.  Said differently, some people see a psychic or medium or spiritual coach, and rather than getting the “I see lots of warm and fuzzy things in your future” , they get some sort of ominous message that causes them some level of dread.  IMPORTANT note:  The vast majority of people don’t have this sort of experience and the vast majority of readers that we know, are tactful, insightful and inspirational, using compassion and natural empathy to connect with clients, and visualize positive, purposeful and empowering options for those in their care.

That said, some people do get “bad” psychic readings.  (both literally, and in the sense of the predictions themselves as well)

Here are a few things to keep in mind when this happens:

1 – NO psychic is 100% prescient.  There is much to life that is outside of the scope of visions of the future.  And no one psychic, no matter how accurate in terms of past predictions, is anywhere near 100% accurate for future ones.

2 – Psychic gifts are a subtle sense, and leave much room for interpretation and intervention.  A psychic or gifted intuitive can sense, feel or see something in your future that feels really, really real…..but just on the basis of you knowing about, and hearing about it, that alone can be the “trigger” you need to change that particular path or future event.

3 – There are many BAD psychics out there, too!  Don’t believe that just because someone told you that your husband is cheating, or that you are going to be in a car accident, that either of those things (or anything else they may say) is true!  Do your due dillegence, use your own intuition and if something feels wrong, or it leads you to fear, worry or not live your life in a way that empowers you or is in alignment with serving your best self, simply ignore it.  (or seek out another opinion, too!)

Here is the key takeaway for psychic readings in general, as they pertain to living your life in a way that makes you better, stronger and more secure.

Life is a grand adventure.  You are the author of your experience, and the hero of the movie that is your life.  You ALWAYS get to choose how you show up, how you live, and how you affect your own future, with conscious and creative action.  No psychic reading or spiritual guidance should leave you feeling life a victim.

For more on some really BAD psychic readings, and how people can be affected by bad fortunetelling, continue reading one woman’s experience, after the short excerpt below.

I was in a terrible time in my life.  I had just finished grad school and had zero direction.  My job ended with school and I had no money and was this close to losing my apartment.  I was borrowing money from my parents for cat food. My boyfriend had dumped me six months previous and I couldn’t get over it and “dinner” was frequently a bottle of red wine from the local convenience store.

I was horribly, horribly depressed. So a night out with a girlfriend to go to a chic bar and get my palm read sounded awesome.   knew that dropping $20 (plus another $20 for drinks and the like) was super-irresponsible considering I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the next month’s RENT, but a night out hiding from all those problems was irresistible. I wanted to dress up, have fancy drinks, laugh with a friend while doing something silly.

April 2, 2017 |

Addicted to Psychic Readings?


Q:  Can someone get addicted to psychic readings?  If so……how so, and what is the best way to break the spell?

A:  We’ve written about psychic addiction a bit in the past, and while it’s NOT something that is discussed all that often, it IS something that some people are more prone to experience, than others.

Psychic addiction is really less about “psychic” readings, and more about people who want to change or control their circumstances in some way outside of ordinary life, and seem not to be happy, or not to be comfortable with the circumstances that they are currently navigating…..hence, the reliance on outside, or metaphysical guidance to try to transform what is happening in the present moment.

I know this, because I’ve seen it far too many times to count, and i’ve experienced it myself as well!

How?  In going through a bad breakup a long time ago, I found myself relying on my small network of very close intuitive and spiritual circle of friends to guide me through a difficult time.  But rather than merely wanting “friend” advice, I sought out spiritual or supernatural intervention, from these friends, over and over again…..until one finally had to say – “hey……nothing is different today, than what we already covered yesterday, so maybe it’s time you started to get accountable to yourself, instead of seeking readings that you hope confirm what you’d LIKE to happen, rather than what IS in fact happening in your life”

Or some variation of that advice, anyway.

It was a hard lesson to learn, and it hurt to hear, but it was the best spiritual advice I’d ever gotten.  We all are responsible for our own karma, and life merely serves as a mirror to give us the opportunity to grow, go and flow in the direction of our destiny.

So while psychic addiction CAN be a real “thing”, it’s less about the psychics, and more about the desire to change, control and feel a sense of ownership over what is happening in our lives.  Some people see a shrink everyday.  Others cry to their friends and family.  And others still, seek out psychic or spiritual advice well past the point of it being helpful.

What do YOU believe about psychic addiction?  Do you believe it’s a a problem?  Or is it something that only applies to the extreme examples of people seeking spiritual guidance?

For more on psychic addiction from around the web, check out some different opinions below:

March 29, 2017 |

Free Psychic Readings? She Spoke to 4 Mediums And This is What Happened Next

signs you are a medium

How reliable are free readings? Can a psychic reading by email be a real “thing”? And why do psychics or mediums offer free readings in the first place? Is it to be nice, or helpful…..or is there an ulterior motivation behind it?

We get a lot of questions about either free, or hyper low cost psychic readings. The truth is, a free reading is often a really good marketing tool used by ANY professional (be they it a lawyer who offers a free consultation, or a medium who offers a free reading by email)

That said, most busy psychics, mediums or spiritual professionals don’t have a ton of time to accomodate the incredible volume of “takers” they will get when free readings are offered and available. In many cases, free readings are a recipe for disappointment and in our experience, rarely lead to a meaningful, magical and beneficial relationship with a spiritual guide that will serve you and your needs, for important decisions.

With that in mind? The popular cable TV news show (and online magazine) VICE, did a short piece on a journalist who sought out spiritual advice from local toronto mediums after she lost her sister. The rub was, of course….that there WAS no real sister who had been lost. She details her experience with the mediums at the link below, including several of them who offered their services for free as a “lead generation” tool to get her to pay for more expensive psychic services.

am i an empathCheck out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below.

The second reading, also free, was done over email, which I didn’t know was a thing. I had a response in my inbox within 10 minutes of sending out the enquiry message with my name, Emily’s and Emily’s cause of death. Even with the shift in technology, my sister was still doing fine—more than fine, in fact:

“It’s a little different than what she expected on the other side, but she is quite happy and sees things very differently. I get she had a little of a ‘wild’ streak in her,” Psychic Two wrote. She said Emily was mentioning something about clothing and I said she and I had exchanged necklaces.

“She’s saying not to worry about her, she is OK. She says not to worry as she is fine and with you. [S]he wants you to live your life, a happy one,” she wrote back.

Even though the answers were still pretty vague, this was the most detailed description I would get of Emily all day. The Houdini in me was doing backflips. Two for two.

March 28, 2017 |

She Almost Died in a Car Crash. (And this is what it felt like)


What does it feel like to ALMOST die? Not a near death experience, but a “I think I’m going to die” experience where you aren’t even hurt?

There are lots of stories about near death experiences, and everyone has an opinion on what they mean. Some believe they are just the blissful blips of a dying brain. Others believe they are a glimpse into the wonderful world that awaits. (most of the people who HAVE the experiences are convinced they’ve seen the other side)

But what about FEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES? There is very little written about these sorts of “almost died” experiences that don’t involve an actual NDE, but they are incredibly inspirational none the less. If you’ve never read a FDE, here is a really good example of what many people report in these strange spaces where something mysterious, magical and meaningful happens, that remains unexplained. Read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

This incident was before seat belt laws. The moment that I realized that I was absolutely going through that windshield and going to die, I left this plane.

I was me but wasn’t in my body. I could see and feel all of the experiences of my life thus far. I also felt an indescribable feeling of pure and overwhelming love from people in my life who were alive and who had passed such as my Grandmother. All of the past experiences that I was shown, anyone who was involved in those experiences I could also feel how they felt at the time. But the most important thing I felt was love. From these people I could feel what they felt for me, but I could also feel the love I felt for them as well. It felt like at least 2 minutes that I was somewhere else feeling that love is the most important part of life, but it was actually only a second or two. I never saw a light or a tunnel.

March 24, 2017 |

Best Psychics in California?


Q:  Who are the best psychics in California?  If you had to pick just ONE medium in Los Angeles to get a reading from, who would it be?

A:  Ethan asked us this on Facebook earlier today, and it’s not all that uncommon of a question.  (although of course, the city, state or locality tends to change often, predicated on WHERE the person who is asking, is located 🙂

Here is the thing when it comes to ranking “the best of…” when it comes to psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, spiritual life coaches in los angeles, California overall, or ANY city and state in the Country.  (or in the world, for that matter)

It’s subjective.  There IS no definitive list of the best psychics or spiritual life coaches, or mediums, or otherwise.  Your personality, and your needs, and your specific resonance, unique intuition and and conscious connection to the spiritual professional is AS important, as their ability to help you get what you want or need.

This is much more applicable, in my view, to spiritual services than it may be to lawyers, accountants or other speciality services that one CAN often measure on the basis of “who is the best” in a profession in a given moment in time.

Okay, with that out of the way?  Let’s take a quick look at how to find the best psychic or medium in Los Angeles for ETHAN, and then I will make a recommendation for everyone as well.

1 – When searching for a local psychic, DO pay close attention to the quality of the results in the search engines.  For example, when Ethan sent us a link to the list of the best mediums in LA, it had several people on it that we have never heard of, which is totally okay and expected.  BUT, the person who “owns” the site that lists the top readers?  She had HERSELF as the first person as the “best psychic medium” in Los Angeles 🙂  Now that is totally kosher from a marketing and self promotion perspective, but it’s not going to give you the most “fair” assesement of who really is #1, right?

2 – Be very wary of words like “certified psychics” or “accredited” or “voted best” and phrases like that.  Why?  Because there is NO true way to certify a psychic or medium.  There ARE some credible places that do certify mediums  (the non profit Windbridge Institute in Arizona, for example – who study mediumship in a scientific way and are heavy hitters in the parapsychology world, and the ForeverFamily Foundation, who also certify mediums in a legit scientific way) – BUT, these are the exception and not the rule.  (and very few of the mediums who advertise themselves as “certified” are aware of, or belong to or have been certified by either of these organizations)

3 – Sites like Bob Olson’s psychic directory, which rank “the best psychics” also are fee based and charge money for “premium or featured” or best of listings, which automatically should discount the credibility that this sort of “award” should offer.  Do note that the famouspsychicmediums directory, which you are reading now, ALSO charges for premium or featured listings – so even when you browse OUR site for los angeles mediums, you should know that the “featured” profiles are generally fee based results.

4 – Lastly, remember that unless you NEED to see a psychic or medium in person, you aren’t confined to your geography – be it California, Colorado or Conneticut.  You can call a good medium anywhere in the world these days, so finding someone that is local to you, is ONLY important if you insist on getting the reading in person.

5 – As far as who we would recommend right now – in March of 2017, as the top medium in Los Angeles?

It’s subjective of course, but in terms of someone NOT all that well known, but really, really good, we’d recommend you check out Medium Fleur.  She’s not “famous” (like Tyler Henry, let’s say….the most FAMOUS los angeles medium at the moment 🙂 but she IS very well reviewed and received by many we know, and several close friends who live and work in Los Angeles have told me personal experiences with Fleur, and several others have been at her events and been really blown away by her evidential mediumship.

So that’s it from our side.  What about yours?  Who do YOU believe are the top psychics in Los Angeles?  Have you seen a medium in LA and been blown away?  Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below!



March 19, 2017 |

Am I Psychic? (or Just Nuts?)


Am I psychic, or crazy?

signs you are a mediumEver get the feeling that your intuitive antenna is beeping like crazy, and you aren’t sure WHAT (or who) to trust? One of the best questions that any of us can ask ourselves is, WHAT do I trust? Do you go with your gut…..or do you listen to the advice, input and outside influence that the world offers us, in any and every given moment.

Friends, family, foes……everyone has something to say, and far too many of us take direction from something (or somewhere) outside of ourselves.

Listen to your heart. Trust your intuition. THAT is what has gotten you safely to this exact moment in time, and if you tune it in and tune it UP you’ll find the answers, and insight and inspiration to go forward lies there as well.

We get a lot of questions from people who want to know if they are becoming psychic, or just going crazy. 🙂 Check out some of our favorite articles, from around the web, on just that…..below!

3. You always felt different – When your were little did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? Do you feel that way now?

It’s like you can’t quite put a finger on it, but you’ve always known there was something different about you… Not something better about you, just… different. Like, maybe you long for deeper connections, but it’s hard to find others to relate to.

4. You see things in your peripheral vision (clairvoyance) – For example, orbs, “sparkles”, shadows, or flashing light. I like to call these Spirit lights! These are also indicators that you’re clairvoyant. If you developed your gifts, you would be able to see spirit in your mind’s eye.

5. You feel things about places (clairsentience) – You walk into a room or drive by a building you’ve never been in and it’s like SHAZAM! Your body tingles, you get a shiver, or the energy seems to “palpate” with heat, cold, or heaviness.

You say things like, “That place has a great vibe,” or “That place FEELS awful!“.

15 Signs You’re a Psychic Medium – Not a Crazy Person

March 17, 2017 |

9 Signs You May be a Medium

signs you are a medium

signs you are a medium

Am I a Medium? What are the signs? Are all mediums also psychic? If not…..why not?

Here is a quick chart we put together earlier this morning on some of the lesser known signs you may be a medium. There are lots of OBVIOUS things you can read all over the web about psychic development, or traits of a medium, etc – but many of the more abstract qualities are what separates PRACTICING mediums, from folks who are just getting flashes of illumination, inspiration and insight from the ethereal realms.

The good news is most of these skills can be cultivated with practice and awareness exercises. For example, one can practice visualizing and interpreting imagery, and that certainly strengthens the cultivation of the sort of concentration a good medium needs to stay on message.

For some other thoughts on the traits of a medium, check out some of the other resources around the web below:

By definition, a medium is a type of psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.[1] Natural born mediums have always had their abilities, while latent mediums develop them later in life. A medium uses their intuitive skills to see the events (past, present, and future) of someone by reading the spiritual energy around that person. Though mediums and psychics are controversial figures, they are very prevalent in today’s culture.[2] If you’re curious about the world of psychics and spirituality, look carefully at yourself and your past to see if you have the qualities typically associated with a medium.

March 16, 2017 |

Am I a Lightworker?

lightworker traits

lightworker traitsWhat is a lightworker?  Are light workers born…..or is it something any of us can become?

Do you need to have a specific gift, or spiritual superpower to be a light worker, helper or healer….or does ANYONE who works in the service of others count?

We get a lot of questions about this topic in general, and many people will ask if all psychics and mediums are lightworkers.  My feeling may surprise you, but in my experience, most psychics and mediums, are NOT light workers by dint of their gift…..but instead, are through the expression of it in the world.

Here is what I mean:

Just because you have a certain level of natural intuition, or are “tuned” to a different frequency than most, doesn’t mean that you are using that gift in the expression of spiritual service.  In that respect, INTENTION is the key thing that separates natural intuition from doing magical, meaningful work in the world.

In addition?  Lightworkers can be any of us who choose to express love, compassion, and action in the world that offers hope, help and healing to those who need it most.  Buddhism talks about lightworkers, too.  As a matter of fact…..the word “Bodhisattva” was used thousands of years before the term lightworker came into the language, and it means any of us who “wake up” and give ourselves up in the act of healing the world.

Judaism has the phrase “Tikkun Olam” which means charity, service and the actual repairing of the world in the service of the divine order.

Any of us has the opportunity to wake up and change the world in our own wild, weird and wonderful ways, meaning that you don’t need an unusual gift to be the most spiritual person on your street. 🙂

What do YOU think makes a lightworker?

Is it some special skill, or is it defined by how you transform the lives of others in your orbit and universe?



March 16, 2017 |

Brian Weiss Workshops and Events


Interested in exploring your past lives?

brian weiss eventsDr. Brian Weiss leads some of the best and most powerful and profound past life regression workshops and events throughout the year. While past lives and reincarnation are controversial topics EVEN in the new age and spiritual growth communities, there is no doubt that watching a past life regression being done live, in front of hundreds of people, can be a helpful, healing and transformative experience. Better yet? Participating in a group hypnosis experience, where YOU feel like you have been transported to a different time, place and dimension, can be equally as exciting, inspiring and life changing as well.

We’ve attended several Brian Weiss events over the years, and have participated in several online workshops as well, and while not ALL of our group believed in past lives before the sessions…..most walked away thinking something truly profound had transpired.

Interested in experiencing the magic and mystery of past life hypnosis yourself? There is no one better to learn from than Dr. Brian Weiss. (his first book, Many Lives, Many Masters was MY first foray into the wild and wonderful world of reincarnation possibility)

Check out some of his upcoming events in the Spring of 2017 at the link below.

Hay House U Live! 2017 Las Vegas – Intensive Workshop

Intensive All-Day Workshop – Brian L. Weiss and Amy E. Weiss
Part of the Hay House U Live! 2017 Las Vegas Weekend Conference

The Westgate Resort and Casino
10:00 am – 5:00 pm followed by a book signing with both authors

Sponsor: Hay House, Inc.
Phone: (800) 654-5126 in U.S.
Phone: (760) 431-7695 International
Fax: (800) 650-5115

Click HERE for information and to purchase tickets.

March 16, 2017 |

How to Find Your Soul Purpose

how to find your purpose

The great lesson we learn from near death experiencers and people who cross over and come back is this: Our lives have a purpose. Our lives have an individual purpose. There is something each of us is uniquely suited to do, and we each has a drive or spiritual urge to find that one thing and express it in the world with passion, purpose and power.

Some people do that through work in the world, and some do it at home, or through the rich and rewarding relationships we foster with t those who need us most.

It may not matter HOW you express it, but it does matter that you do. There is no worse feeling than knowing you are “meant” to do something different…..but not knowing exactly what that thing is.

Here are 5 soul purpose questions that can help you find your life purpose in 5 minutes…..or at least give you a gentle nudge in the direction of your destiny.

March 15, 2017 |

Is Tyler Henry Fake?

tyler henry scam

Is Tyler Henry Fake? Is the Hollywood Medium the real deal….or just another psychic medium or inspirational spiritual teacher doomed to disappoint?

With so many people finding hope, help and healing from psychic mediums, it’s no surprise that many skeptics, cynics and NON believers tend to diminish and disregard the spiritual skills of many of the best known luminaries in the helping and healing spaces. It should obviously be no surprise then, that Tyler Henry has become the target of much derision from the very folks who believe that ALL psychics and mediums are fake, fraudulent and simply making it ALL up.

tyler henry scam

is tyler henry real

In this issue of “Doubtful News”, the author of this piece (a well known skeptic and paranormal de-bunker) puts Tyler Henry in her crosshairs, and attacks his credibilty and bona fides in a whole bunch of different ways. The truth is, regardless of how much “science” she attempts to incorporate in her take down of Tyler Henry, she simply has NO idea whether or not her skepticism is warranted, or not.

Here is a simple question:

Do YOU believe in life after death? Do you have an intuition that consciousness or the YOU that makes up the central piece of the puzzle that IS in fact, you……continues on after physical life ends? And if that IS in fact true…what do you believe happens to that awareness when the body is no longer animated with life? Is it possible that you can still communicate with those of us in the living? And IF that is true, (as most people DO believe) what is to say that someone especially gifted cannot be a conduit to communicating beetween this world and the next?

Tyler Henry seems to have appeared out of nowhere to wow celebs like the Kardashians (who seemed a bit too easily wowed by just shiny things). But that’s all we have from Tyler. He’s not shown the world what he says he can do. Susan Gerbic writing at Skeptical Inquirer online looked into this psychic newcomer to see what’s what. It isn’t any less icky than the usual psychic swill. It’s a good story about psychic awakening. He says he just wants to help people (don’t they all) including parents of suicides (that makes him, as Susan says “people who prey on families when they are the most desperate and vulnerable”). Some may argue that his kind of help during bereavement is actually beneficial. Others say he is just another (albeit innocent looking) “grief vampire” like the late and often mistaken Sylvia Browne or the several other psychics who get rich taking money from those who fervently believe psychics can talk to their lost loved ones.


Real-deal “boy next door” medium? Or Hollywood hype?

March 14, 2017 |

Laura Lynn Jackson: Psychic Medium

Laura Lynn Jackson psychic medium

Laura Lynn Jackson has emerged as one of the most interesting, engaging and inspiring psychic mediums of the last few years. While not nearly as well known as some of her more celebrity counterparts, her excellent book “The Light Between Us” and her inspiring readings have cultivated a passionate and enthusiastic fan base around the globe

Not only does Laura do readings for the public in private readings and open events, her work with law enforcement has attracted attention from mainstream media both large and small. check out the feature interview, and video on the Huffington Post below.

Psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson has had a colorful life of experiences with energy from the other side, and she discusses her spiritual gifts in her new book, The Light Between Us. During a conversation with HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on Thursday, Jackson explained the time she was enlisted by a daughter looking for her missing father, which led to surprisingly effective results.

“I connected with her father on the other side, who told me he had drowned and where his body was and when it would be found,” Jackson said. “And apparently the detective said — once the body was found during the month he had told me — [the detective] said, ‘I’ve never experienced this, where it’s almost as if somebody wrote the end of this case as a book.’”

March 14, 2017 |

Best Places to De-Stress in Los Angeles


Looking for some rest and relaxation in LA? Want to rejuventate your spiritual energy in a safe and nurturing atmosphere?

Check out some of super spiritual hot spots recommended by Aiden Chase for rest, relaxation and a battery boost you WON’T find on the local list of Yelp recommendations 🙂 We’ve had a bunch of readers ask for some great secret spiritual spots in LA, and while we can’t attest for all of them ourselves, the sacred spots below come with lots of mystical magic and mojo. Check them out below!

For almost a decade, psychic to the stars Aiden Chase has been high in demand for his intuitive business strategy consulting, healing capabilities and good old-fashion psychic readings. One of Hollywood’s Must-Have Psychics, Aiden — aka “Hollywood’s Healer” — is a bastion of knowledge for L.A.’s best spots (energetically speaking). Aiden spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed the top places he sends his clients for making deals, boosting energy and besting selves.

March 14, 2017 |

The Top Psychics in the USA?


Q: Who are the top psychics in the United States? Is there a list of the best mediums in one place? How expensive is it to make an appointment with a celebrity psychic or famous medium? And… I better off seeing a local psychic instead?

We get a lot of questions about the best psychic mediums in the United States, and the truth is, there IS no one single list or resource that is worth reading.

Here is why:

am i a medium1 – Many of the “top psychic lists” are contrived or created by marketing folks, not people interested in genuine mediums.

For example? Running the famouspsychicmediums directory, and other communities of psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual coaches and inspiring authors, the truth is, we see all sorts of BAD mediums being included in TOP lists. (someone emailed us over the weekend, for example…..claiming to be one of the top 10 psychics in the world, and her “proof” was, there was a badly designed book on Amazon published earlier this month, CALLED “the best 10 mediums in the USA” and her name was in it. Of course, that doesn’t mean SHE didn’t publish that book, or the psychic “hotline” she worked for didn’t publish it, etc – and this is the problem we find with ANY list that claims to be the definitive source for the best in ANY profession….but especially this one, as it’s so subjective.

2 – There really are tons of different types of mediums, too.

There are physical mediums, which is a very different (and much more rare) phenomena than mental mediums. A mental medium gets impressions, sees or hears “spirit”, interprets signs and symbols, etc – and communicates that with their clients. A physical medium actually PRODUCES phenomena, and while controversial…..and much more rare, there are physical mediums working in the world today, and they have to be judged by a whole different criteria as well. (you can read about the SCOLE experiment for examples of physical mediums, or just google the term, and you’ll see some real investigations, into incredible phenomena, that a select few of these people are able to produce that will blow your mind.)

3 – As far as celebrity mediums? The top psychics or mediums in the US, based strictly on popularity, as measured by online interest are:

  • Theresa Caputo
  • Tyler Henry
  • John Edward
  • James Van Praagh
  • Lisa Williams
  • John Holland
  • Kim Russo

You could also include people like:

  • Uri Geller (who is the BEST known internationally, although he wouldn’t consider himself a psychic medium in the conventional sense of the word)
  • Paul Selig (for his amazing and inspiring books and channeled readings)
  • George Anderson (a truly gifted, if not reclusive medium)

Of course there are more, but this list, in 2017, based on our own traffic and the interest in our own communities, is a pretty good list for those of you wanting to know who the most famous are. This doesn’t mean of course, that these are the best, or that you are going to be able to get an appointment (easily or affordably) with any of them!

Often times, your best bet is to see a local psychic or medium, if you are curious or just called to explore the experience, rather than spend days, weeks or many months on a waiting list to see someone who may not be any better than someone around the corner from you, that you could find at a local spiritual meetup or event, and who COULD change your life forever. (especially if you are skeptical about spiritual matters, right now)

Who do YOU believe are the top mediums? Who would YOU recommend your friends or family see if they wanted proof that these experiences are real? Share with us via email, on Facebook, or in the community comments below!

March 13, 2017 |

John Edward: Private Readings or Public Events?


Q: How do I make an appointment with John Edward? Does he still do private readings? And if I can’t get an appointment to get a psychic readings, are his public events the next best thing?

While we can’t help you get a private reading with John Edward, (his waitlist is long, and his process for picking new clients is a bit pot luck) I can tell you that is public events, where he DOES do readings for many in the audience, are well worth checking out.

Here is his event schedule for Spring and Summer of 2017. (We’ve gone as a group to several public events, and small private sessions too – and have some pretty extraordinary experiences with John Edwards we’d be happy to share with anyone who wants to inquire privately – all good! 🙂

You can also connect with John via his social media, as he’s fairly active, or via his private membership site, which does offer some unique opportunities for private, one on one appointments, webinars and other similar things.

March 11, 2017 |

Suzanne Northrup Reviews


Seance:  A Guide for a Living is a great book written by the talented medium Suzanne Northrup.  We’ve had several readers tell us that this is the first book that has really opened up their eyes to the notion that life after life COULD be a possibility, and Suzanne’s Northrup’s work has been featured in many different mainstream venues…..from the pioneering work of Dr. Gary Schwartz on evidential mediums, to police and law enforcement acknowledgements around the globe.

There are about 25 books that we recommend people read who are interested in exploring the evidence for the afterlife, but aren’t feeling the new age vibe….or don’t find some of the popular, mainstream stuff as compelling.  (typically folks who are a bit more science minded, or skeptical than many of the more credulous members of our community to believe it ALL 🙂

Suzanne has a few books in that recommended reading list, and Seance: A Guide for Living is a great place to begin.  (it’s an older book – about 25 years ago or so, but it’s well worth the read)

What are YOUR favorite books on spiritual development, personal growth or the best evidence that life doesn’t end at death?


March 11, 2017 |

Is There Life After Death? 50 Years of Research at the UVA (VIDEO)


Is there life after death? what is the evidence? What does science say? What types of experiences are the MOST interesting, inspiring or compelling?

A fascinating video from late last month (Feb 2017) with some of the smartest scientists who are studying evidence for the afterlife…..from past life memories in small children, to death bed visions, to apparitions, mediums and more. Watch some of the best minds discuss some of the best evidence, that death is NOT the end.

What do YOU believe? Have you had an experience that suggests there is MORE to life than meets the eye? Share with us on Facebook….or in the community comments below!

March 10, 2017 |

John Holland: How To Become an Evidence Based Psychic Medium


What is an evidence based psychic medium? How do evidential readings differ from more conventional messages from mediums? Is there training required, or are those born with the gift…..born with the gift?

An interesting article with Boston based psychic medium John Holland, where he describes his experience of going from a local part time tarot reader, to becoming one of a handful of the most well known mediums in the world. John Describes his travel and training overseas (in the UK) as a formative part of his journey from someone who had a gift, to a widely sought after spiritual teacher with best selling books…..and sold out events worldwide.

Training DOES play a part in the cultivation of any skill, and that’s doubly true when it comes to cultivating an expanded awareness and spiritual sensitivity to the information and impressions that are always available. (if we allow ourselves to tap into them)

One of our favorite spiritual metaphors comes from the great mindfulness meditation teacher, also from Boston – Jon Kabat Zinn:

He tells us, if we want to learn how to live mindfully, with passion and purpose and power, the key is to “tune our instruments”. And this is certainly something John Holland, by dint of his training, would readily agree.

Check out the full interview with John Holland, and his 2017 events, at the link following the short excerpt below.

“What struck me, when I devoured those books on spirit communication and leading mediums, was that they were all from the UK. And I said to myself, ‘If I could only go to England and study with these people how great would that be?’

“Well, two weeks after that I stepped on someone’s foot at a party and we chatted and I discovered he was from England. Although not a Spiritualist he knew about Spiritualist churches. He lived in Bristol and told me there were 10 churches in the area. I was amazed.

“His name is Simon Steel and we got to know each other, and he invited me over to England.”

It was a tempting offer but not one that seemed likely to materialize since John had a job and a rented apartment in Los Angeles. When his job suddenly came to an end a visit to the UK became more achievable, but he didn’t want to lose his apartment. However, a solution soon presented itself.

“An American friend of mine called me and said, ‘I’d love to come to California and study writing. I know you want to go to England. How about if you were to go to England, I’d pay your rent and live at your place while you’re gone?’”

Everything had effortlessly fallen into place to enable John to realize his ambition.

March 10, 2017 |

Is Death Like a Dream? What Science Says About What it Feels Like to Die


If you ask a lot of psychic mediums, or spiritual explorers, many will tell you that there are a lot of parallels between the dreaming state….and what happens after we die.

Many of you probably already know that what the Buddhists believe about the Bardo state, which is where the soul goes immediately after life, is often described in dream like language and metaphor. (actually, many buddhists believe that our entire lives are akin to a dream, and the REAL “reality” is what we see when we leave this world!)

There are many others who describe out of body experiences in a similar vein – that when we dream, we are experiencing the obe state, even if most of us don’t remember it.

Of course, most scientists will laugh at these descriptions, and call them spiritual silliness or new age nonsense.

Which is why TODAY’s article, from the Indpendent, packs such a punch.

Not only do these tests seem to confirm that brain activity goes on at least 10 minutes after death, the brain wave patterns measured by these “dead” patients, seem to match those that we identify as sleep state brain waves.

It’s all very cool stuff…and must more magic, meaning and mystery about this experience of being alive!

Check out the whole article after the short excerpt below.

Brain activity may continue for more than 10 minutes after the body appears to have died, according to a new study.

Canadian doctors in an intensive care unit appear to have observed a person’s brain continuing to work even after they were declared clinically dead.

In the case, doctors confirmed their patient was dead through a range of the normal observations, including the absence of a pulse and unreactive pupils. But tests showed that the patients’ brain appeared to keep working – experiencing the same kind of brain waves that are seen during deep sleep.

March 9, 2017 |

Psychics in My Area?


Q:  Is it safe to see a psychic in my area, or should I stick to phone readings with mediums I’ve spoken to in the past…..but who now live far away?

We’ve gotten a few questions this week about rating and reviewing local psychics, and whether or not a local tarot reader, psychic medium or spiritual teacher is “safe” to see.  Considering our directory is comprised mostly of local readers of one type or another (after all….ALL mediums are “local” to somewhere, even if they are very well known, they LIVE somewhere in a neighborhood of one type or another 🙂 we never hesitate to recommend that our audience check out folks where they specifically live.

Some do’s and don’ts for seeking out local spiritual advice?

Try to get some feedback from friends, family, FB, or anywhere that you trust.  While it’s rarely a problem to see someone new or that you’ve never heard of, like any other decision in life, a referral or recommendation is always best.

Always know your limits going in.  Never have a “flexible” budget for a reading, and always know what you will be paying before the reading starts.  (preferably, and usually, far before you show up in person)

If seeing a medium, get prepared ahead of time.  Who do you want to connect with?  What questions do you have?  What would you consider EVIDENCE that a medium is providing information they couldn’t know on their own?  (understanding what makes a reading “evidential” can be important to understand ahead of time, just to maintain your sense of integrity about your confidence in the reading later, especially when you tell friends and family about what happened, IF you are really impressed)

Have fun!  A good reading is supposed to be a good experience, and a good experience with a real psychic, medium or spiritual teacher should be healing, helpful and dare we say…..ENJOYABLE, too!

For some more advice on finding psychics near you?  Check out some additional resources around the web, below.

March 9, 2017 |

A Short History of The Long Island Medium

theresa caputo wiki

With 2017 bringing a new year of fun, family and spirit to TLC, Theresa Caputo and the Long Island Medium are more  popular than ever.  Theresa’s new book, “Good Grief…..” is already a best seller for months…… and it’s only being released in mid March!

So how did Theresa Caputo get her start?  When was she born?  How did she discover her gift?

theresa caputo wikiWas she BORN a medium….and if not, how long has she been seeing or speaking to spirit?  We get TONS and tons of questions about the Long Island Medium, and with her new season (and new book) in full spring, we thought we’d create a simple, fun visualization of how she got her start!

If you liked this, feel free to share with with YOUR family, friends and fans of Theresa and the Long Island Medium show on TV!  (we know a lot of “closet” fans of the show as well, those big tough guys who won’t admit it to their friends, but who love the show as much as we do, so if you have any of those in YOUR life, share this with THEM as well! 😉

March 8, 2017 |
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