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An Interview with Psychic Janny Di


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and welcome to the newest installment of our “Conversations with Clairvoyants” Q and A interview series!

This is where YOUR questions come to life through the answers, insights and experiences of the psychics, mediums, healers, teachers, trainers and authors we feature on our community each and every day. And remember, if you have questions about life, death or anything in between that you’d like to pose to our community of light workers, let us know!

Either send us an email or if you’d like to ask something directly of the psychic or medium featured in that day’s Q and A, post your question in the community comments section underneath each interview.

(curious but NOT yet convinced?  We welcome ALL questions and you don’t need to be a believer to participate. As long as your questions are respectful, we welcome (and want!) to hear from you 🙂

janny diToday we are featuring Janny Di, a gifted medium and card reader from New Rochelle, New York. Be sure to check out Janny’s website HERE, or her profile on our directory HERE.

You can also read a free sample of Janny’s book. “Their Whispers Tell a Story” on Amazon here!

Enjoy her entire interview below!

Q:  What has your experience been like doing this work,living this life and having an unusual calling?

Janny:   I consider myself very lucky to help people find peace. My experience has always been very positive. As far back as I can remember I have always had the support of family and friends.  I also really do not consider my gift unusual. It is just another facet of who I am.

Q:  How (and when) did you discover this path?

Janny:   I knew I was different at a very early age.I have memories of communicating with my Mom almost silently as far back as age 4 or 5. I know that may sound unusual but it was like we just knew what each other was thinking.I have that same connection with my kids.  As I wrote in my book I really came into my gifts upon the death of my Mom when I was 6.

I know I inherited my gifts from her as she did from her mother before her. My Mom remains my main guide.

Q: What has been the biggest gift or blessing that choosing (or following ) this path has brought?

Janny: I love people. The greatest blessing I receive is seeing anyone move forward in their life in a positive manner. Everyone deserves happiness and if I can help someone who is struggling in any area of their life than I am happy. We are all here to help each other.

Q: How do people react when you say you are psychic?

Janny: Surprisingly they don’t.As a matter of fact many people approach me and ask! In general I am blessed to be surrounded by progressive people.If someone is cynical it is their right to be.I just get annoyed with people who try to play the “test the psychic” game. I never lower myself to that level.

I truly believe in what I do whether you do or not. You may not believe in me but I believe in me and have helped a countless amount of people .  That’s all that matters to me.

Q: What about religious people who believe that psychic or spirit communication is “evil” or

Janny: Well,I have a few opinions on that.  First of all I believe in God. I also believe that God gave me these gifts and created me this way for a reason.

My gifts come from God. I find it very sad when people don’t open their minds to anything out of the ordinary. I am a healer.I walk in the white light. I am not evil. Narrow­ minded people are hurtful.  Being hurtful is evil.  God is not judgmental so it just doesn’t make sense does it.

How can you believe in God and then be critical of  anyone who is trying to help others basically doing God’s work?  It’s very sad.

Q: Are you superstitious?

Janny:  Not particularly.I am respectful of people who are. I am actually practical.I mean it just doesn’t make sense to walk under a ladder does it?

Q: Do you do anything before a reading that helps you connect,tune in or get in the zone?

Janny: Well first and foremost protect,protect,protect. That is so important. You always want to go into a reading surrounded by the white light. Other than that I always call in my guides to help me relay any information that the client needs for closure.

Q: Do you have to turn on(shut off) to live a normal life outside of this work?

Janny:   No. As I explained earlier what I do is very much a part of me. It is very natural.  At times I can get overwhelmed. That’s when I may try to “shut down”. For example I once had an incident at a hospital that made me very uncomfortable.It almost made me woozy.

The only other thing I can say is that I really shy away from long lines and crowded places. I usually don’t venture out much around the holidays.

Q: Tell us one thing about your daily life that might surprise us?

Janny: I crochet a lot. When people find out they get a kick out of it. I am very traditional in many ways and enjoy many of the old ways.

Q: What is the most important message or take away that you like to offer your clients during a

Janny: That everyone is born Divine! We are all divine beings with unlimited potential. Everyone should follow their “bliss”.I realize we all have to make a living but you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue something that you love doing.

Once you get to that place and you are on the right path doors will fly open for you.There’s that old saying.”If you do something you love,you will never work a day in your life!” Namaste!

Q: Do you have an exceptional, memorable or particularly powerful reading or experience you
can share?

Janny: About 4 years ago I was reading at the Festival of the Dead in Salem ,Massachusetts. A young woman sat down at my table and I could immediately sense that she was distressed. It ended up her life was upside down. She lost her job,her marriage was crumbling and she was not taking care of herself at all. I spoke to her for fifteen minutes gave her my personal number and assured her things would get better.I started by reading the cards but spirit guides took over and I relayed all the messages.

The following year I returned to the fair to read and this young woman sat down in front of me. She was absolutely glowing. Her energy was off the chart ! I looked at her and she said”Do you remember me?” After taking a second look I realized it was the same girl I sat down with the year before. She told me that it was a long road but along the way she kept hearing my voice.

She then told me that she was divorced and had moved forward and was happier than she had ever been in her life.

That was my moment. I realized just how important what I do is.This girl was my reward. It was a verification to what I do.There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you helped another human being get on track. We are still friends to this day and life has been good to both of us!

Q: What is your process like? Describe a typical reading.

Janny: If it is a card reading I usually use 2 decks. One is an oracle deck that gives me an idea of where my client is in their life at this moment. The other deck is a tarot deck. I go through the oracles cards (3 to be exact) then I begin with the tarot. If spirit is there with the client and it is strong spirit I will address that. I try to keep medium work and straight readings separate but if you are in this line of work you know when spirit talks you better listen.

Q: Where else can our readers find you around the web? Have you published any books, or do you do any regular media?

Janny: I published my first book in March 2013 titled “Their Whispers Tell A Story” It is a compilation of short chapters covering subjects such as How I knew I was different,how I feel gifts run in families,experiences I have had and others in my family have had.

Their Whispers Tell a Story: Memoirs of a Psychic Medium

Their Whispers Tell a Story: Memoirs of a Psychic Medium

The book is available at, and

I am also a freelance artist and have some paintings and other items for sale. These can be
viewed on my website.

I host 2 blogtalkradio shows. “Unveiling the Infinite” with Jessica Costello on Wednesday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. and “Mystical Caboodle” with Willie Rosario and Nicole “Snow” Green on Thursday nights from 6:30­7 p.m.

I am a Reverend under the Trinacrian Rose Church in Salem,Massachusetts.

My website is I am on facebook and twitter under Janny Di. Please visit my
website and friend me on facebook !

Q:  Final Thoughts?

Janny:  If we all show some compassion this world would be such a better place!


December 23, 2015 |

Activating the Energy Body

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life.  What do YOU believe?  (and why?)

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life. What do YOU believe? (and why?)

What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and
our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it. The dissolution of our time-bound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning.
– Carl Jung

Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got a really “sexy” energy body?  🙂  

In this short exercise…’re going to get a crash course on how to activate the amazing intuitive energy that lives within each of us, using proven meditative techniques that feel absolutely awesome….and work wonderfully well as well.

This is a no nonsense spiritual strategy for increasing your intuition, expanding your awareness, and most
importantly, waking UP, slowing down and transforming your life in powerful and purposeful ways.

What you should expect from this simple exercise?

Well, it’s 1 simple technique amongst many others that we teach and preach (and use everyday ourselves)…..but we hope that you’ll start:

  • To be inspired to look more deeply, and see the world around you a bit more differently.
  • To feel more empowered, enlivened and inspired to explore the magic and mystery of
    your own place in the wild, wacky and wonderful world around us all.
  • To have practical, easy to try and apply spiritual development tools and techniques that
    WORK. (and that you can explore from home)
  • This is not just about increasing your intuition or merely becoming “psychic”.
    Instead, it’s about re-discovering the part of you that is most alive, awake and engaged
    with the world around you.

The REAL Secret?

Once you realize, through personal experience, that there is more to life than just your
body – everything changes and the real MAGIC begins to happen!


Ready to get started?

Let’s start with a simple, symbolic story that I love…and will make a lot of sense to you as
your awareness expands

There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish
swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?”

And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at
the other and goes “What the heck is water?”

– THIS IS WATER: David Foster Wallace 2005

There are 2 core ideas from this very simple, silly but sweet story I’d love you to consider:

1: I want you to consider the notion that like the fish in the little story above – you too are swimming in the very warm waters of something magical and mysterious and almost invisible to your everyday awareness.

But once you realize you are in living in an endless ocean of energy, information and awareness, you begin to wake up to the true magic and meaning of life.

2: The more energy you can activate in your body, the more you can dissolve the space between your own personal boundary and the spiritual sea we’re ALL swimming in – all the time.

When this A-ha moment arises, the more awake, alive and connected to that creation consciousness you’ll become. (as a matter of fact, I can promise from my own experiences, that this is 100% true)

Let’s talk some core concepts for psychic and spiritual development that work wonderfully well for activating energy in the body.

7 basic “laws” for my own meditation practice:

  • Intention (what you seek)
  • Attention (where you focus)
  • Sensation (what it feels like)
  • Location (Where you feel it)
  • Visualization (what you see)
  • Concentration (cultivating the super power of fierce focus)

And, not necessarily a rule, but every important, the 7th and final instruction.
Repetition (practice makes perfect, and the more you train your brain…..the more open and expansive your awareness becomes)

We are going to use these 7 “rules” to wake up your energy body, expands your awareness and increase your intuition in a whole suite of spectacular ways…..starting today.

A Crash Course in Awakening the Energy Body (the cup of consciousness)

You are an energy body.


At our core, we are all spiritual beings having an embodied experience.
Your dense physical body masks this true nature, but we are going to lighten you, with

I promise 🙂


Let’s Begin below:

Sit in a position that feels dignified.

 (you can stand for this as well, but i find it’s easier to start off in a sitting, relaxed position)

Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth turn your hands up – fingers wide close your eyes

Get settled in your seat, and just focus on your breath for a moment, not forcing it or doing anything special – just allow yourself to notice the breath.

Notice where you feel the sensation of the breath in the body, at the tip of the nose or
in your belly

Allow yourself to relax and allow energy to move through you the way it naturally does
and wants to.

Don’t force it or analyze it.

There is no need to push or move towards or away from anything.

Just notice what you notice, without stress or straining or searching for anything specific
or special.

Your job is only to pay attention to what is already happening naturally in your body, on

it’s own….in every moment, whether you notice it or not.

Feel the space where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth.

Maybe you can feel it resting against your teeth

For a moment:

Just feel that – don’t push or apply pressure – just let your attention move to that location
and feel that sensation

Now, try to:

Feel energy in your hands

Start to move your attention to your hands

What do you feel?

If you are like many of us, you will already feel a tingling, warm sensation in the palms of
your hands.

With your eyes closed, using your attention….and staying with the breath……
try to get as close to that warm, tingling, prickly feeling as you can.

Just allow your attention to lose itself in the sensation of energy….and warmth in the

With your palms facing up, relax your fingers…..turn the palms so that they
are facing each other……and your fingers are facing the sky.

IF you are sitting on a chair that has arm rests, let your elbows rest on them.

Imagine you are holding a gentle cloud of energy between your hands.

Feel it’s warmth.

Feel it move in a circular direction between your hands

With your eyes still closed……

Visualize it.

Feel it’s soft, amorphous edges growing and flowing between your hands.

See it as a cloud of shape and color, within your control.

See if you move your hands wider what happens?

Now, try to direct energy from one palm….into the other.

Focus on sending warm energy from one palm into the other.

What does that feel like?

Notice the sensations

Can you feel sensation increasing, or intensifying when you direct energy, to the opposite hand?

With your palms still facing up, bring your middle finger and thumb together and gently press

Now train your attention on the feeling of pressure where the 2 fingers meet.

Try to get as “close” to the sensation of warmth, pressure, tingling, or whatever it is that
you feel in this moment

Many people feel a distinct circular energy moving through the hands at this point – if
you don’t – don’t worry, you eventually will.

(no pressure. (no pun intended! 🙂

Repeat the same general process as above, only now move the attention to your feet.

Feel heaviness in your feet….as if they are immovable, or anchored the floor.

Alternatively, feel your feet as light and airy, as if they are nothing more than diffuse
clouds of tingling sensation and formless energy.

Now, using the power of attention, combine the two:

See if you can totally lose or relinquish the feeling of your hands and feet – just picture a
could of energy, raw sensation (visualization and sensation)

Forget about your hands, and feet and body. Lose their shape and form if you can.

Just allow yourself to dissolve in the space of open energy, simple sensations and pure

Like the fish in water……

Can you recognize the similarity between that ocean of awareness and aliveness around
you….and the energy body within you?

And, ultimately, can you remove the borders and boundaries between “YOU”, the temporary physical body and it’s border and boundaries, and the ocean of endless energy and awareness in which you swim?

Can you dissolve into that?

You can. And you will! (we all will one day, whether we believe it or not)

The more practice you get now, the more familiar you become with your own energy
body, the more amazing, inspiring and cool things you’ll be able to access every day.

An extra credit exercise in the power of presence and the magic of mindfulness try to imagine you are holding a piece of string between your two hands, and that your entire world – your entire awareness, and focus, is located in the space of the string between your hands.

Let all other thoughts, ideas, distractions and mind wandering disappear, and simply stay in the space of your body – from one end of the invisible string to the other.

This is the power of presence.

Be in your body – now – as you already are – but now – with intention – and attention – allow yourself to focus on only the sensation of aliveness that arise in this space.

“Endings are not always bad. Most times they’re just beginnings in disguise.” Kim Harrison


How did this beginner exercise feel?  Being with the body is the key to transcending the body, and in my own experience, allowing myself to dissolve into the space of sensations is the very first step in a spiritual journey that has taken me, reliably, to places I once couldn’t have (and wouldn’t have) imagined existed.


Hope this inspired you a bit as well – and look for more advanced techniques from a number of our favorite spiritual authors, artists and ethereal explorers on our Facebook page in September!

PS: We want to hear from YOU!

Share your thoughts (and experiences!) with us in the community comments below, or on our Facebook page here!

August 31, 2015 |

10 Questions with Psychic Medium Heidi Jaffe


Welcome to another edition of Conversations with Clairvoyants, where we feature Q and A style interviews with some of our favorite psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual teachers and trainers working in the world today!

These informal interviews are designed to add depth, dimension and detail to many of the faces you see on our pages… and offer an insightful, intuitive and inspiring insight into the “why” behind what so many of our members do for a living.

We hope these conversations offer you a bit more insight into the unique biographies and life stories behind some of our favorite spiritual teachers, and offer up some provocative conversation starters should you want to reach out and connect any of our community favorites for your own reading.

Today’s interview is with psychic medium Heidi Jaffe, who was one of the very first mediums I was told about when we launched the Famous Psychic Medium directory, not only, I was told……because she in my home state (Florida), but is amazingly gifted, and incredibly gracious as well! (something I can now certainly attest to as well!)

I want to thank Heidi for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions about her practice, the psychic profession and some of the unique insights she’s gleaned on her own journey.

You can read the full interview below!

Heidi Jaffe Medium

Q1: Hi Heidi – I’d like to start by asking, when did you first know you had a special gift?

A: I had quite a few experiences as a child seeing and hearing spirits, but I honestly thought it was my imagination. I used to see and hear my great grandmother, in particular all of the time after she passed. As a teenager I would get scared that if I thought about something too much that I would make it happen. Not in the sense that I had any power to make anything happen whatsoever, I just didn’t understand that I was getting glimpses of future events happening at the time. Then later in my life I had activity pick up all around me.

I would hear people walking up and down my hall and pennies would fly off counters or drop out of mid air onto the floor. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I truly realized that I could do what I could do. Then it came on fast and strong. The floodgates opened and I never turned back. I have since dedicated my life to this work. After I realized my gift, I educated myself in the field and got myself trained at the best schools with the best psychic mediums I could find. I think it is incredibly important to be educated and trained in this line of work.

There are too many people with undeveloped gifts, or no gifts at all who have little to no experience out there that end up damaging people who are very fragile. I get a lot of them who come to me and I have to try to undo the crap that has been put in their heads. Some of the stories I have heard are ridiculous! I think the saying is something like “they know just enough to be dangerous”.

Q2: Is there a certain type of psychic “skill” you specialize in?

We all have our strengths and specialties. Mine is communication to the other side and Spiritual Guidance, or what most people would call a Psychic reading. I do not use any divination tools at all. In a Mediumistic reading, I connect to my client’s loved ones and deliver detailed messages from them. In a Spiritual reading, I connect to my clients through my psychic abilities and through spirit guides to pick up on what is going on in their life. Then I can tap into the people and the situations in their life they are concerned with. I can see past and present issues going on and help them see where that path is going in the future. Through help from my spirit guides, I can help guide them in their continued direction or help them make a left or a right turn instead.

Q3: How did your friends and family respond when you first shared that this was going to be your life’s work?

The first time I told people, the responses were all over the place from total support to extreme curiosity, and total disbelief. But, overall I’m very fortunate that I have a lot of support from my friends and family. I’ve ended up giving half of them specific messages from their loved ones on the other side that are undeniable, so that helps a little, lol.

Q4: What is the reading process like? Can you describe it for our audience?

When a client comes in, I always want to make sure they are comfortable. I explain how I work and see if they have any questions before we start. I let them know that there are no stupid questions in my office. I like my clients to feel completely safe to go through whatever emotions they need to. There is always a lot of laughter in my readings that being said. But, not because the subject is funny. It’s quite the contrary. I keep it light because I know how heavy it can be. My clients will always get what they need when they have a session with me. It isn’t always what they expected to get or thought they needed, but it always makes sense to them.

You may be told some things that may not make sense at the time of the reading because they haven’t happened yet. I end up getting lots of emails from clients letting me know that the one thing that didn’t make sense either happened, or they found the item I was speaking about, etc. I love keeping in touch with my clients and hearing about how it all pans out with them. If you are getting a mediumistic reading I always give plenty of evidence so that you have no doubt about whom you are in contact with. I want to make sure from my side as well, so I know I am delivering the correct messages from the right spirit! I want that confirmation just as much as you do.

Every reading is so different. Every one has different reasons for wanting to contact a loved one, and different needs in various places in their life. No reading is alike. The only common thing is to know that a loved one is ok.

Q5: How do you deal with the skeptics and cynics that invariably crop up in the peanut gallery?

I have skeptical clients come in occasionally. They don’t bother me much. I do my best to put them at ease and information eventually comes though that changes their mind. If someone comes in completely closed down, I cannot help them if they won’t open up. If you come in with your mind made up, then you are wasting your time and my time. Luckily, I have amazing clients so I don’t deal with that much, if at all. Most people who come in are ready to have the experience.

Q6: How do you recommend people who are curious but not convinced go about the process of picking a reader?

I would get a feel for their personality, read their testimonials, see if they have any education in their field and honestly go with your gut.

Q7: How should clients prepare for a reading? Is there anything that people should do before they come in?

Putting out to the universe who you hope to hear from helps, writing down questions that you want answered and getting a good night of sleep all help make a reading flow much easier. Also, just coming in with no expectations is key. If you get caught up just in what you want to hear, or think you should hear you could miss some very important information and messages. You have to allow yourself to open up.

Q8: With so many different psychics, mediums, and spiritual teachers in the world, one of the most common questions I get via email from our public audience is – are all mediums the same? Of course I always reply that no two doctors, or designers or candle stick makers are the same – we all have our own unique way of putting our work into the world.

So I’d like to ask you, what makes YOU and your work unique? Is there something “special” about your process, or perspective that helps you stand out in the sea of spiritual help that is available?

I am known for my upfront and down to earth personality. I never try to be anything more than what I am. I take my job very seriously, but I don’t take myself very seriously. So, if I mess something up or say something silly I will always laugh at myself. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers.

No one has them, though many claim to. I am very honest and speak to my clients from my heart. I think my clients appreciate that. There is no ego or flash in my readings. It’s real and authentic.

My readings are filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of support. I don’t judge and do my best to give my clients the guidance and peace that they need. My clients feel safe when they are in a session with me and that means the world to me. I keep in touch with most of my clients, so that makes me smile and know I am doing something right.

Q9: What is the most rewarding part of this profession for You?

Honestly, I love helping people. I get to be a part of a unique experience that changes someone’s life forever. I am unbelievably honored and humbled to have a part in that. It never gets old and I love every client I have ever worked with…well, mostly, lol. Giving someone peace and clarity so that they can move on and be happy is the greatest feeling. That is why I work so hard at my job. I am always pushing my limits, strengthening my connection to spirit, and expanding my knowledge in this field so that I can be the best psychic medium I can be for my clients on both sides : )

Q10: Lastly, my own spiritual journey….. which has taken me around the world, and from being a pretty devoutly disinterested agnostic, to someone who has now witnessed first hand some of the magic and the mystery of the “spirit” universe in amazing and inspiring ways I still struggle to integrate and understand, how much skepticism should one bring to this process?

A: Well, the information you are receiving should makes sense to you, so it’s not about the level of skepticism you bring. It’s about being open. If you are completely shut down, that can make a psychic reading challenging. The information you receive should have nothing to do with whether you are skeptical or not. It is a fact, or it isn’t.

For instance if you are in a mediumistic reading and your father comes through and you are told that the man says he is your father and that he was a tall, loving man who smoked, or whatever it is, or he wasn’t. There is no convincing of anything there. Or in a psychic reading, you are told that you are working as an accountant, about to move, in a troubled relationship, etc…you either are, or you aren’t. See what I mean? The only thing that gets tricky is future information. You just have to roll with that one and take it with a grain of salt and see if it happens. You’ll find out if it was true eventually, right?

Agreed!  Okay, so finally……how did you first get started when it came to finding clients, and how do people who want to learn more get in touch with you now?

My business began completely on referrals. Within a few weeks of opening an office, I was already getting booked 6 weeks out. I still get loads of referrals, but I also advertise online to expand my reach. I now have clients across the globe.

You can contact me through, of course : )

Visit my website and contact me through the Contact page, or give me a call at (407) 615-1986.

Please also check out my Facebook page

Thanks so much to Heidi for being so gracious with her time, experience, expertise and insight….we truly enjoyed reading her answers and insight, and hope you did too!

Want to learn more about Heidi Jaffe and some of what she has planned for 2014 and beyond? Visit Heidi on Facebook, or visit her website HERE.

ian hollander

Have a psychic, medium or spiritual teacher that YOU would love to see interviewed?

Tell us who YOU’D like to hear from on Twitter (@suddenlypsychic) (or HERE @ianhollander) or, share in the community comments below, and we’ll add them to the (rapidly growing 🙂 list!

November 10, 2014 |

Good Grief! Theresa Caputo’s New Book (Review)


Theresa Caputo’s newest book “Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones and Learn to Live Again” is scheduled for a March 2017 release.

good grief book review

Theresa Caputo’s new book! Good Grief: Heal your soul, honor your loved ones and learn to live again.

It’s going to be a much different read than her previous books, and offers up exercises, meditations, journaling techniques and healing modalities equally as rooted in psychology, as spirituality. (something that many new age books tend to either overlook, or omit)

Theresa Caputo also shares her own struggles with anxiety, and how a connection with spirit has helped her transform her life, and in the process…..transform the lives of millions of others who have vicariously participated in her readings, or the many thousands who have seen her in person, both in live events or private session.

Get the book on Amazon here – you can download a free chapter from Amazon once the book officially is available in Mid March 2017.

February 17, 2017 |

Does it Take Practice to Become a Medium?


How much practice does it take to become psychic?  Does a natural medium need to work on her ability?  Can you become MORE psychic or more skilled as a medium with more readings, or is where you are NOW, sort of where you end up?

Psychic mediums work just as hard as any other profession does to hone, improve and optimize our craft.  Here is a short interview with Maria Halvorsen, who shares her experiences as a professional medium and the amount of dedication it takes to do the work she feels called to do.  

February 15, 2017 |

How to Find a Psychic


Q: How can I find a psychic? I need help, guidance and hope after a loss, and really could use a hand rediscovering what I’m here to do. What is the best way to find a legitimate medium or authentic psychic?

We’ve gotten a few questions on our Facebook page this week about finding a psychic, and the truth is, there is SO much myth, misinformation and spiritual silliness out there when it comes to picking a medium (or any spiritual coach) that we felt it was neccessary to clarify some of the challenges that folks face, as well as offer up some advice to all, as well.

The first rule for finding a psychic?

psychic questionsCaveat Emptor!  Be careful with both your trust, your budget, your time and your personal information.  Many people have shared bad experiences with psychics, mediums, “healers” and other spiritual teachers that it ought to be said that you need to do some due dillegence, EVEN if you’ve had really good experiences with this field in the past.  (in other words – you already fall in the true believers camp, like many of our readers obviously do)

Do your best to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to cost, or fees, or anything unexpected from a compensation standpoint as well.  I had an experience last year with a well known local medium in Miami, who 45 minutes into an already expensive reading, offered to do a more in depth “past life regression” for an extra $200.  (and offered me a “special deal” just for that day)  When I told him I managed a psychic directory, and newsletter list of over 10 thousand people all interested in finding trustworthy psychics, and would be sharing the details of my experience with our audience, he immediately told me the past life reading wasn’t really all that important after all 🙂

When getting a reading?

Say as little as possible.  No genuine medium, or authentic psychic, wants you to over-share.  It runs counter to the pride, purpose and personal power that most authentic mediums get from their work, and will often find your desire to “over-validate” what they tell you a distraction rather than a help.

Take ALL psychic advice (even this!) with a grain of salt.  No psychic or medium is a super hero.  I don’t care if you see them on TV, or in a local strip mall.  A good medium is simply using a tool – their intuition or spiritual antenna in a way that most of us aren’t tuned to be able to tap into, in the very same way.  Any medium that starts waxing poetic about his or her gifts, their family lineage of gifted healers, the specialness of thier particular talents, starts comparing themselves to other (better known) psychics or mediums, or talks about their “proven” accuracy percentage, etc – to me, this is a big red flag.

The truth?  The very BEST mediums are often the most humble, down to earth and curious about spiritual realities, and are often UNSURE about how or why their gifts even work.  Some of the most studied mediums in history (people like Eileen Garrett, for example) are amongst the most interested in how the spirit world works (or even if it’s really real!) even while being amazing, outstanding and incredibly impressive psychic mediums…….spiritual teachers for the rest of us.

So look local, find a well reviewed psychic or medium, don’t break your budget, don’t believe the hype….and go in with an open mind, but NOT so open that your brains fall out!

For some more opinions from around the web on finding a psychic, check out some of the curated links below.  (note:  we don’t agree with all of these opinions, we just share for some additional  perspective you may find helpful! 🙂


When looking for a psychic medium, most people would like to find someone in your area, but let me tell you something:

Most mediums will collectively agree that telephone readings are just as accurate, if not MORE, than live readings. The reason being is that on a telephone line they can focus more on the energy of the Spirits present and less on the client’s energy, making for a clearer read all around.

Give this fact, due to modern technologies, location doesn’t matter in terms of accuracy or who you are limited to working with.


Tips for Finding a local medium

Finding a psychic can be tricky. Whether you’re looking for a Tarot card reader, a medium, or someone to give some basic advice or entertainment, it’s hard to tell who’s good at what they do, and who’s just out to take your money. There’s no criteria for becoming a psychic or card reader—anyone can claim to be one—so it’s important to do your homework when you’re out shopping for a psychic, so you don’t get stuck with a bad one.


Avoiding Fake Psychics

Things to AVOID Telling a Psychic Are……

If you are getting a medium style reading, for example, where you are trying to connect with a deceased loved one, telling the medium WHO it is that you are trying to contact is a big no no, in my view. (even though some mediums will gently encourage you to do it)

Don’t tell the reader very specific things about the circumstance you want solved. A GOOD psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive or energy worker will figure them out for you, and the BEST information is that which comes through without you needing to share too much in advance.!-How-to-AVOID-Fake-Psychic-Readings-at-All-Costs&id=5506863

February 14, 2017 |

Kim Russo Readings


Does Kim Russo do private readings? Does she do events? If so….what are they like?

We get a fair amount of questions about celebrity mediums, and over the last few years, Kim Russo has become one of the better known mediums in the country, by dint of her popular TV shows. (The Haunting Of…..) being the most widely watched.

And while Kim doesn’t appear to be quite as “A” list as some of her professional peers like Theresa Caputo, John Edward, Tyler Henry and others, she does have a group of very passionate fans. (and many who connect with our community on Facebook, asking questions about Kim’s private readings, costs, events, and other questions we can’t answer! 🙂

Here is a recent link to a spate of private readings Kim did for fans over Skype. I found these readings generally uneventful, and non evidential, and for the sake of those who seek her out, hope her general private readings are better.

To check out Kim Russo’s event schedule for 2017, I think your best bet is to connect with her on Twitter, where she updates her schedule and appearances quite often.

How do YOU think Kim Russo compares to other psychic mediums you’ve seen on TV, offline, or in your local community? I’m still not 100% sure if she’s a medium I’d really recommend based on what we’ve seen of her work, but I do know others feel strongly that she’s genuine.

Connect with us on Facebook, or let us know your thoughts in the commmunity comments below. For some other thoughts on Kim Russo’s events, and reviews of her live appearances from around the web, visit the link following the short excerpt below.

Review from Ann Krause

The venue was very hot,seats were very uncomfortable. I felt Ms. Russo was not very believable, I would never see her again and I will never go to this venue.

reviewed Apr 09 2015

February 12, 2017 |

How Easy is it to Remember a Past Life?

science and intuition evidence

What is the easiest way to remember a past life? Are all strange, unplaced memories evidence that I’ve lived before? And how difficult is it to be hypnotized or regressed to a previous lifetime?

We get a lot of questions about past life memories, and how accurate (or not) they may be as evidence that you’ve lived before. The truth is, there are very few topics that are MORE controversial,even in the psychic or spiritual space, than reincarnation, and the various tools or techniques for recalling past lives.

How so?

Take regression therapy, for example. There are many famous spiritual teachers, and authors who have built entire careers on doing regression therapy focused on past life recall. Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Michael Newton, are both highly regarded in the spiritual and new age movements, and both have been featured on prime time TV shows, and lauded by a chorus of important voices as well. And yet, if you look at the work of Dr. Jim Tucker or Dr. Ian Stevenson, or many others who have done groundbreaking work on past life memories, the idea of regression therapy, or hypnosis, is widely shunned for obvious reasons. (as the mind and memory in general is so little understood…that to assume that memories that arise in a regression setting are coming from a past life, is fairly difficult to accept as the FIRST or best explanation)

I would suggest that the best way to explore your past lives, or the possibility of your past lives, is through specific meditation techniques that for me anyway, have provided an amazing insight into people and personalities and lifetimes I can’t place in my current one. Regression is interesting to me too, but I’m not quite sure what to make of my own experiences with past life hypnosis. Some psychedelic plants are also well known for their ability to help people remember past lives, but of course, they come with their own potential perils. (as well as being totally illegal in the USA 🙂

What do YOU use as a way to remember your past lives? Have you tried anything that has worked? Share with us on Facebook, here!

Or, for an alternative perspective…..

Check out some of the various techniques for remembering past lives at the link following the short excerpt below.

How easy is it to remember a past life?

For some people, it is easier, while for others it is more complicated. It depends on our ease of entering into a trance or an altered state of consciousness.

The actual session begins with a process called induction by which we are led to that state. This is achieved with different methods that use techniques of deep relaxation, visualization, hypnosis or combinations of these elements.
Once this altered state of consciousness has been reached, the regression itself begins, by which we are guided to a forgotten time of our existence or of a past life. The focus of the session will be the problem that motivated the consultation.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most people can. Many people can be hypnotized easily and profoundly during the first session. Others require more than one, but with specific practice and training, one can achieve that state.

February 10, 2017 |

The Science of Intuition?

science and intuition evidence

What does science have to say about the idea of intuition, precognition or the ability to REALLY feel the future? Is a psychic “spidey-sense” (in the words of the Navy!) a genuine phenomena, or is it merely the domain of wishful thinking and “fake” fortune tellers who are out to make a quick buck?

What about the sense of being stared at, or that inner sense of knowing when the phone rings and that person you haven’t heard from in years appears in your mind, and THEN on the other end of the line…… that is hard to really quantify, and yet…..we ALL experience first hand, in our own lives, every now and then?

Here is a great article on some of the science of intuition that covers that, and a lot more! Check out the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

While your work situation may not be life or death, it can certainly be high-pressure.
Sometimes it’s not possible to take a full on close your eyes, om it out situation at work but even taking a deep breath or sneaking away into the bathroom for a few moments can help guide you towards the best decision.

Like many high-performers, I’m looking for that extra edge to help me get ahead in life and work. I believe that the best edge is being authentically yourself and playing up your unique strengths. There is nothing more “you” than listening to your gut. And the science behind intuition or gut-feeling, suggests that this just might be the superpower we should be tapping into to give us the leg-up at work.

So what exactly is intuition? It is the ability to know something without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind. Imagine being able to harness and further develop our sixth senses or what the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) calls “spidey-sense.” ONR is currently developing methods to measure the workings of intuition on the battlefield, hoping to give our soldiers the added edge in a life or death situation, as well as creating virtual simulations to help train and develop soldier’s intuitions in high pressure combat situations.

February 7, 2017 |

Did I Have a Near Death Experience?

psychic questions

Here is another very interesting (and inspiring) near death experience report from the NDERF website.

(they collect accounts of NDE’s from everyday people, and it’s probably our favorite source for true spiritual wisdom 🙂 If you are looking to be uplifted or inspired – and are curious about what thousands of people describe during spiritually transformative experiences in their own words…..there are few better resources than this. (you can read Heather’s full experience at the link below)

I felt pure and total love, lightness, joy, deepest compassion, and pure joy. There was a deep, warm, resonating, and incredible awe, along with inspiring love.

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything?

Everything about the universe. We are important to God or whatever you want to call it. All religions are trying to explain God but it is just impossible to explain. A true heart which is motivated by loving compassion is what matters in life. Our job is to try to love one another no matter what. It matters very much if we can love or not because that is our job in this world. We must love! This is what we live for and it doesn’t mean we must only love our spouse. It means we need to find out how to love our enemy because that is why we are here. We are also deeply important to God. Our job on earth is important. If we don’t learn how to love there are very bad consequences in the multiverse. My sense was strongly that we are Needed and our worth is how much we can love.

January 30, 2017 |

Are Mediums Real? How to Tell if a Psychic or Medium is Genuine


Are psychics real? Can mediums REALLY talk to the dead? What is the difference between a genuine medium and someone who is just a spiritual scammer?

We get a lot of questions about how to tell if a medium is real, and the TOP signs a psychic is authentic, or honest and genuinely offering up information that they couldn’t have gotten from some conventional way.

Here is the TRUTH about real mediums, from our perspective. (because there is certainly a lot of myth and misinformation available online.

1 – Don’t try to argue with skeptics or cynics who will tell you that ALL psychics are fake, simply because there is no evidence for psychic abilities, or mediumship, or life after death at all. There IS in fact tons of evidence that supports all of the above, and while it’s NOT “proof” that any of this is 100% true, the BEST evidence strongly suggests that your consciousness can exist outside of your body, and may in fact float free from your physical body at death.

2 – There ARE in fact, many psychics and mediums who ARE fake, or bad, or even well meaning….but not that accurate. They may have had “glimpses” of something powerful and profound at a previous point of their lives, been visited by a loved one who has crossed, or even had an intuition or epiphany that was 100% true before. No doubt these experiences can lead us to believe that we are now “always on” or psychic, or able to communicate with the other side, on demand. I’ve seen this over and over again….and I like to believe it’s akin to someone who hits a halfcourt basketball shot at a carnival, or in a schoolyard, or a community an event…and then believes they ought to go play in the NBA 🙂 REAL mediums are consistent, are persistent, are committed to their craft, and are RARELY 100% convinced that they are always right, or on, or accurate with what they see/feel or get.

3 – Most important? A real medium provides EVIDENTIAL information that is accurate, insightful and not generic. Messages that are super applicable to everyone (your loved one is with you, she/he wants you to know they are okay, they had “chest pain” before they went, etc) is NOT evidential information. Names, dates, and very specific information that you would NOT expect from a stranger (the medium) is what is thought of as evidential mediumship, and the very best leave NO doubt that what they are doing is exceptional.

(I know that MY best “proof” that a medium is real, is when I walk out of a room with someone and say – they either figured out a new and innovative way to CHEAT, or what just happened was legit, because there is absolutely no way they could have gotten that information on their own)

What about you? What signs do you look for that prove a medium is real? Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below. Also, check out some additional thoughts, and opinions on real mediumship, at the links following teh short excerpt below.

More resources on how to tell if a medium is real:

2) Fake psychic mediums and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than accurate evidence.

Spirit communication (mediumship) should always begin with messages that identify the spirit who is communicating with the psychic medium. What is their name? What are the circumstances of their passing? How old where they when they died? How long ago did they die? What was their physical appearance and/or characteristics of their personality? If the psychic medium is unable to give you any identifying evidence of this type, that’s a red flag that they might be a fake. Otherwise, it is a sign that the psychic medium is inexperienced or poorly gifted.

3) Fake psychic mediums and scam artists claim that you are cursed.

You should never give money to any psychic or psychic medium who promises to remove a curse or spell for a fee. There is never any curse or spell and this is the most common scam in this field. These criminals are merely using fear to manipulate people. And scam artists who promise to remove a curse for a fee have been known to charge (and get) thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars from people using this common scam.

Real mediums?

Learn how to become a medium

Can anyone become a medium? Do you have to be born psychic to speak to spirits? What about people who see a ghost, or are visited in a dream by a loved one who has crossed? Does that make me a medium? Questions and answers about becoming a medium from Amazon.

January 27, 2017 |

The Top 9 Types of Afterlife Evidence


What is the best evidence for an afterlife? Are psychic medium readings the ONLY way to “prove” that the afterlife is real?

We get a lot of questions about how to prove that life after death is a true thing to look forward to. It might surprise you to know that in OUR view, you shouldn’t take one type of “evidence” for the afterlife to be 100% proof of anything. After all…..even the very best mediums could be doing something VERY interesting and unexplainable, and that doesn’t have to be proof that they are really speaking to spirit. (it could be mind reading of a very advanced type, or it could be picking up information in the Akashic records, like Edgar Caycee, the amazing psychic described in his own life, and so on and for forth)

To us? The very BEST evidence that the afterlife is “true” is from the TOTALITY of the experiences that all seem to point in that direction. There are many kinds of experiences that people have that go WAY beyond a psychic or spiritual reading, and these, in total, to us……are overwhelming evidence in the reality of a soul, and that it will continue on after the death of the body as well. Continue reading for the TOP 9 types of evidence for a soul, at the link following the short excerpt below.

Crisis Apparitions: People who appear to others in “spiritual” form at the moment of death, or severe trauma. Many of these cases have been reported in wars, or when someone is struck with an unexpected trauma like a sudden heart attack or car accident… and “appears” to others many miles away to say goodbye

Death Bed Visions: People who report seeing loved ones at their death beds, often “invisible” to others in the room (although… NOT always..:-) who have come to help them “transition” to the other side

After Death Communications: (or ADC’s) Very simply, these are more commonly thought of as “ghosts” – when someone who is LONG dead appears after their demise to you in physical, or energetic “form” to communicate something. (often is important… and other times can be trivial and re-assuring)!)&id=3216097

January 24, 2017 |

Spirit Visitation Dreams


One of the most common ways that spirits appear to the living is through dreams

But not, as many believe…..ordinary dreams. Instead, these dreams are often hyper lucid, incredibly real, and seem far more powerful and profound that even ordinary waking life or experience. There are lots of theories about WHY spirits tend to visit people in this state (often called “hypnagogic” experiences, as they take place in that weird space between wakefulness and sleep) but there are tens of thousands of these sorts of reports on record, and they are far more compelling than ordinary dream stories. (they are also typically far more important and life changing for the person who has one)

Here is an example of a very powerful, dream visitation experience. It’s from the great after death experience forum ( – check the full story at the link following the short excerpt below.

The second experience was in 1990. My almost ninety-year-old grandmother had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Her body was shutting down and they didn’t expect her live much longer. Early one morning while I was still asleep I suddenly was engulfed in an incredibly bright light. Even though it was extremely bright, there was still a darkness around it. I knew this Light to be God, the Source, and the Creator of all. There was an even brighter core to the Light, which was off to my left. I either couldn’t turn to look at it or I just chose not to because right in front of me was my grandmother. She was staring directly at the center of the Light. I didn’t make out a body. All I could see was her face. I didn’t recognize her face because she looked to be about thirty years old. I just knew it was her. Her face was glowing and she was grinning from ear to ear. I don’t know if she knew I was there or not, because she was in such awe of what she was experiencing. I was in awe also. The light enveloped and permeated every ounce of my being. I felt the indescribable love, peace and security that no earthly terms can explain. It felt like I was swaddled in an eternal security blanket. I could not feel any fear or have any negative thought whatsoever. It just didn’t exist there. In fact-seeing my grandmother there- I knew she had passed on but it never occurred to me that she ‘died,’ because death would have had a negative connotation. I don’t recall how long this had lasted because time had no meaning there.

January 17, 2017 |

Psychic Predictions for President: Who Predicted What (and When?)


Who did the better known psychics and mediums predict would become president? Did ANYONE predict it would be Trump? And if not…..WHY not?

Someone posted this to our Facebook page earlier today. It’s a list of psychic presidential predictions that a Reddit user collected on posted on a thread, curating some of what some of the more “popular” (and truthfully, some of these people are not names we know) public predictions about who would win the election, and why.

I DO find it interesting how many people have hedged, backtracked and sort of tried to “explain away” BIG misses (especially those who were entirely and boldly confident and CERTAIN they were right 🙂 – which I think tells you a lot about someone’s integrity, be they in the intuitive business, or not.

Did YOU read a particularly interesting psychic political prediction that came right in this election cycle? If so……let us know! (share on our facebook page, or in the community comments below)

Tamar George – Bernie Sanders will be elected.
Suzanne Bishop – Bernie Sanders will become the next president.
Christine Pavlina – Bernie Sanders
Angel Eyedealism – Hillary Clinton
Agelia Johnson – Hillary Clinton
Michelle Whitedove – Hillary Clinton
Leon Holmes – Bernie Sanders
Rowena – Hillary Clinton
Mystic Mona – Ted Cruz
Kelle Sutliff – Donald Trump
Baba Vanga – Obama is the last president of the United States.
Jeanne Mayell – Hillary Clinton
Psychic Nikki – Hillary Clinton
LaMont Hamilton – Marco Rubio
Tana Hoy – Hillary Clinton
Thomas John – Hillary Clinton
Jacy Nova – Bernie Sanders
‘The Psychic Twins’, Terry and Linda Jamison – Hillary Clinton
John Hogue – Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush
Kyra Oser – Hillary Clinton, but Bernie will win the popular vote.
Jeanne Mayell – Hillary Clinton
Beverly Neals – Hillary Clinton
Craig Hamilton Parker – Republicans win

January 12, 2017 |

Psychic Development for Beginners With Heidi Jaffe


Are you looking to develop, hone or refine your psychic gifts in 2017?

Would you like to be even MORE confident when going with your “gut”, trusting your intuition, while improving & enhancing your sense of everyday spirituality and connection to something bigger than your body? Good news! Our good friend Heidi Jaffe is holding a one day psychic development workshop in Orlando on Feb 4, 2017.

It’s ideal for beginners, believers, the curious but not yet convinced…and everyone in between! Check out Heidi’s event page for the details. (and don’t forget to read our featured interview with Heidi on our “Conversations with Clairvoyants” category as well!)

January 9, 2017 |

20 Ways to Talk to the Dead?

am i a medium

What is the easiest way of talking to ghosts? Am I a natural medium? And how can I tell if a spirit is trying to get in touch with ME? Are there any shortcuts…..and IF so, how do I try one?

Here is a list of 20 ways to talk to the dead one of our Facebook fans sent us earlier in the day. Do these work, she asked….and if so, which ones work best? The truth is, a lot of these ideas, at least in our view…..are a bit silly, and cartoonish, rather than real spirit communication technique. For example, anything that is overly focused on evil spirits, or “witches” or that sort of thing, to me….is more entertainment and horror movie stereotyping, than it is real ethereal experience.

That said, some of these techniques can be really, really helpful – especially for those who are looking to experiment with some common methods for communicating with spirit. Ouija, for example… a great way of connecting with others who share your interest in spirit communication in a community driven way, and getting a feel for what IS in fact magical, mysterious and wonderful about spiritual adventure overall. (and it can be a great gateway to having further experiences of your own, by yourself, that are authentic, when ready)

To check out the full list, go to the link following the short excerpt below.

If you like to dabble in the supernatural, chances are you’ve tried calling a spirit using a Planchette, at least once in your life. Even if you don’t like to bother the spirits however, curiosity is bound to set in after you read this list. We might scoff at the claims of mystics and shamans, but I think all of us want to believe that there’s some magic in the world.
Here’s a couple of ways to (apparently) invoke a spirit on your own. No guarantees though!
P.S.: Beware of the ones that refuse to leave.
1. Using an Ouija Board to converse with a spirit
The modern version of the Ouija consists of a board with all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers from 0-9 imprinted on it. The words “Yes”, “No,” and “Goodbye” also appear on the board. A plastic heart is also included. This is the item that the participants lightly put their fingers on as a supposed spirit guides it over the board to create answers to seekers’ questions.

January 2, 2017 |

Are Ghosts Real? A Skeptical Journalist Explores the Unknown (and comes back with a surprise!)


If you want to read a great book on a skeptical look at ghost hunting and the paranormal, that has a fun surprise twist, check out “Will Storr Vs the Paranormal” on Amazon. Not only is Will a phenomenal writer, the book is highly entertaining, and full of great surprises that are sure to impress and inspire skeptics, believers and everyone in between alike.

Will has some truly unexpected experiences while searching for ghosts, and exploring haunted locations on a “lark” for a writing assignment, and some of his eye opening (and downright spooky) ethereal interactions will surprise you – EVEN if you’re already a believer.

The book is great. We highly recommend it – and more than just being an inspired peek behind the magical, mysterious world of ghost hunting (and the strange, silly and often weird personalities that are driven to this “work” – you’ll truly find yourself laughing and genuinely scared, often on the same page as well!

December 30, 2016 |

Is Tyler Henry a Fake?

tyler henry scam

Is Tyler Henry, the “Hollywood Medium” a fraud?

tyler henry scamYou don’t need to be psychic to predict that every time a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher of one type or another makes it big on the silver (or small) screen, the haters, skeptics and cynics are going to come out of the woodwork, crying foul, fake and fraud in LARGE capital letters.

The truth is, there ARE in fact many fake psychics, mediums and spiritual gurus of one type or another…and some are more obvious than others. The problem, of course, with this type of article (the one below calling Tyler Henry a “fake”) is that they always begin their argument, and attack, with a fallacious and foolish claim. NO ONE, they’ll always begin, is psychic – and NEVER have psychic abilities been proven to exist. Full stop.

Of course this is 100% untrue – and there have been countless scientific studies of psychic abilities that are FAR more credible and evidential than the vast majority of skeptics, or cynics, even know…..let alone understand.

(here is a LONG list of published papers, many in peer reviewed scientific journals, on the reality of psychic experiences, abilities and tests, often in very controlled lab settings)

And invariably of course, NONE of these attack articles are by folks who have ever had personal experiences with the subject of their skepticism, they just act the part of the proverbial armchair quarterback (or critic) and lob insults and appear to understand EXACTLY what folks like John Edward, Tyler Henry and others are doing in incredible detail, even though they’ve never met them in person, or been affected or impressed personally by the evidence that they offer behind the scenes. (Claiming it’s all “cold reading” – a boring a tired trope of skeptics of all things that would appear to suggest that “spirit” exists, or that consciousness itself – something even modern neuroscience can’t explain or agree upon – couldn’t possibly be outside of the body or brain)

Do YOU believe Tyler Henry is a fake? To me, it’s almost besides the point. I happen to be impressed with Tyler – but I simply don’t know enough about him, in a personal and private way, to know if he’s as good behind the scenes, as the TV cameras would suggest. But the idea that ALL psychics are frauds, as a place to begin ANY exploration of authenticity, says more (sadly) about the skeptics and cynics who claim to know it all, than it does about those they criticize from a far.

You can read the whole article, at the link below.

Each episode of Hollywood Medium consists of individual readings of three or four celebrities. Henry explains that he’s being shipped off to read a celebrity client with no knowledge of who he’s going to read.
We’re repeatedly reminded that Henry doesn’t know much about pop culture or celebrities to begin with, due to his small-town upbringing. “I don’t watch much TV,” he tells his subjects, apologetically. “Tyler is just a simple kid whose idea of a good time is sitting on the porch of the family farm in Hanford and looking out at the trees,” Corbett told TV Insider.
The readings always take place on the celebrity’s turf, with a friend or associate sitting in a nearby room and watching on a monitor. The sessions last at least an hour, Henry told The Outline, and are edited into a much shorter segment, intercut with scenes from “backstage” and a confessional-style, straight-to-camera testimonial from the subject after the reading.

Read more

December 19, 2016 |

Near Death Experiences: How Do People Change After Having an NDE?


Do near death experiences change people? If so…..HOW so? What are the “side effects” of having a spiritually transformative experience?

One of the most exciting and inspiring elements of NDE’s are the incredible after affects that those of us who have one, report…..often for years thereafter. Many people come back with rare psychic or intuitive gifts, or understandings that transform the way we look at life, and death, and everything in between. Others return with more dramatic changes to their bodies and minds that manifest in ways both miraculous and mundane. There are many CHALLENGES as well faced by nde survivors that many rarely talk about, except with others who have experienced the same things.

Here is an exciting documentary on near death experiences, and the magical and mysterious ways in which such a unexpected intervention, can have huge ramifications in our lives, for years to come.

Around the world literally millions deal with Near Death Experiences, either personally or as the loved one, family or friend of someone who has been on that journey. Lives are changed irreversibly by surviving such a traumatic event. Back From The Light is a new documentary film that addresses understanding and coping with these deeply personal changes for all involved.

December 16, 2016 |

Susanne Wilson Psychic Review


Have you had a reading with psychic medium Susanne Wilson?

Tell us about it! We’ve gotten a bunch of questions about Susanne’s psychic readings, and while we don’t know her personally to review her abilities, we did post a video of her explaining her thoughts and opinions on reincarnation, which you can watch here.

A guest post review of a personal psychic reading experience with Susanne Wilson was posted here as well, with a lot of comments on much of what she told the person who had the reading in the community comments underneath. (some were super impressed…..others, not so much)

So if YOU’VE had a reading with Susanne, we’d love to hear about it! Share it with us on our FB page, or in the community comments, or via email by using our contact form above.

December 16, 2016 |

Dr Brian Weiss Reviews


A review of Dr Brian Weiss Past Life Regression Workshop

Q: How can I learn to become a past life regression therapist? Do you need to be a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher to learn how to help OTHER people experience their past lives? Is past life regression the same thing as hypnosis? IF no……WHY not, and how does it differ?

Here is a short review of someone who has been trained by Dr. Brian Weiss in “reincarnation” research, using past life therapy as a tool and technique. Well worth reading for those of you who would love to explore the idea of past lives in a professional setting!

It is not my intention to convince anybody that reincarnation is something that happens to each of us. For those of you who are cynical, I encourage you to temporarily turn off the logical, analytical part of your mind and just let the events described in this blog bathe your consciousness. There will be time enough later to be judgmental and critical.
Keep in mind that perhaps it doesn’t matter if reincarnation is real and if past life regression is a true phenomenon if we learn something from the experience, if it enlightens us, if it makes us wiser, more loving, more mindful, and more present. After all, that is the whole point of being here: to make sense of this life, to maximize our experiences, and to grow in wisdom and love.—part-2-1.html

December 13, 2016 |

Marriage in the Afterlife?


your vibe your tribe

Are married people re-united in the afterlife? What happens when someone was married more than once on “Earth”? Which partner do they re-unite with in Heaven?

There are many, many thorny issues about what happens after we die – but none are “thornier” than the never ending question of exactly WHO it is that we spend our time with, once we arrive 🙂 After all…..if you think about it a bit, there can be some pretty complex questions about what exactly happens, in a whole variety of different relationship style conundrums, once all parties involved cross over to the other side.

For example?

What about someone who lived to be 100, and was married 3 times in THIS life? (or even someone who lived to 50, and was married 4?)

Which partner do they get to see when they arrive? Or, what about someone who was married once to someone they truly loved, but their partner had been married before, and considered THAT person to be their soul mate or twin flame?

You can see how quickly ideas of intimacy, identity and relationship can get pretty complicated and hard to navigate, depending on what sort of beliefs you take onboard to get to your ideal conception of what Heaven really ought to look like.

In my view?

I believe that true love, the sort of love that is available to all of us, IS in fact what we gravitate to on the other side. And that those who fall into our “soul” families, by dint of how they loved us and supported us, and stood beside us during life, are ALL available to us in the world that awaits. And of course there is a lot more to say about that, but as a general rule, that has been my experience of what others experience, in NDE’s, and end of life experiences of all kinds.

For more on what the great (and largely forgotten) spiritual scientist Emanuel Swedenborg had to say about true love in the afterlife, check out the full article following the short excerpt below!

Swedenborg describes seeing married couples reunited after death. But did they stay together eternally? Well . . . maybe:

It often happens that married partners meet [in the afterlife] and welcome each other joyfully. They stay together as well, but for a longer or shorter time depending on how happily they had lived together in the world. Ultimately, unless they had been united by real marriage love (which is a union of minds from heavenly love), they separate after having been together for a while. (Heaven and Hell 494)
This is where Swedenborg departs from the popular view of love in the afterlife: he says that if two people who were together in life weren’t really in love, then they won’t be together in heaven either. Swedenborg describes incompatible couples as gradually growing farther and farther apart. Each is attracted to people with whom they have more in common: “Like are drawn toward like.” However, if two people are truly in love, they will grow closer to each other in heaven.

If people in the afterlife find themselves incompatible with their former partners, or if they never experienced that kind of deep love while on earth, Swedenborg says, they can find their match in heaven:

December 10, 2016 |

Thomas John Reviews


Have you had a reading with Thomas John?

If so…..let us know what your experience was like. We’ve had a bunch of inquiries about our thoughts on Thomas John over the last month or so, and some very favorable opinions, mixed with others that are decidedly negative. (which is a bit unusual, as typically we get a much higher ratio of “fans” relative to “foes” when it comes to folks expressing their experiences with the psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers working in the world, especially those who are a bit better known, which Thomas is. (he’s not in the BEST known camp, but instead a few rungs down on name recognition from the more popular mediums, and yet… better known than most “local” psychics/mediums or healers working in communities around the country)

A quick look at Thomas John on Yelp is a bit problematic, and surprised me a bit, as his ratings and reviews are far lower than one would expect – which a bunch of people reporting problems with payment/scheduling and so forth. (one of the people who emailed this to us said that she had been in contact with others who had negative experiences as well, who haven’t posted or shared them on social media)

(there are also some negative news stories out there that date back a bunch of years about Thomas – we won’t post them here, but you can find them quickly on Google)

There are of course, others who HAVE had positive experiences with Thomas, and have been impressed with this readings. Have you had a reading with Thomas John> If so…..let us know what your experience has been like, so others can get a feel for his process, his accuracy and his credibility in general.

You can read some of his reviews at the links below.

I also have to add the lack of professionalism with this man.(see other posts below)  I pre-paid for a reading for my sister through Pay Pal in January of 2015.  I was told at the time the wait would normally be one year to 18 months.  That time period has passed and so after the 2nd attempt to ‘reschedule’ by his assistant I requested a refund.  I was told a refund would be issued however after a month I called again and also followed up with Pay Pal.  Pay Pal contacted his assistant who called and got my address.  Again…no check came.  I started an email campaign to document including Pay Pal in each email I sent.  Today, the refund has finally arrived in the mail…the day AFTER the 3rd contact was made from his assistant trying to reschedule again.  I think this man has no business integrity by making multiple appearances for group events to drum up business then not honoring the customers who paid for his services.

November 22, 2016 |

Afterlife Evidence: Stafford Betty

afterlife evidence

What is the best evidence that the afterlife is real? Does it come from psychic mediums, from past life memories, from near death experiences…..or somewhere else?

afterlife evidence

Stafford Betty is the Professor of religious studies, California State University in Bakersfield. He’s also an accomplished author who has written some GREAT books on the very best evidence for life after death. (and contrary to his religious studies moniker, his conclusions on the afterlife are not religious, but instead…..purely spiritual in the best sense of the word

Check out his recent article on the Huffington Post, earlier this week below.

2. What conclusions have you drawn? And what are they based on?

The evidence that my colleagues and I study and analyze is not based on religious doctrine, but on scientific and philosophical analysis of the evidence, which is almost entirely secular in nature. This evidence falls under nine headings: deathbed visions, the near-death experience, apparitions or ghosts, poltergeist phenomena, spirit communication through mediums, spirit attachment, reincarnational memories by very young children, spirit communication using electronic instruments, and unaccountable clarity by advanced Alzheimer’s victims just before death. Most afterlife researchers who are aware of this information are strong believers in survival of death. They rightly see that the brain is not the originator of consciousness, but the organ that implements it. My latest book shows why we think this way.

November 17, 2016 |

New York Psychic Mediums: Paul Selig


Who are the best psychic mediums in NYC? Are there any special, unique or noteworthy mediums that aren’t “the usual suspects” but are well worth checking out?

We get a lot of requests for NYC psychics and mediums, and have quite a good list of them listed on our site. One of my personal favorites is Paul Selig, who is definitely not mentioned in the same group as the Theresa Caputo/Kim Russo crowd…..but in many ways, would be someone I’d probably recommend to those interested in spiritual growth, but are looking for a deeper dive into the psyche to find it.

Paul Selig’s channeled books (The “I am Word” series, of which there are now a bunch) are well worth reading, quite interesting and inspiring, and offer a very unique look at the invisible world that MAY be around us all. Paul does lectures and leads seminars in NYC as well as in California and around the world, and several people here have seen him live, and highly recommend the experience.

Have you had a reading or experience with Paul Selig?

Let us know about it on FACEBOOK, or in the community comments below!

November 13, 2016 |

Tyler Henry: Between Two Worlds Review


“Between Two Worlds”, the first book by Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, finally debuted on Amazon today (Nov 1) after months of fan anticipation.

between two worlds review tyler henryThere are a lot of books, written by a lot of mediums, and as I’m sure you already know, these books can run the gamut from GREAT, to quite disappointing. Many mediums, in my experience, write books that are more self aggrandazing (look at how PSYCHIC I am!) rather than inspiring and educational, and I find this not only a turn off…..but also, makes me quite skeptical about their authentic experiences as well.

Tyler Henry, forgetting about the fact that he is quite the “en vogue” famous psychic medium du jour, is just a different type of author, and a different type of person, and as a result, his experience as a medium is much more interesting as a result.

The thing that is so striking about Tyler Henry, and I say this having spoken to, worked with, or been “read” by hundreds of mediums myself – is his uncommon humility, and his old soul style of wisdom, that is hard to fake, make up or put on for the world.

Say what you will about psychic mediums – whether you are a true blue believer, a cynical skeptic or merely curious but not yet convinced like most……Tyler Henry feels like a good soul, intuitively. He doesn’t seem to claim superpowers, or sublime gifts, or make any ridiculous claims about the universe, and his place within it… dint of his abilities.

Instead, as is so wonderfully articulated in “Between Two Worlds”, his humanity, and humility, in the face of sudden fame and adulation, makes him a medium well worth cheering for. (and a great example for many in the psychic/spiritual/and “guru” community who feel like they need to pretend to have all of the answers as well)

In the book, Tyler shares his life experiences as he struggles with his own unique skills, and the process for unpacking and ultimately embracing his gifts as well. He shares his thoughts on what all of this means, what the afterlife is like, what he knows to be true, and what he doesn’t as well – without a lot of the new age nonsense and spiritual sounding silliness that plagues many other psychic publications.

Again, we’ll cover the book in far more detail in an upcoming post, but I do believe that anyone who is curious about the magic, the mystery and the meaning of mediumship messages will find “Between Two Worlds” and honest, uplifting and inspiring account of what it’s like living with a unique gift, and how little glimpses and glimmers into the world that awaits, may help us live a richer, deeper and ultimately happier life while we’re here as well.

November 2, 2016 |

Laura Lynn Jackson on Doctor Oz


Laura Lynn Jackson is a psychic medium and school teacher who we’ve gotten a lot of questions about over the last few months, mostly on account of her excellent book on life as a medium, “The Light Between Us”.

One of our readers sent a link to her appearance on the Dr. Oz show, asking for our feedback and opinion on the short readings she did for audience members.  (or folks that the Dr. Oz staff selected)

I find it pretty impressive, and some of the information she provides in this 4 minute clip is pretty evidential, pretty specific, and most importantly, very helpful and healing for those getting read.

What do you think about these 2 quick mini readings?  I especially like the PEZ reference in the first one, as it’s pretty specific, pretty unusual, and most important, pretty impactful for the woman who hears it live.

November 1, 2016 |

Psychic Medium Fleur


We’ve recently been watching some of Los Angeles psychic medium Fleur’s public events, and some private readings as well, and have been really impressed with her very humble, highly evidential form of mediumship.

To me, this feels like how ALL mediums should operate – specific, credible, and direct information that resonates deeply with the person being read. (and without a lot of the ambiguity and universal applicability that often accompanies a psychic medium reading, even from folks who are supposed to be beyond that)

Check out for more great videos of her in action.

Or to learn about making a private appointment with Fleur as well.  (we haven’t spoken to her ourselves, but others we trust and respect recommend her privately – very highly)

October 27, 2016 |

Children’s Near Death Experience Stories


A fascinating look at a young girl who fell 30 feet from a tree, and seemed to be spontaneously healed of a series of pre-existing conditions in the process. She describes a very religious NDE, and not only was uninjured from the fall, but also spontaneously seemed healed from other illness which previously seemed to be terminal. This story is a lot like Anita Moorjani’s in a way, although I believe this girl was only 5 when it happened……and tells the story now at 10. Check out the full story on the report the Today show did of this remarkable and inspiring child, what she learned during her sickness and recovery, and her message for the rest of us along the way.

October 26, 2016 |

Anita Moorjani NDE


Near Death Experiences can be some of hte most profound, powerful and transformative experiences there are. Getting a glimpse of another world, or the world that may await us all after death, is truly something that has been scientifically proven to completely CHANGE the lives of experiencers, whether they believed before, or not. Curiously enough, NDE’s have also been proven to change the lives of those who READ about them as well, simply because they reinforce and ramify the idea that life DOES continue on after death, and that there is a purpose to our lives that transcends the body.

Anita Moorjani has communicated this truth to tens of thousands of people through her talks, and hundreds of thousands of people through her books. Here is a great example of Anita’s passion for sharing her experience, and why the amazing healing she had after surviving her NDE remains an inspiration to us all.

October 26, 2016 |

Tyler Henry on Donald Trump and The 2016 Election


Who does Tyler Henry think will win the 2016 Presidential election? Well, suffice it to say, he doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of Donald Trump……but doesnt’ seem too worried about Trump’s future in Washington DC either 🙂

“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry is “not worried” about Donald Trump — and he can see the future!

The E! reality series star fielded questions from a group of media members Wednesday afternoon, both during a formal press conference and in a post-Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel scrum.

“I’m watching him and I am not worried,” Henry told a reporter who asked about Trump’s future. Take that response to mean either he foresees the GOP candidate losing in November, or potentially as Henry having no concerns about the Donald’s leadership abilities. (It was probably not the latter, as this is Hollywood after all.)

October 20, 2016 |
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