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Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

evidence for afterlife

What is the best evidence for an afterlife? What do YOU think? We get lots of questions about what we believes is the best evidence for life after death, and to us….the “proof” doesn’t come from ONE type of experience at all.

Rather, there are many different experiences that all together, ALL seem to point to the same transcendent and inspired reality. That you are MORE than a body, and that death is merely a transition from one type of existence, to the next.

Here are 8 different types of experiences that ordinary people have everyday that all together, are VERY persuasive that there is far more to life than meets the eye 🙂

For example? Death bed visions are rarely spoken about, and yet…..they are amongst the most powerful and transformative experiences that one can have or witness, providing a glimmer or glimpse into what may await us all when the spirit separates from the body. (death bed visions are often called “nearing death awareness” or even terminal lucidity in hospice care settings, and often include a seemingly miraculous return to lucidity in the moments before death. Ask any hospice nurse what they have witnessed in these meaningful moments, and they will tell you stories that most “mediums” can’t match!)

And of course, there are many more – from the past life memories of small children, to out of body and near death experiences, to ADC’s (after death communication) that some studies suggest over 60% of surviving spouses will have after losing their loved one….and 75%+ of parents who lose a child will experience as well.

What do YOU believe is the best evidence for life after death? Share your stories on our facebook page, or in the community comments below.

evidence for afterlife

February 24, 2017 |

How to Improve Your Intuition


How can I increase my intuition? Which psychic abilities are the easiest two learn? Is enhanced intuition something you are born with, or is it something you can develop at any age?

We get a lot of questions about learning to develop a more refined sense of intuitive awareness. And who DOESN’T want to be more in touch with their inner creative compass? For many of us…..this is the ONE true thing we can trust to guide us, often gently (although sometimes not :)… the direction of our destiny.

The good news? We have a psychic challenge coming in March! Learn how to enhance your intuition and expand your awareness with simple exercise that guide you to a more powerful, purposeful and wise world of creative consciousness.

Check out our Facebook page HERE for updates on our enhanced intuition challenge, and how you can sign up as well.

For some more ways to increase your connection to “spirit” or a sense of purpose and greater guidance in your life? Check out some of other resources from around the web, below. (hint – my favorite of the bunch is the “test your hunches” exercise, something that ALL of us should be doing more, rather than less!

3. Pay attention to your dreams.

When the cognitive mind is busy, it can override the intuitive right brain and the subconscious mind, the wellspring of intuition. But when you’re sleeping, your cognitive mind rests and opens space for the subconscious mind to signal you in dreams.

4. Get creative.

Engaging in creative activities, such as drawing, scrapbooking, or free-flow journaling, quiets the cognitive mind and allows your intuition to speak up.

6. Test your hunches.

Got a feeling which horse will win at the track? Getting a sense that it will rain tomorrow even though the weather forecast says it won’t? Do you just know your best friend’s new guy is bad news? If you have feelings about what might happen in the future, write down your hunches, then check them later. See how often you were right.

February 23, 2017 |

Good Grief! Theresa Caputo’s New Book (Review)


Theresa Caputo’s newest book “Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones and Learn to Live Again” is scheduled for a March 2017 release.

good grief book review

Theresa Caputo’s new book! Good Grief: Heal your soul, honor your loved ones and learn to live again.

It’s going to be a much different read than her previous books, and offers up exercises, meditations, journaling techniques and healing modalities equally as rooted in psychology, as spirituality. (something that many new age books tend to either overlook, or omit)

Theresa Caputo also shares her own struggles with anxiety, and how a connection with spirit has helped her transform her life, and in the process…..transform the lives of millions of others who have vicariously participated in her readings, or the many thousands who have seen her in person, both in live events or private session.

Get the book on Amazon here – you can download a free chapter from Amazon once the book officially is available in Mid March 2017.

February 17, 2017 |

Does it Take Practice to Become a Medium?


How much practice does it take to become psychic?  Does a natural medium need to work on her ability?  Can you become MORE psychic or more skilled as a medium with more readings, or is where you are NOW, sort of where you end up?

Psychic mediums work just as hard as any other profession does to hone, improve and optimize our craft.  Here is a short interview with Maria Halvorsen, who shares her experiences as a professional medium and the amount of dedication it takes to do the work she feels called to do.  

February 15, 2017 |

How to Find a Psychic


Q: How can I find a psychic? I need help, guidance and hope after a loss, and really could use a hand rediscovering what I’m here to do. What is the best way to find a legitimate medium or authentic psychic?

We’ve gotten a few questions on our Facebook page this week about finding a psychic, and the truth is, there is SO much myth, misinformation and spiritual silliness out there when it comes to picking a medium (or any spiritual coach) that we felt it was neccessary to clarify some of the challenges that folks face, as well as offer up some advice to all, as well.

The first rule for finding a psychic?

psychic questionsCaveat Emptor!  Be careful with both your trust, your budget, your time and your personal information.  Many people have shared bad experiences with psychics, mediums, “healers” and other spiritual teachers that it ought to be said that you need to do some due dillegence, EVEN if you’ve had really good experiences with this field in the past.  (in other words – you already fall in the true believers camp, like many of our readers obviously do)

Do your best to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to cost, or fees, or anything unexpected from a compensation standpoint as well.  I had an experience last year with a well known local medium in Miami, who 45 minutes into an already expensive reading, offered to do a more in depth “past life regression” for an extra $200.  (and offered me a “special deal” just for that day)  When I told him I managed a psychic directory, and newsletter list of over 10 thousand people all interested in finding trustworthy psychics, and would be sharing the details of my experience with our audience, he immediately told me the past life reading wasn’t really all that important after all 🙂

When getting a reading?

Say as little as possible.  No genuine medium, or authentic psychic, wants you to over-share.  It runs counter to the pride, purpose and personal power that most authentic mediums get from their work, and will often find your desire to “over-validate” what they tell you a distraction rather than a help.

Take ALL psychic advice (even this!) with a grain of salt.  No psychic or medium is a super hero.  I don’t care if you see them on TV, or in a local strip mall.  A good medium is simply using a tool – their intuition or spiritual antenna in a way that most of us aren’t tuned to be able to tap into, in the very same way.  Any medium that starts waxing poetic about his or her gifts, their family lineage of gifted healers, the specialness of thier particular talents, starts comparing themselves to other (better known) psychics or mediums, or talks about their “proven” accuracy percentage, etc – to me, this is a big red flag.

The truth?  The very BEST mediums are often the most humble, down to earth and curious about spiritual realities, and are often UNSURE about how or why their gifts even work.  Some of the most studied mediums in history (people like Eileen Garrett, for example) are amongst the most interested in how the spirit world works (or even if it’s really real!) even while being amazing, outstanding and incredibly impressive psychic mediums…….spiritual teachers for the rest of us.

So look local, find a well reviewed psychic or medium, don’t break your budget, don’t believe the hype….and go in with an open mind, but NOT so open that your brains fall out!

For some more opinions from around the web on finding a psychic, check out some of the curated links below.  (note:  we don’t agree with all of these opinions, we just share for some additional  perspective you may find helpful! 🙂


When looking for a psychic medium, most people would like to find someone in your area, but let me tell you something:

Most mediums will collectively agree that telephone readings are just as accurate, if not MORE, than live readings. The reason being is that on a telephone line they can focus more on the energy of the Spirits present and less on the client’s energy, making for a clearer read all around.

Give this fact, due to modern technologies, location doesn’t matter in terms of accuracy or who you are limited to working with.


Tips for Finding a local medium

Finding a psychic can be tricky. Whether you’re looking for a Tarot card reader, a medium, or someone to give some basic advice or entertainment, it’s hard to tell who’s good at what they do, and who’s just out to take your money. There’s no criteria for becoming a psychic or card reader—anyone can claim to be one—so it’s important to do your homework when you’re out shopping for a psychic, so you don’t get stuck with a bad one.


Avoiding Fake Psychics

Things to AVOID Telling a Psychic Are……

If you are getting a medium style reading, for example, where you are trying to connect with a deceased loved one, telling the medium WHO it is that you are trying to contact is a big no no, in my view. (even though some mediums will gently encourage you to do it)

Don’t tell the reader very specific things about the circumstance you want solved. A GOOD psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive or energy worker will figure them out for you, and the BEST information is that which comes through without you needing to share too much in advance.!-How-to-AVOID-Fake-Psychic-Readings-at-All-Costs&id=5506863

February 14, 2017 |

Kim Russo Readings


Does Kim Russo do private readings? Does she do events? If so….what are they like?

We get a fair amount of questions about celebrity mediums, and over the last few years, Kim Russo has become one of the better known mediums in the country, by dint of her popular TV shows. (The Haunting Of…..) being the most widely watched.

And while Kim doesn’t appear to be quite as “A” list as some of her professional peers like Theresa Caputo, John Edward, Tyler Henry and others, she does have a group of very passionate fans. (and many who connect with our community on Facebook, asking questions about Kim’s private readings, costs, events, and other questions we can’t answer! 🙂

Here is a recent link to a spate of private readings Kim did for fans over Skype. I found these readings generally uneventful, and non evidential, and for the sake of those who seek her out, hope her general private readings are better.

To check out Kim Russo’s event schedule for 2017, I think your best bet is to connect with her on Twitter, where she updates her schedule and appearances quite often.

How do YOU think Kim Russo compares to other psychic mediums you’ve seen on TV, offline, or in your local community? I’m still not 100% sure if she’s a medium I’d really recommend based on what we’ve seen of her work, but I do know others feel strongly that she’s genuine.

Connect with us on Facebook, or let us know your thoughts in the commmunity comments below. For some other thoughts on Kim Russo’s events, and reviews of her live appearances from around the web, visit the link following the short excerpt below.

Review from Ann Krause

The venue was very hot,seats were very uncomfortable. I felt Ms. Russo was not very believable, I would never see her again and I will never go to this venue.

reviewed Apr 09 2015

February 12, 2017 |

How Easy is it to Remember a Past Life?

science and intuition evidence

What is the easiest way to remember a past life? Are all strange, unplaced memories evidence that I’ve lived before? And how difficult is it to be hypnotized or regressed to a previous lifetime?

We get a lot of questions about past life memories, and how accurate (or not) they may be as evidence that you’ve lived before. The truth is, there are very few topics that are MORE controversial,even in the psychic or spiritual space, than reincarnation, and the various tools or techniques for recalling past lives.

How so?

Take regression therapy, for example. There are many famous spiritual teachers, and authors who have built entire careers on doing regression therapy focused on past life recall. Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Michael Newton, are both highly regarded in the spiritual and new age movements, and both have been featured on prime time TV shows, and lauded by a chorus of important voices as well. And yet, if you look at the work of Dr. Jim Tucker or Dr. Ian Stevenson, or many others who have done groundbreaking work on past life memories, the idea of regression therapy, or hypnosis, is widely shunned for obvious reasons. (as the mind and memory in general is so little understood…that to assume that memories that arise in a regression setting are coming from a past life, is fairly difficult to accept as the FIRST or best explanation)

I would suggest that the best way to explore your past lives, or the possibility of your past lives, is through specific meditation techniques that for me anyway, have provided an amazing insight into people and personalities and lifetimes I can’t place in my current one. Regression is interesting to me too, but I’m not quite sure what to make of my own experiences with past life hypnosis. Some psychedelic plants are also well known for their ability to help people remember past lives, but of course, they come with their own potential perils. (as well as being totally illegal in the USA 🙂

What do YOU use as a way to remember your past lives? Have you tried anything that has worked? Share with us on Facebook, here!

Or, for an alternative perspective…..

Check out some of the various techniques for remembering past lives at the link following the short excerpt below.

How easy is it to remember a past life?

For some people, it is easier, while for others it is more complicated. It depends on our ease of entering into a trance or an altered state of consciousness.

The actual session begins with a process called induction by which we are led to that state. This is achieved with different methods that use techniques of deep relaxation, visualization, hypnosis or combinations of these elements.
Once this altered state of consciousness has been reached, the regression itself begins, by which we are guided to a forgotten time of our existence or of a past life. The focus of the session will be the problem that motivated the consultation.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most people can. Many people can be hypnotized easily and profoundly during the first session. Others require more than one, but with specific practice and training, one can achieve that state.

February 10, 2017 |

Did I Have a Near Death Experience?

psychic questions

Here is another very interesting (and inspiring) near death experience report from the NDERF website.

(they collect accounts of NDE’s from everyday people, and it’s probably our favorite source for true spiritual wisdom 🙂 If you are looking to be uplifted or inspired – and are curious about what thousands of people describe during spiritually transformative experiences in their own words…..there are few better resources than this. (you can read Heather’s full experience at the link below)

I felt pure and total love, lightness, joy, deepest compassion, and pure joy. There was a deep, warm, resonating, and incredible awe, along with inspiring love.

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything?

Everything about the universe. We are important to God or whatever you want to call it. All religions are trying to explain God but it is just impossible to explain. A true heart which is motivated by loving compassion is what matters in life. Our job is to try to love one another no matter what. It matters very much if we can love or not because that is our job in this world. We must love! This is what we live for and it doesn’t mean we must only love our spouse. It means we need to find out how to love our enemy because that is why we are here. We are also deeply important to God. Our job on earth is important. If we don’t learn how to love there are very bad consequences in the multiverse. My sense was strongly that we are Needed and our worth is how much we can love.

January 30, 2017 |

Are Mediums Real? How to Tell if a Psychic or Medium is Genuine


Are psychics real? Can mediums REALLY talk to the dead? What is the difference between a genuine medium and someone who is just a spiritual scammer?

We get a lot of questions about how to tell if a medium is real, and the TOP signs a psychic is authentic, or honest and genuinely offering up information that they couldn’t have gotten from some conventional way.

Here is the TRUTH about real mediums, from our perspective. (because there is certainly a lot of myth and misinformation available online.

1 – Don’t try to argue with skeptics or cynics who will tell you that ALL psychics are fake, simply because there is no evidence for psychic abilities, or mediumship, or life after death at all. There IS in fact tons of evidence that supports all of the above, and while it’s NOT “proof” that any of this is 100% true, the BEST evidence strongly suggests that your consciousness can exist outside of your body, and may in fact float free from your physical body at death.

2 – There ARE in fact, many psychics and mediums who ARE fake, or bad, or even well meaning….but not that accurate. They may have had “glimpses” of something powerful and profound at a previous point of their lives, been visited by a loved one who has crossed, or even had an intuition or epiphany that was 100% true before. No doubt these experiences can lead us to believe that we are now “always on” or psychic, or able to communicate with the other side, on demand. I’ve seen this over and over again….and I like to believe it’s akin to someone who hits a halfcourt basketball shot at a carnival, or in a schoolyard, or a community an event…and then believes they ought to go play in the NBA 🙂 REAL mediums are consistent, are persistent, are committed to their craft, and are RARELY 100% convinced that they are always right, or on, or accurate with what they see/feel or get.

3 – Most important? A real medium provides EVIDENTIAL information that is accurate, insightful and not generic. Messages that are super applicable to everyone (your loved one is with you, she/he wants you to know they are okay, they had “chest pain” before they went, etc) is NOT evidential information. Names, dates, and very specific information that you would NOT expect from a stranger (the medium) is what is thought of as evidential mediumship, and the very best leave NO doubt that what they are doing is exceptional.

(I know that MY best “proof” that a medium is real, is when I walk out of a room with someone and say – they either figured out a new and innovative way to CHEAT, or what just happened was legit, because there is absolutely no way they could have gotten that information on their own)

What about you? What signs do you look for that prove a medium is real? Share with us on Facebook, or in the community comments below. Also, check out some additional thoughts, and opinions on real mediumship, at the links following teh short excerpt below.

More resources on how to tell if a medium is real:

2) Fake psychic mediums and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than accurate evidence.

Spirit communication (mediumship) should always begin with messages that identify the spirit who is communicating with the psychic medium. What is their name? What are the circumstances of their passing? How old where they when they died? How long ago did they die? What was their physical appearance and/or characteristics of their personality? If the psychic medium is unable to give you any identifying evidence of this type, that’s a red flag that they might be a fake. Otherwise, it is a sign that the psychic medium is inexperienced or poorly gifted.

3) Fake psychic mediums and scam artists claim that you are cursed.

You should never give money to any psychic or psychic medium who promises to remove a curse or spell for a fee. There is never any curse or spell and this is the most common scam in this field. These criminals are merely using fear to manipulate people. And scam artists who promise to remove a curse for a fee have been known to charge (and get) thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars from people using this common scam.

Real mediums?

Learn how to become a medium

Can anyone become a medium? Do you have to be born psychic to speak to spirits? What about people who see a ghost, or are visited in a dream by a loved one who has crossed? Does that make me a medium? Questions and answers about becoming a medium from Amazon.

January 27, 2017 |

Psychic Predictions for President: Who Predicted What (and When?)


Who did the better known psychics and mediums predict would become president? Did ANYONE predict it would be Trump? And if not…..WHY not?

Someone posted this to our Facebook page earlier today. It’s a list of psychic presidential predictions that a Reddit user collected on posted on a thread, curating some of what some of the more “popular” (and truthfully, some of these people are not names we know) public predictions about who would win the election, and why.

I DO find it interesting how many people have hedged, backtracked and sort of tried to “explain away” BIG misses (especially those who were entirely and boldly confident and CERTAIN they were right 🙂 – which I think tells you a lot about someone’s integrity, be they in the intuitive business, or not.

Did YOU read a particularly interesting psychic political prediction that came right in this election cycle? If so……let us know! (share on our facebook page, or in the community comments below)

Tamar George – Bernie Sanders will be elected.
Suzanne Bishop – Bernie Sanders will become the next president.
Christine Pavlina – Bernie Sanders
Angel Eyedealism – Hillary Clinton
Agelia Johnson – Hillary Clinton
Michelle Whitedove – Hillary Clinton
Leon Holmes – Bernie Sanders
Rowena – Hillary Clinton
Mystic Mona – Ted Cruz
Kelle Sutliff – Donald Trump
Baba Vanga – Obama is the last president of the United States.
Jeanne Mayell – Hillary Clinton
Psychic Nikki – Hillary Clinton
LaMont Hamilton – Marco Rubio
Tana Hoy – Hillary Clinton
Thomas John – Hillary Clinton
Jacy Nova – Bernie Sanders
‘The Psychic Twins’, Terry and Linda Jamison – Hillary Clinton
John Hogue – Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush
Kyra Oser – Hillary Clinton, but Bernie will win the popular vote.
Jeanne Mayell – Hillary Clinton
Beverly Neals – Hillary Clinton
Craig Hamilton Parker – Republicans win

January 12, 2017 |

Psychic Development for Beginners With Heidi Jaffe


Are you looking to develop, hone or refine your psychic gifts in 2017?

Would you like to be even MORE confident when going with your “gut”, trusting your intuition, while improving & enhancing your sense of everyday spirituality and connection to something bigger than your body? Good news! Our good friend Heidi Jaffe is holding a one day psychic development workshop in Orlando on Feb 4, 2017.

It’s ideal for beginners, believers, the curious but not yet convinced…and everyone in between! Check out Heidi’s event page for the details. (and don’t forget to read our featured interview with Heidi on our “Conversations with Clairvoyants” category as well!)

January 9, 2017 |

Is Tyler Henry a Fake?

tyler henry scam

Is Tyler Henry, the “Hollywood Medium” a fraud?

tyler henry scamYou don’t need to be psychic to predict that every time a psychic or medium or spiritual teacher of one type or another makes it big on the silver (or small) screen, the haters, skeptics and cynics are going to come out of the woodwork, crying foul, fake and fraud in LARGE capital letters.

The truth is, there ARE in fact many fake psychics, mediums and spiritual gurus of one type or another…and some are more obvious than others. The problem, of course, with this type of article (the one below calling Tyler Henry a “fake”) is that they always begin their argument, and attack, with a fallacious and foolish claim. NO ONE, they’ll always begin, is psychic – and NEVER have psychic abilities been proven to exist. Full stop.

Of course this is 100% untrue – and there have been countless scientific studies of psychic abilities that are FAR more credible and evidential than the vast majority of skeptics, or cynics, even know…..let alone understand.

(here is a LONG list of published papers, many in peer reviewed scientific journals, on the reality of psychic experiences, abilities and tests, often in very controlled lab settings)

And invariably of course, NONE of these attack articles are by folks who have ever had personal experiences with the subject of their skepticism, they just act the part of the proverbial armchair quarterback (or critic) and lob insults and appear to understand EXACTLY what folks like John Edward, Tyler Henry and others are doing in incredible detail, even though they’ve never met them in person, or been affected or impressed personally by the evidence that they offer behind the scenes. (Claiming it’s all “cold reading” – a boring a tired trope of skeptics of all things that would appear to suggest that “spirit” exists, or that consciousness itself – something even modern neuroscience can’t explain or agree upon – couldn’t possibly be outside of the body or brain)

Do YOU believe Tyler Henry is a fake? To me, it’s almost besides the point. I happen to be impressed with Tyler – but I simply don’t know enough about him, in a personal and private way, to know if he’s as good behind the scenes, as the TV cameras would suggest. But the idea that ALL psychics are frauds, as a place to begin ANY exploration of authenticity, says more (sadly) about the skeptics and cynics who claim to know it all, than it does about those they criticize from a far.

You can read the whole article, at the link below.

Each episode of Hollywood Medium consists of individual readings of three or four celebrities. Henry explains that he’s being shipped off to read a celebrity client with no knowledge of who he’s going to read.
We’re repeatedly reminded that Henry doesn’t know much about pop culture or celebrities to begin with, due to his small-town upbringing. “I don’t watch much TV,” he tells his subjects, apologetically. “Tyler is just a simple kid whose idea of a good time is sitting on the porch of the family farm in Hanford and looking out at the trees,” Corbett told TV Insider.
The readings always take place on the celebrity’s turf, with a friend or associate sitting in a nearby room and watching on a monitor. The sessions last at least an hour, Henry told The Outline, and are edited into a much shorter segment, intercut with scenes from “backstage” and a confessional-style, straight-to-camera testimonial from the subject after the reading.

Read more

December 19, 2016 |

New York Psychic Mediums: Paul Selig


Who are the best psychic mediums in NYC? Are there any special, unique or noteworthy mediums that aren’t “the usual suspects” but are well worth checking out?

We get a lot of requests for NYC psychics and mediums, and have quite a good list of them listed on our site. One of my personal favorites is Paul Selig, who is definitely not mentioned in the same group as the Theresa Caputo/Kim Russo crowd…..but in many ways, would be someone I’d probably recommend to those interested in spiritual growth, but are looking for a deeper dive into the psyche to find it.

Paul Selig’s channeled books (The “I am Word” series, of which there are now a bunch) are well worth reading, quite interesting and inspiring, and offer a very unique look at the invisible world that MAY be around us all. Paul does lectures and leads seminars in NYC as well as in California and around the world, and several people here have seen him live, and highly recommend the experience.

Have you had a reading or experience with Paul Selig?

Let us know about it on FACEBOOK, or in the community comments below!

November 13, 2016 |

Tyler Henry: Between Two Worlds Review


“Between Two Worlds”, the first book by Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, finally debuted on Amazon today (Nov 1) after months of fan anticipation.

between two worlds review tyler henryThere are a lot of books, written by a lot of mediums, and as I’m sure you already know, these books can run the gamut from GREAT, to quite disappointing. Many mediums, in my experience, write books that are more self aggrandazing (look at how PSYCHIC I am!) rather than inspiring and educational, and I find this not only a turn off…..but also, makes me quite skeptical about their authentic experiences as well.

Tyler Henry, forgetting about the fact that he is quite the “en vogue” famous psychic medium du jour, is just a different type of author, and a different type of person, and as a result, his experience as a medium is much more interesting as a result.

The thing that is so striking about Tyler Henry, and I say this having spoken to, worked with, or been “read” by hundreds of mediums myself – is his uncommon humility, and his old soul style of wisdom, that is hard to fake, make up or put on for the world.

Say what you will about psychic mediums – whether you are a true blue believer, a cynical skeptic or merely curious but not yet convinced like most……Tyler Henry feels like a good soul, intuitively. He doesn’t seem to claim superpowers, or sublime gifts, or make any ridiculous claims about the universe, and his place within it… dint of his abilities.

Instead, as is so wonderfully articulated in “Between Two Worlds”, his humanity, and humility, in the face of sudden fame and adulation, makes him a medium well worth cheering for. (and a great example for many in the psychic/spiritual/and “guru” community who feel like they need to pretend to have all of the answers as well)

In the book, Tyler shares his life experiences as he struggles with his own unique skills, and the process for unpacking and ultimately embracing his gifts as well. He shares his thoughts on what all of this means, what the afterlife is like, what he knows to be true, and what he doesn’t as well – without a lot of the new age nonsense and spiritual sounding silliness that plagues many other psychic publications.

Again, we’ll cover the book in far more detail in an upcoming post, but I do believe that anyone who is curious about the magic, the mystery and the meaning of mediumship messages will find “Between Two Worlds” and honest, uplifting and inspiring account of what it’s like living with a unique gift, and how little glimpses and glimmers into the world that awaits, may help us live a richer, deeper and ultimately happier life while we’re here as well.

November 2, 2016 |

Psychic Medium Fleur


We’ve recently been watching some of Los Angeles psychic medium Fleur’s public events, and some private readings as well, and have been really impressed with her very humble, highly evidential form of mediumship.

To me, this feels like how ALL mediums should operate – specific, credible, and direct information that resonates deeply with the person being read. (and without a lot of the ambiguity and universal applicability that often accompanies a psychic medium reading, even from folks who are supposed to be beyond that)

Check out for more great videos of her in action.

Or to learn about making a private appointment with Fleur as well.  (we haven’t spoken to her ourselves, but others we trust and respect recommend her privately – very highly)

October 27, 2016 |

Children’s Near Death Experience Stories


A fascinating look at a young girl who fell 30 feet from a tree, and seemed to be spontaneously healed of a series of pre-existing conditions in the process. She describes a very religious NDE, and not only was uninjured from the fall, but also spontaneously seemed healed from other illness which previously seemed to be terminal. This story is a lot like Anita Moorjani’s in a way, although I believe this girl was only 5 when it happened……and tells the story now at 10. Check out the full story on the report the Today show did of this remarkable and inspiring child, what she learned during her sickness and recovery, and her message for the rest of us along the way.

October 26, 2016 |

Tyler Henry on Donald Trump and The 2016 Election


Who does Tyler Henry think will win the 2016 Presidential election? Well, suffice it to say, he doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of Donald Trump……but doesnt’ seem too worried about Trump’s future in Washington DC either 🙂

“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry is “not worried” about Donald Trump — and he can see the future!

The E! reality series star fielded questions from a group of media members Wednesday afternoon, both during a formal press conference and in a post-Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel scrum.

“I’m watching him and I am not worried,” Henry told a reporter who asked about Trump’s future. Take that response to mean either he foresees the GOP candidate losing in November, or potentially as Henry having no concerns about the Donald’s leadership abilities. (It was probably not the latter, as this is Hollywood after all.)

October 20, 2016 |

The Psychic Matchmaker: How to Find Your Spiritual Soulmate (Without Kissing More Frogs :)


Looking to meet your spiritual soulmate? Do you believe in true love, but often feel that it doesn’t believe in you? Believe it or not…’re NOT alone! The vast majority of us have at least some sort of anxiety around our karmic connection to either our current partner, or wonder why we haven’t found him or her at all.

Sound familiar? The good news is, TLC’s Psychic Matchmaker wants to help!

If you are looking for true love, and could use an enlightening, amusing and entertaining read, check out the full article following the short excerpt below!

Between clubs, bars, and dating apps, there are plenty of ways to meet someone you’re physically attracted to. But how do you attract your soulmate? I enlisted the help of an expert on that matter: a psychic matchmaker.

On TLC’s The Psychic Matchmakerand in her own private practice, Deborah Graham uses her clairvoyant abilities to set people up and advise them on their love lives. She can read people’s energies and auras to assess their past, present, and future. And aside from being a psychic, she’s full of practical, no-nonsense dating advice, some of which you can read in her book Get Your Head Out of Your App: A Psychic’s Guide to Attracting and Keeping True Love.

October 3, 2016 |

POLL: Which Psychic Superpower Would You Love to Develop?


POLL:  What is the #1 Superpower You’d love to Cultivate?

1 – The power to manifest more joy, magic and happiness within

2 – The power of enhanced intuition and “knowing”

3 – The power to get personal proof the spiritual realms are real

4 – Other (feel free to describe)

We are developing some really great ituition tools, and spiritual development materials for our Facebook commiunity, and we’d love to hear the sort of stuff you’d love to learn.  What is most important to you when it comes to spiritual growth?  Would you love to be happier, more joyful and healthier on the inside….or would you prefer to simply learn how to cultivate “clairvoyance” and other psychic/spiritual gifts?  Leave us a comment below, or connect with our FB community and share there!

September 16, 2016 |

Tyler Henry Readings: Jenna Bush


Q:  Which Tyler Henry celebrity reading has been the best?

Tyler Henry has read so many celebrities over the last few months, it’s hard to say which reading or session is our favorite!  We do get a lot of questions about Tyler Henry appointments, events and appearances, and our best recommendation is to check out his upcoming schedule on social media, where he updates most often.

Personally, my favorite recent reading he has done was with Jenna Bush (Hager) – who many of us watched growing up when her father was in the White House.

Regardless of your political affiliation, Jenna is a warm and fun personality, and seeing how personally moved she was by the reading she had with Tyler was quite moving for us as well.
What has been your favorite episode of the Hollywood Medium?

Are you as impressed with Tyler Henry as so many others seem to be – and if not, why not?

September 15, 2016 |

Who Uses Psychics? These Millionaires Reveal The (Psychic) Secret To Their Success


Q: Who really consults with psychics? Do super successful business people REALLY get their best investment strategies from intuitive empaths? And what do many world famous celebrities, actors, athletes and super achievers have in common with the rest of us?

The truth is, for many of them…..a firm belief that intuition can be a HUGE advantage in business and beyond. (and they are happy to laugh all the way to the bank at the skeptics, the cynics and the “scoffers” who think it’s all just nuts!)

Here is a great article from Fortune Magazine about some of the business super stars who rely on intuitive insight, information and inspiration to make major choices in life, love, business and beyond. The article features the timeless Colette Baron-Reid, and her uncanny ability to access information that her clients say, gives them an inside edge and a competitive advantage in seeing important events, before they happen.

What do YOU believe? Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below.

Ask Gillian Oxley how she became one of Toronto’s top realtors with roughly $100 million in sales a year, and she will talk about Colette Baron-Reid.

“She’s my secret weapon,” says Oxley.

colettte baron reid medium 2A client since 2013, Oxley phones Colette Baron-Reid once a month for her advice on a wide range of business opportunities and client pitches. Baron-Reid, who calls herself “an intuitive counselor,” charges $800 for an hour session to $10,000 for a full day of her time. “Colette provides me with insight not only into my myself but also about the people I’m up against, and that’s definitely a strategic edge,” Oxley says.

Considered one of the leading practitioners in her unusual field, Baron-Reid says her clients include top executives in real estate, energy and entertainment industries.

September 11, 2016 |

Famous Mediums?

your vibe your tribe

Q: Who are the most famous psychics and mediums in 2016? If you could pick just ONE medium to see, who it would it be, and why?

A: We get a lot of people who want to know who WE believe are the best mediums in the world, right now….in 2016.

The truth is, there really is not a good answer as everyone has a different taste and style, and different personalities, energies and approaches connect with different people in different ways.

For example?

Check out this video of Suzanne Northrop, as tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz for the HBO documentary “The Afterlife Experiments”

Her style is direct, abrasive in some ways, and even aggressively animated by some standards. I actually enjoy and appreciate this level of engagement when it comes to a an evidential mediumship session, whereas others who write for us here, find it overwhelming.

Look at Tyler Henry, the “Hollywood Medium”. If you contrast the style above, with his own, you’ll find almost nothing in common OTHER than the fact that both types of readings offer hope, help and healing to those who need it most. (Tyler is very subtle, a bit subdued and much less animated in his readings)

There are lots of really good mediums in the world, both famous and little known. Some of our favorite psychics? You’ve probably never heard of, but are found on these pages! (and some we’ll be featuring in the days and weeks to come)

To see a list of the most famous psychics in the world in 2016, check out some of the most conventional choices here.

Do you know a psychic or medium who you think ought to be included in the list? Share with us below, or on our FB page and let us know!

Here is another one of our favorite mediums, Paul Selig – who does interesting and inspiring channeling work as well!

September 9, 2016 |

Is There Any Good Evidence for Psychic Ability? How to Be SMART, Spiritual and Scientific (all at the Same Time :-)


Q: Is there any good evidence for psychic ability? Where is it? Who has it? And why do so many skeptics, cynics and debunkers say there is NO proof that any psychic or spiritual experiences are real?

A: The truth is, there is a TON of very good evidence that all sorts of spiritual experiences are not only real, true and valid from a first person perspective (in other words, to the person HAVING the experience they are the MOST real experience they’ve ever had) but there is a growing body of serious science that suggests many of these supernatural or paranormal things are really far more ordinary than the skeptics will admit. There is overhwelming evidence that the BEST psychic mediums are not “cold reading” or just guessing or making it all up, and no matter how many times people try to use ONE bad psychic to explain ALL psychic experiences, it just isn’t fair, or smart or honest. (much the way you wouldn’t say ALL medical doctors are bad, on the basis of finding one that is)

IONS, is a highly respected scientific organization that does really incredible work on energy, intuition, psychic and spiritual experiences, mediumship, and more….and was founded by Edgar Mitchell, the famed Astronaut after his return from space. They’ve just published a new book well worth checking out (by Dr. Julia Mossbridge, specifically) and if you are smart, skeptical, SPIRITUAL and want to be scientific about what you believe and why, they have an immense amount of inspiring material to read on just about every crazy cool experience under the sun

September 2, 2016 |

How to make an appointment with John Holland: Events and Appearances


Q: How can i make an appointment to see John Holland in person?

A: While we can’t help you make an appointment to see John Holland in person any quicker than you’d do on his website, the truth is, John is one of the more prolific famous mediums when it comes to events, appearances, radio shows and media. (both conventional media and social media alike)

Check out some of his upcoming events via his public posts below – and be sure to follow John Holland on Facebook and Instagram specifically, as his upcoming schedule is typically well posted in advance for the public to see. (and several people we know are planning on attending his upcoming intuition cruise in early 2017 as well – a good investment for those of you who’d like to increase your OWN psychic gifts as well!)

April 2017 INTUITION CRUISE! Gonna be great! All info on my website.

A photo posted by John Holland (@johnmedium) on

For John Holland’s profile on our psychic medium directory, go here:

John Holland Psychic Medium

August 31, 2016 |

How Much Does Tyler Henry Charge for a Reading?

how much does tyler henry charge for a reading?

Q: How much does “The Hollywood Medium” charge for a private reading?

Is it affordable or as out of reach as most of us expect, given Tyler’s current enormous 15 minutes of fame? (of which, we hope is JUST beginning, as he is truly one of our favorite mediums, not only because of his readings, but his smart, sensitive and down to earth approach as well)

The truth is, like many famous psychic mediums at the absolute apex of their celebrity, trying to pin down exactly how much it’s going to cost to get a reading with Tyler Henry is NOT all that easy. Many different prices as posted around the web, as with his current focus being his TV show, book tour and associated events, it’s not going to be so simple for average people to get instant access.

That said, here are 3 super simple ways you can increase your odds of getting a reading with Tyler, and NOT having to break your budget to boot.

1 – Sign up for one of his fan giveaways on social media. He does these fairly often, and they seem to be endearing much of his audience to following him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get a chance to win as well. ( a good marketing strategy for him and a great opportunity for his fans. A win/win for all!)

2 – Attend one of his TV appearances as an audience member. This is a great way, as an audience member, to get a live, personal reading from Tyler Henry for FREE. The truth is, this is NOT as difficult as it may sound, and with Tyler’s upcoming book tour, he’ll be doing lots and lots of live media, which will give you an opportunity to see him up close and personal in many cities across the country. (the bigger the city obviously, the more chances you’ll have to see him as part of a studio audience)

3 – Go to to a local event. Tyler Henry events are going to be really popular in 2016 and 2017, especially during the TV show downtime, and while he promotes his upcoming book as well. We’ve done this with many of our own readers to get access to many world class mediums in a super small setting, including John Edward, Theresa Caputo, Roland Comtois (little known…..but really good!) and many others. Check Tyler’s website for his upcoming events, and you should be able to buy tickets for under $100.

How about you? Have you had a private reading with Tyler Henry before he was famous….or know someone who has? Share your Hollywood Medium reviews with our community below!

August 30, 2016 |

Lisa Williams Psychic Medium

lisa williams medum

Lisa Williams is one of the most popular psychic mediums and spiritual teachers working in the world today. She isn’t quite as well known in the US as she is overseas, but her psychic development classes and spiritual growth teachings are very popular amongst many of the professional mediums who aim to improve their accuracy, enhance their intuition and build their own brands in the spiritual growth spaces.

We’ve had a few members of our community who spent some time with Lisa Williams in Lily Dale (the town in NY that is literally FILLED with psychic mediums who live and work there – an amazing story by itself) and we thought we’d share some of their reviews of the experience with you in an upcoming series on growing your own psychic skills.

Here is an update from the Lilly Dale psychic development class….and check back as we’ll share some Lisa Williams reviews from our own community in the days to come!

Have you had a reading with Lisa Williams? Leave a review here!

August 29, 2016 |

Certified Psychics? 3 Things You Ought to Ask When a Psychic Medium Tells You They are Certified


certiified psychicsWhat does it mean for a medium to be “certified”? Is there any authentic, genuine way for a psychic or medium to become certified by a real outside agency or body? An interesting program hosted by the Rhine Institute, with medium Laura Lynne Jackson on the state of “certification” in the mediumship world. Check the event link following the short post below.

Our thoughts? WE believe you ought to ask a lot of questions when a psychic or medium says they are certified – such as – “by whom” – and “who certifies THEM to certify YOU ?” 🙂

An interesting and important area for anyone interested in authentic mediumship ought to understand.

Have you seen a psychic or medium tell you that they are certified and simply assumed that meant they were good?  Think again!  Try asking a few more questions to drill down a bit and see:

1 – Who Certified Them

2 – What qualifications the certification entity or body HAS to certify (usually none as psychic/spiritual coaching or reading has no governing body or regulating agency)

3 – What the process of getting certified looks like.  (e.g. – a certain percentage of “hits” or evidential information from a reading, or how the process for ascertaining accuracy is/was done)

If these things feel like nitpicking to you – trust us, they’re NOT!

We’ve had mediums “apply” for membership to our communities who say things like – “I’m documented to be accurate 98% of the time, and the only occassions I’m “off” it’s usually because the client or caller or person being read has a blockage or energetic issue, etc”. 

This is of course, total B.S. in more ways than we can count, and totally discounts the credibility of the person making the claim.  In my view?  It does a disservice to sincere spiritual seekers, and the many gifted, genuine mediums and intuitive’s out there who truly believe we are doing work that is magical, meaningful and that matters.

Some good resources to check for psychic certification?   The Windbridge Institute is a reputable and reliable organization we’d certainly trust, as is the Forever Family Foundation in NY.  What are your thoughts on certified psychics or mediums?  Agree?  Disagree?  Share your thoughts in the community comments, or on our Facebook page below!

Famous Psychic Mediums on FB

Rhine event with Laura Lynn Jackson


August 19, 2016 |

6 Facts About The Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry That Will Surprise You


Want to know who is the most famous psychic medium in the world right now?  Here is a hint.  It’s NOT Theresa Caputo, John Edward or Miss Cleo.  (although she did just recently make the news, but for her untimely passing and not her psychic skills)  Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium and author extraordinaire, is in fact the one psychic who is shaking up both the entertainment world, and the spiritual growth industry as well.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about Tyler courtesy of E online….and 4 more that may surprise you at the link below!

1. He’s only 19! That’s right, Tyler was born on Jan. 13, 1996! That means his birthday is tomorrow. Happy early birthday, Tyler!

2. He had his first medium-like experience when he was 10 years old.

3. How did he know? Tyler says, “I really think I knew I was different when I was able to see and feel things that most people weren’t able to.”

4. What was he like as a child? In a preview for the show, Tyler’s mom talks about his ability saying, “Tyler used to say things as a child that children just don’t say.”

5. Tyler first discovered he was clairvoyant when his grandmother was going to pass away in 2006. In a meeting with Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, Tyler revealed that when he was younger his grandma had terminal cancer.

August 18, 2016 |
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